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State library.

*6145.40 List of duplicates from the general department, for sale or exchange. [Sacramento, 1891.] 34 34 pp.


State library.


*6145.41 List of duplicates from the law department, for sale or exchange. [Sacramento, 1891.] 16 pp. CHARLESTOWN female seminary.

Catalogue. 1853.



Bost. 1853. Pl. 12°.


CLEVELAND, O. Health officer.

Filth in its relation to disease. Report made to the Board of police commissioners of Cleveland, by Frank Wells.

[Cleveland, 1877.] 163 pp. Tables. 8°.

COBBE, Frances Power.


[Report on vivisection at the] anti-vivi

The oubliettes of science. section meeting at Birmingham, Nov. 9, 1890.

[Westminster. Victoria st. soc. for the protection of animals

from vivisection. 1890.] 24 pp. 8°. COMMON prayer, Book of.


The annotated book of Common prayer; being an historical, ritual, and theological commentary on the devotional system of the Church of England. Ed. by John Henry Blunt. With introductory notice by Frederick Gibson. Rev. ed.

N. Y. Dutton. 1893. xx, 8, 730 pp. Illus. Pls. CONFERENCE of child-helping, societies.

L. 8°.


[blocks in formation]

N. Y. Scribner. 1893. xvi, (1), 179 pp. Illus.

DAY, Thomas H.

With Thackeray in America.

DAVIES, William G.

Historical sketch of Christ church, New York city.
[N. Y. 1893.] 16 pp.

Public addresses and papers, read during his superintendency of the

public schools of Pittsfield.

Pittsfield. Sun pr. co. 1891. 87, (1) pp. 8°.

Pls. 8°.






A manual of industrial drawing for carpenters and other woodworkers. 2d ed.

N. Y. Comstock. 1892. 133 pp. Illus. Pls. 8°.

[blocks in formation]


DICKINSON type foundry, Boston.
Borders and ornaments.
DONALDSON, Frank, jr., M.D.
The pneumatic cabinet and pneumatic differentiation.
[Balt.] 1886. 19 pp. 24°.

Bost. [1893.] 48 pp. Illus. 8°.

DWIGHT, Thomas, M.D.



Observations on the psoas parvus and pyramidalis. A study of variation. [Phila. 1893.] 117-123 pp. 8°. From Proc. of the Amer. philos. soc., vol. 31 [*5111.2.31]. EASTMAN, H. W. K.


The science of government. Printed by order of the Massachusetts state assembly of Knights of labor.

Lawrence. Eastman. 1888. 95 pp. 8°.



Massachusetts co-operative banks or building associations. History from 1877 to 1893. Prepared for the World's Columbian exposition. Bost. Ellis. 1893. 44 pp. Map. Table. 8°.

[blocks in formation]

Natural history of intellect and other papers. With a general index to Emerson's collected works.

Bost. Houghton, M. & co. 1893. (1), iv, (1), 353 pp. [Complete works. Riverside edition. Vol. 12.] 12°.

Contents.-Natural history of intellect.-Memory.-Boston.-Michael Angelo.-Milton.Papers from the Dial.

FERSTEL, Heinrich, Freiherr von.



Die K. k. Universität in Wien. Text von Max von Ferstel. Wien. Lehmann. 1892. (18) pp. 63 pl. [Wiener Monumental-Bauten. 4.] L. fo.

FERSTEL, Heinrich, Freiherr von.

Die Votiv-Kirche in Wien. Text von H. v. Riewel.

Wien. Lehmann. 1892. (9) pp.

Bauten. 5.] L. fo.


Security for national bank deposits.

[N. Y.


27 pl. [Wiener Monumental


[blocks in formation]


From Proceedings of the American bankers' association [*5659.55, 1885-86].


Nouveaux modèles de tentures.

Dourdan. Thézard. [1893?] 2 v. [Bibliothèque de l'ameublement.] F.

Contents.-1. Décorations de fenêtres. 37 pl. 2. Décorations de lits. 37 pl. FRAZER, Persifor.


The Philadelphia meeting of the International congress of geologists. [Minneapolis? 1890.] (1), 379-388 pp. 8°.

From the American geologist, June 1890 [*7877.50.5].

FRICK, Otto.

Das Passions-Spiel in Ober-Ammergau. 2te Ausg.
Halle. Strien. 1880. (1), 52 pp. 16°.



FULLER, Andrew S.
The grape culturist. A treatise on the cultivation of the native grape.
N. Y. O. Judd co. 1892. 283 pp. Illus. 12°.

[blocks in formation]

Chic. Gathmann. 1893. 334 pp. Illus. Pls. L. 8°.

GEDDES, Patrick.

Chapters in modern botany.


Lond. Murray. 1893. xi, (1), 201 pp. Illus. [University

extension manuals.] Sm. 8°..

GOVERNOR THOMAS DUDLEY family association. *2332.104 Official report of the reunion of the descendants of governor Thomas


Salem. Salem observer. 1893. 103 pp. Pls. 8%. GRANT, George B.

Lexington, 1892. 48 pp. Portr. Illus.
Illus. 8°.


Grant's gear book for 1892.

GRAY, Asa.


Letters. Ed. by Jane Loring Gray.

Bost. Houghton, M. & co. 1893. 2 v. 2 portrs. 12. GRISWOLD, Rufus Wilmot, ed.


The illustrated book of Christian ballads and other poems.
Phila. Lindsay & B. [1844.] 164 pp. L. 8°.

[blocks in formation]

The infringement of patents for inventions, not designs.
Cinc. Clarke. 1893. 275 pp.


[blocks in formation]

Much of the book treats of the author's missionary work in Turkey. HARTFORD unitarian society.

Official statement.

Hartford. Plimpton mfg. co. [1887.] 12, (1) pp. 24°.

HARVARD college. Alumni.



Names and addresses of living bachelors and masters of arts, and holders of honorary degrees. 1891-93.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Street railway motors, with descriptions and cost of plants and

Phila. Baird. 1893. xv, 213 pp. 12o.


HEATON, John Aldam, ed.


Furniture and decoration in England during the eighteenth century.
Lond. Bumpus. 1889, 92. 2 v. 200 pl. F.

HIVE, The, and its wonders.

Lond. Rel. tr. soc. [1876.] 126 pp. Illus. Pl. 16. HOLSTEIN, Anna Morris.



Swedish Holsteins in America from 1644 to 1892. Comprising letters and biographical matters relating to John Hughes, the "stamp officer," and friend of Franklin . . . the families of De Haven, Rittenhouse, Clay, Potts, Blackiston, Atlee, Coates and other descendants of Matthias Holstein of Wicaco, Philadelphia.

Morristown, 1892. 305 pp. Illus. Portrs. Fac-similes. 8°. HOLT, Emily Sarah.

One snowy night.

HOWLAND, Charles H.

Bost. Bradley & W. n. d. 12°.



Remarks on the joint resolution recognizing the "Equality of all men before the law."


[Wash. 1865.] 3 pp. 8°.


Random recollections of some noted bishops, divines and worthies of the Old Church' of Manchester.

Lond. Griffith, F. & co. 1893. 320 pp. Sm. 8°.

JENKS, Tudor.


The Century World's fair book for boys and girls: being the adventures of Harry and Philip, with their tutor, Mr. Douglass, at the World's Columbian exposition.

N. Y. Century co. [1893.] Illus. 4°.

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