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HILLERN, Wilhelmine von.


On the cross. A romance of the Passion play at Oberammergau. From the German by Mary J. Safford.

N. Y. Peck.

HINGHAM, Mass. History.

1893. (3), xiv, 442 pp.



1893. 3 v. in 4. Illus.

History of the town of Hingham, Massachusetts.
[Hingham.] Pub. by the town.

Portrs. Pls. Maps. L. 8°.

Contents.-1. Historical. 2 v. 2, 3. Genealogical.

The historical part was contributed by various citizens. It also contains articles upon the town's geology, mineralogy, natural history, botany, contributed by Thomas T. Bouvé and Edward T. Bouvé; also, an article upon the authors and publications connected with the town's history, by Fearing Burr. The genealogical part was compiled by George Lincoln. HOBBES, Robert George.

4544.130 Reminiscences of seventy years' life, travel, and adventure; military and civil; scientific and literary. By a retired officer of H. M.'s civil service. Vol. 1.

Lond. Stock. 1893.

Contents.-1. Soldiering in India.

The Preface is signed R. G. H.

HOTEL Huntington, Boston.

Plans. [Geo. F. Meacham, archt.]




Bost. Heliotype pr. co. [187-?] 7 plans. L. 8°, obl.

HOVEY, Richard.


Seaward. An elegy on the death of Thomas William Parsons.
Bost. Lothrop. 1893. (vii), xliv, (22) pp. Portr. Initial letters. 8°.
Pp. 1-22 contain a study of Dr. Parsons from the Atlantic monthly.

HOWARD, Cecil Hampden Cutts.

Genealogy of the Cutts family in America.


[blocks in formation]

N. Y. Scribner. 1893. (2), 299 pp. Portrs. Illus. [Men of achievement series.] 12°.


Contents. Franklin.-Fulton.-Whitney.- Howe. - Morse. - Goodyear. Ericsson. McCormick.-Edison.-Bell.-American inventors, past and present.


Piccadilly bookmen: memorials of the house of Hatchard.


Lond. Hatchards. 1893. viii, (1), 92 pp. Portrs. Pl. Geneal, table. Sm. 8°.

HUSMANN, George.

American grape growing and wine making. New ed.
N. Y. Judd co. 1892. 310 pp. Illus. 12°.



IMBERT DE SAINT AMAND, Arthur Léon, baron.
The court of Louis xv. Trans. by Elizabeth G. Martin.


N. Y. Scribner. 1893. Portrs. [Famous women of the French
Women of Versailles.] 12°.

IOWA. Geological survey.

Annual report, 1st, for 1892, with accompanying papers.
V. Illus. Pls. Map. L. 8°.

Des Moines, 1893.

JAMES, George Francis, ed.
Handbook of university extension. 2d ed.



Bost. Amer. soc. for the extension of univ. teaching. 1893.

xix, 421 pp. 8°.

JERROLD, Douglas William.


Fireside saints, Mr. Caudle's breakfast talk and other papers.
Bost. Lee & S.
Lee & S. 1888.
1888. 357 pp. 16°.

JEWETT, Sarah Orne.



Bost. Houghton, M. & co. 1894. vii, 305 pp. Illus. Pls. 12°.

JEWETT, Sarah Orne.

A native of Winby and other tales.



Bost. Houghton, M. & co. 1893. (5), 309 pp. Contents. A native of Winby.-Decoration day.-Jim's little woman.-The failure of David Berry. The passing of Sister Barsett.-Miss Esther's guest.-The flight of Betsey Lane. Between mass and vespers.-A little captive maid.

JOHNSON, Charles Nelson.

The hermit of Nonquon.

Chicago. Rand, McN. & co. 1893. 12°.

Recueil des blasons de Bretagne. [Livr. 1.]




[blocks in formation]

LANDOR, A. Henry Savage.


Alone with the hairy Ainu, or, 3,800 miles on a pack saddle in Yezo and a cruise to the Kurile islands.


Lond. Murray. 1893. xvi, 325 pp. Illus. Portr. Map. LAMB, Charles. The essays of Elia. With an introd. by George E. Woodberry. Bost. Little, B. & co. 1892. xxi, 307 pp. Portr. 12°.

LAW, James D.


Dreams o' home and other Scotch poems. (With a few experiments in English verse.)

Paisley. Gardner. 1893. xvi, 306 pp. Portr. Sm. 8°. LAWSON, Andrew Cowper.

*3862.133.1 [pt. 1] The geology of Carmelo bay. With chemical analysis [etc.] by Juan de la C. Posada.

Berkeley, 1893. 59 pp. Pls. Map. [University of California. Dept. of geol. Bull. Vol. 1, pt. 1.j 8°.

LELAND, Charles Godfrey.



Lond. Heinemann. 1893. 2 v. Portrs. 8°.

LESLIE, George Dunlop.


Letters to Marco. [Natural history and out-door life in the southern counties of England.]

Lond. Macmillan. 1893. xviii, 259 pp. Illus. Pl. Sm. 8°.

LÉVY, Madame Émile.


Une passion. Roman par Paria Korigan [pseud.].
Paris. Ollendorff. 1886.
1886. (1), 328 pp.


[blocks in formation]

Camb. Univ. pr. 1893. xvi, (1), 480, xxvi pp.



LORD, Alice E.

The days of Lamb and Coleridge. A historical romance.
N. Y. Holt. 1893.
1893. viii, 5-381 pp. 12o.

LYDEKKER, Richard.


Illus. 8°.


Horns and hoofs, or, chapters on hoofed animals.
Lond. Cox. 1893. xv, 411 pp. Illus.

MACFARLANE, Alexander.
The fundamental theorems of analysis generalized for space.
Bost. Cushing pr. [1893.] (2), 31 pp. 8°.

MADDOX, Ernest Edmund.


The clinical use of prisms; and the decentering of lenses. 2d ed.
Bristol. Wright. 1893. xi, 170 pp. Illus. Sm. 8°.

MARCKS, Erich.


Gaspard von Coligny. Sein Leben und das Frankreich seiner Zeit.

Bd. 1, Hälfte 1.

Stuttg. Cotta. 1892.

v. Portr. 8°.

MASSACHUSETTS institute of technology.
Courses in electrical engineering and physics.

Bost. 1893. 45 pp. Pls. Plans. 8°.

MEYER, Jacob G. Arnold.

Modern locomotive construction.

N. Y. Wiley.

Wiley. 1892. vi, 658 pp. Illus. Pls. 4°.

MICHIE, Peter Smith.




Elements of wave motion relating to sound and light. 3d ed.
N. Y. Wiley. 1891. 288 pp. Illus. Pls. 8°.

MOORE, Arthur William.

Sodor and Man.


Lond. Soc. for prom. Christian knowledge. 1893. 276 pp.

Map. [Diocesan histories.] Sm. 8°.

MORIARTY, Gerald Patrick, trans.


The Paris law courts. Sketches of men and manners.
Lond. Seeley. 1894. viii, 293 pp. Illus. Portrs. Pls. 8°.

MORLEY, Henry.


A manual of English literature. Rev. by Moses Coit Tyler.
N. Y. Sheldon. 1880. xxiii, 665 pp. 12°.

MORRIS, William O'Connor.

Moltke. A biographical and critical study.


Lond. Ward & D. 1893. xv, (1), 419 pp. Portrs. Maps. Plans. 8°.

Bibliography, pp. iv-ix.

MORSE, John Torrey, jr.

Abraham Lincoln.


Bost. Houghton, M. & co. 1893. 2 v. Portr. Map. [Ameri

[blocks in formation]

The master masons to the crown of Scotland and their works.
Edin. Scott & F. 1893. xviii, (1), 307 pp. Illus. Pls. Plans. F.

NAGEL, Curt.


Alexandre Hardys Einfluss auf Pierre Corneille. Inaugural-Disser

[blocks in formation]

OHNET, Georges.

Les batailles de la vie. Les dames de Croix-Mort. 72e éd.
Paris. Ollendorff. 1886. (3), 327 pp. 18°.

PALACHE, Charles.

The soda-rhyolite north of Berkeley.


*3862.133.1 [pt. 2]

Berkeley, 1893. 61-72 pp. Pl. [University of California.

Dept. of geol. Bull. Vol. 1, pt. 2.] 8°.

PAXTON, James.


An introduction to the study of human anatomy. 3d Amer. ed.,

[blocks in formation]

Camb. Wilson. 1889. 21 pp. Portr. 8°.

From Proceedings of the Mass. hist. soc. [*2355.12, 2d ser., v. 4].

PENNEFATHER, Fred William.

A handbook for travellers in New Zealand.


Lond. Murray. 1893. viii, 172 pp. Maps. Plans. Sm. 8°. PERLEY, Sidney.


Principles of the law of interest as applied by courts of law and equity in the United States and Great Britain; and the text of the eral interest statutes in force.


[blocks in formation]

Abroad and at home. Practical hints for tourists.

REDGRAVE, Richard, and Samuel REDGRAVE.


N. Y. Brentano. [1893.] 365 pp. Illus. Portr. Pls. 12o.

A century of painters of the English school. 2d ed., abridged and continued to the present time [1890].

Lond. Low. [1890.] xxiv, (2), 479 pp. Pls. Sm. 8°.


Madame André. 7e éd.

Paris. Dreyfous. 1881. (3), vii, 332 pp. 12o.

RIDDLE, Albert Gallatin.

Ansel's cave.




A story of early life in the Western Reserve.
Burrows. 1893.
Burrows. 1893. (1), vi, (1), 249 pp. 12°.

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