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JOY, James Richard.

Rome and the making of modern Europe.


Meadville, Pa. Flood & V. 1893. 310 pp. Maps. [Chautauqua

reading circle literature.] 12°.

KEITH, Thomas, F.R.C.S.E.


Contributions to the surgical treatment of tumours of the abdomen.

Part 1.

Edin. Oliver & B. 1885.

Contents.-1. Hysterectomy for fibrous tumours of the uterus.
KING, Moses.

King's handbook of New York city. 2d ed.
Bost. King. 1893. 1008 pp.

KORSAK, Albert de.

Les grands architectes français.

[blocks in formation]

Illus. Maps. 12°.


Dourdan. Thézard. 1884. 220 pl. Sm. fo.

Architecture and decoration of the time of Louis XV and XVI.

LARRABEE, William.


The railroad question. A historical and practical treatise on railroads, and remedies for their abuses.

Chic. Schulte publ. co.

1893. 488 pp. 12o.

LA RUE, Benjamin F.


A graphical method for swing-bridges. With an introduction on the general theory of graphical statics.

N. Y. 1892. 104 pp. 4 pl. [Van Nostrand's science series.] 16°. LAWRENCE, James.

Lawrence farm, Groton, Mass. Shropshire sheep [etc.].
[Ayer. Turner. 1890.] 8 pp. 8°.

LEWIS, Alonzo Norton.



Lines read before the class of 1852, Yale college, at their seventh


Hartford. Case, L. & B. co. 1887. 12 pp. 8°.


MAC CLINTOCK [McClintock], William D., and Porter Lander


Song and legend from the Middle ages.

Meadville, Pa. Flood & V. 1893. 141 pp. [Chautauqua reading circle literature.] 12°.

MACH, Ernst.


The science of mechanics. Trans. by Thomas J. McCormack.
Chic. Open court pub. co. 1893. xiv, (1), 534 pp. Illus. 12°.

MAC KAY [McKay], Nathaniel,


Free trade toilers: an American's observations among England's working people.

16 pp. Illus. Sm. 8°.


Bost. Robinson & S. [1889.]
MAC KINLEY [McKinley], William, jr.

Triumph der Schutzzoll-Politic. Das,,McKinley-Gesetz" gerechtfertigt. Rede am 2 August 1892. N. p. [1892.] 19 pp. 8°. MAC KINLEY [McKinley], William, jr.

Triumph of protection. Results of the new tariff.
Bost. Home market club.

Aug. 2, 1892.

MASSACHUSETTS. Rapid transit commission.
Report to the Legislature. April 5, 1892.

[Bost. 1892.] vi, 296 pp. Maps.

MASSACHUSETTS institute of technology.


Beatrice, Neb.,


16 pp. 8°.

[blocks in formation]

A brief account of its foundation, character, and equipment prepared in connection with the World's Columbian exposition. Bost. The institute. 1893. Illus. 39 pp. 8°.


MASSACHUSETTS institute of technology. Dept. of architecture.
Catalogue of drawings.

Bost. Elzevir press. 1893. Pls. Plans. 8°.
METROPOLITAN museum of art, New York.
Special committee to enlarge collection of casts. Report.
[N. Y. 1892.] 39 pp.



[blocks in formation]

Bost. Houghton, M. & co. 1892. vi, 337 pp. [American

statesmen.] 16°.

NEW ENGLAND water works association.
Transactions. 1883, 85. New Bedford, etc. 1883, 86.
NORTHWESTERN loan and investment co.

The city of New Whatcom, Wash.

Fairhaven, 1893. 72 pp. Illus. Pls. 8°.

OLIVER, Daniel, F.L.S.

[blocks in formation]

Illustrations of the principal natural orders of the vegetable kingdom. Prepared for the Science and art department of the Council of education. The plates by W. H. Fitch.

Lond. Chapman & H. 1893. (10), 120 pp. 109 col. pl. L. 8°.

PHELPS, Mrs. Elizabeth Stuart. -1852.


Little Mary; or talks and tales for children. By H. Trusta [pseud.].

186 pp.

Bost. Phillips, S. & co. 1854. 186

PHELPS, Mrs. Elizabeth Stuart. -1852.

Illus. 16°.

* *2399a.107


The tell-tale: or, home secrets told by old travellers. By H. Trusta


Bost. Phillips, S. & co. 1853. 262 pp. Illus. 16°. PHELPS, Phoebe Harris.

Mary Day forming good habits.

* *2399a.106

Bost. Jewett. 1855. 175 pp.
1855. 175 pp. Illus. [Home stories.] 16°.



Garel von dem blüenden Tal. Ein höfischer Roman aus dem Artussagenkreise, von dem Pleier. Mit den Fresken des Garelsaales auf Runkelstein herausg. von M. Walz.

Freiburg i. B. Wagner. 1892. xvi, 346 pp. Illus. 8°. ROCHEBLAVE, Samuel.

Les Cochins.


Paris. Pierson. [1893.]

224 pp.

Portrs. Pls. [Les artistes

célèbres.] 8°.


Lieder. Nach der Handschrift des Brit. Mus. herausg. von Hugo A.



Halle a. S. Karras. 1893. 17 pp.


Sonderabdruck a. d. Zeitschrift für Romanische Philol. [*6682.55.17].

[blocks in formation]

Picciola: the prisoner of Fenestrella or, captivity captive.
N. Y. Appleton & co. 1893. vii, 221 pp. Illus. Pls. 8°.

SELER, Eduard.


Peruanische Alterthümer, insbesondere altperuanische Gefässe [etc.]. Herausg. von der Verwaltung des Königlichen Museums für Völkerkunde

zu Berlin.

Berlin. Mertens. [1893.] xiv pp.

Museen.] Fo.
SEWARD, Theodore F.

64 pl. [Koenigliche


Hadesian theology; or, the gospel according to Satan. By Prince

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SOCIETY of St. Vincent de Paul.


The society of St. Vincent de Paul. What it is and what it should be.
Bost. 1892. 12
1892. 12 pp. 24°.


STEUBEL, Alphons, and F. Max UHLE.
Die Ruinenstaette von Tiahuanaco im Hochlande des alten Perú.
Breslau. Wiskott.
Wiskott. 1892. 2 pts. in 1 v. Map. 42 pl. Fo.

The church of England in Canada, 1759-1793.

to the establishment of the see of Quebec.


From the
From the conquest

Montreal. Lovell. 1893. 117 pp. Map. 8°.

[blocks in formation]

An epitome of the positive philosophy and religion explanatory of the Society of humanity, with the constitution; added [a] letter of Harriet Martineau. 2d ed.

N. Y. [1877.] xii, 50, (2) pp. Tables. 12°.

[blocks in formation]

Leipz. Fock. 1892, 93. 2 pts. in 1 v. 8°.

Contents.-1. Saint-Simon und der Saint-Simonismus. 2. Fourier.

WOODWARD, Calvin Milton.


Manual education. A paper read before the St. Louis social science

[blocks in formation]

Chicago. Conkey. 1893. 19 pts. in 1 v. Pls. Plans. 8°.


WORLD'S Columbian exposition. World's congress auxiliary. Addresses before the World's railway commerce congress. Official


265 pp.

Chicago. The railway age & northwestern railroader. 1893. v, 8°.

ZANDER, Wilhelm.


Modern decorative painting. Designs for decorating ceilings and walls.
N. Y. Hessling & S. [1892?] 30 col. pl. F.

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