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GERMANY. Kaiserliches Patentamt.
Patentschrift. 1892, 93.

Patent Room

[Berlin. Reichsdruckerei. 1892, 93.] 101 v. L. 8°.

[blocks in formation]

Vom tropischen Tieflande zum ewigen Schnee. Eine malerische Schilderung des schönsten Tropenlandes Venezuela.

Leipz. Fischer. [188-?] (1), 77 pp. Illus. Pls. Map. F.

3954.134 GOODENOUGH, William Howley, and James Cecil DALTON. The army book for the British empire.

Lond. Harrison. 1893. xxi, 612, x pp. Portrs. Maps. 8°. GORHAM, Henry Stephen.



[Lond.] 1880-86. xii, 372 pp. 13 pls. [Biologia CentraliAmericana. Zoology. Vol. 3.] 4. GOUGUENHEIM, Achille.


Cours de physiologie et d'hygiène de la voix professé [au] Conservatoire national de musique et de déclamation en 1892.

Paris. Soc. des éd. scientifiques. 1893. 121, (1) pp.

[Bibliothèque de la voix parlée et chantée.] 8°.

GREEN, Samuel Abbott.

Fac-similes of old newspapers.

[Bost. 1893.] 4 pp.
4 pp. 8°.

Same. 2d ed.

No. 2 in 6196.46

No. 1 in 6196.46


From Proceedings of the Mass. hist. soc. 2d ser., vol. 8 [*2355.12].

GUATTARI and co.

Universal-patent atmospheric telegraph for naval and departmental use. Berlin. Homberg. n. d. 27 pp. Pls. 8°.

GUÉRIN, Georges Maurice de,


Journal, lettres et poèmes, publiés par G. S. Trébutien et précédés d'une étude biographique et littéraire par M. Sainte-Beuve. 20e éd. Paris. V. Lecoffre. 1890. xxxvi, 478 pp. 12°.


GUEULETTE, Thomas Simon.
The thousand and one quarters of an hour. (Tartarian tales.)
Edited by Leonard C. Smithers.

Lond. Nichols & co.

1893. viii, 308 pp.



GUILLE-ALLÈS library and museum, Guernsey.

Encyclopædic catalogue of the lending department. Compiled by Alfred Cotgreave, assisted in the French dept. by Henri Boland. Guernsey, 1891. xlvii, (1), 1220, 273 pp. Portrs. Pl. Sin. 8°. GUMPLOWICZ, Ludwig.

Grundriss der Sociologie.


[blocks in formation]

Der Monismus als Band zwischen Religion und Wissenschaft.
Bonn. Strauss. 1892. 46 pp. 8°.

HAENEL, C. Moritz.

Sächsische Herrensitze und Schlösser.

Adam und Cornelius Gurlitt.


Herausg. von Haenel u.

Dresden. Gilbers. [1885?] (3), 76 pp. Illus. 69 pl. Plans. Fo.

HARE, Augustus John Cuthbert.


The story of two noble lives, being memorials of Charlotte, Countess Canning, and Louisa, Marchioness of Waterford.

Lond. Allen. 1893. 3 v. Portrs. Sm. 8°.

[blocks in formation]

New Testament manual: embracing an historical tabular view of the Gospels.

Bost. Lee & S. 1871. 175 pp. Maps. 16°.

HERMES. Zeitschrift für classische Philologie.
Bd. 1-25. Bearb. von Max Wellmann.

*4956.59 Generalregister zu

Berlin. Weidmann. 1893. (3), 181, (1) pp. 8°.

HEWSON, Thomas.

Description of the Leeds sewage works.

Leeds. Goodall & S. 1884. 27 pp. Pls. 8°.

HILL, David Bennett.



Speech at democratic ratification meeting at Brooklyn, Sept. 19, 1892. [Brooklyn, 1892.] 30 pp.


The Nugents of Carriconna. An Irish story.
N. Y. Appleton. 1891. vi, 300 pp.






On an unnoticed danger in certain apparatus for distribution of


Lond. [1885.] 292-295 pp. 8°.

From the Philosophical magazine for Sept. 1885 [*3396.1.20]. HORSFORD, Eben Norton.


Problems in physics. [Prepared for the classes in the Chemical department of the Lawrence scientific school.]

[Camb. 1860.] 28 ff. 8°. Taken, for the most part, from Dr. Fliedner's Aufgaben aus der Physik. HUBER, Anton.

Moebel-Vorlagen im englischen Style.


Berlin. Hessling & S. [1893.] 15 pl. F.

JANNUS, Frankland.


The protection of electrical inventions.

[N. Y. 1885.] 19 pp. 8°.

From Transactions of Amer. inst. of electrical engineers, vol. 2 [*3986.5].

[blocks in formation]

Bibliographia Hopkinsiensis. 1876-1891. Part 1–3.
Balt. 1892-3. 3 pts. in 1 v. 8°.

Contents.-1. Philology. 2, 3. Chemistry, geology and mineralogy.

JOHNSTON, James, African traveler.


Reality versus romance in south central Africa. An account of a journey across the continent from Benguella on the west mouth of the Zambesi on the east coast.

Lond. Hodder & S. 1893. 353 pp. 51 pl. Map. 8°.

KADE, Otto.

Die ältere Passionskomposition bis zum Jahre 1631.

Gütersloh. Bertelsmann. 1893. iv, 346 pp. 8°.

to the


KEITH, Charles P.

*4331.121 The ancestry of Benjamin Harrison, president of the U. S., showing also the descendants of William Henry Harrison and notes on families related. Phila. [Lippincott co.] 1893. 96 pp. Chart. 8°.

KERSHAW, James Martine.


Cheerfulness is one of the best of medicines. Cholera. A few suggestions with reference to hygiene and mode of living during an epidemic. [St. Louis, 188-?] 6 pp. 8o.

KEYES, Charles Rollin. 3865.139 The classification of the lower carboniferous rocks of the Mississippi valley.

Washington. Judd & D. 1892.

1892. 24 pp. Pl. 8°.

KINGSLEY, John Sterling, and Herbert William CONN. 5880.12
Some observations on the embryology of the teleosts. 3 pls.
Memoirs. Vol. 3. Pt. 2. No. 6, pp.

(Bost. soc. of nat. hist.

[blocks in formation]

Discovery of the cause, nature, cure and prevention of epidemic cholera. Cinc. Derby. 1855. 48 pp. 8°. From N. Y. Journal of medicine [*5719.1.14]. KNIGHTS, Mark.


Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' interpreted. An exegesis of the first edition of the tragedy of 1603, and of Actus primus of the first folio edition of 1623. Lond. Jarrold. [1893.] xii, 136 pp. Sm. 8°.

KRISTELLER, Paul. *6110.37 Die italienischen Buchdrucker- und Verlegerzeichen bis 1525. Strassburg. Heitz. 1893. 1893. xiv, (1), 143, (2) pp. Pls. [Die Büchermarken oder Buchdrucker- und Verlegerzeichen.] L. 4°. LAPHAM, William Berry.

My recollections of the War of the rebellion.

Augusta. Burleigh & F. 1892.

LAWRENCE, George Newbold.


240 pp. Portr. 12°.


The birds of western and northwestern Mexico, based upon collections made by A. J. Grayson, J. Xantus and Ferd. Bischoff, now in the museum of the Smithsonian institution.

(Bost. soc. of nat. hist. Memoirs. Vol. 2. Pt. 3. No. 3, pp. 265-319. Bost. 1874.)

LEGGATT, William.

The theory and practice of jute spinning.
Dundee. Kidd. 1893. xv, 284 pp.



Illus. Pls. Plans. L. 8°.


L'acceptation du testament de Charles II roi d'Espagne par Louis XIV.
Gand. Dullé-Plus. 1892. 76 pp. 8°.

Bau- und Kunst-Denkmäler Thüringens.


[blocks in formation]

1888-93. 9 v. Maps. Illus. Pls. Plans. 8°.

[blocks in formation]

Samlade skaldeförsök. 9de upplagan [af Johan Gabriel Carlén]. Stockholm. Bonnier. [1876.] xxii, 273, 82 pp. Portr. Pl. 12°. The last 82 pages contain many of her poems set to music. LEXIS, Wilhelm Hektor Richard Albrecht.

Die deutschen Universitäten. Für die Universitätsausstellung in Chicago 1893.

Berlin. Asher.

LINTNER, Joseph Albert.



2 v.
1893. 2 v. L. 8°.


Notes on some sphingide of the state of New York, with descrip

tions of their larvæ and pupæ.

Phila. 1864. 27 pp. 8°.

From the Proceedings of the Entomological society, Dec., 1864 [*7892.2.3]. LUPTON, Arnold.


Mining, an elementary treatise on the getting of minerals.
Lond. Longmans. 1893. xxiv, 519 pp. Illus. Tables. Sm. 8°.

LYMAN, Benjamin Smith.


Shippen and Wetherill tract.

Phila. Sherman & co. 1893. 36 pp. Maps. 8°.

LYMAN, James Alexander.


The phthaleïns of ortho-sulpho-para-toluic acid.
Balt. Friedenwald. 1892. (4), 25 pp.

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