Slike stranica

DIKE, Samuel Warren, and others.


The church and the home. Report by Samuel W. Dike, Edward C. Porter, and Alice Freeman Palmer.

[Bost. 1893.] 11 pp. [National divorce reform league. Special issues of 1893. No. 3.] 8°.

Repr. from the Minutes of the Gen. assoc. of cong. ministers of Mass., 1893 [*5541.2]. DOHME, Robert. *Cab.80.154.1

Das Königliche Schloss in Berlin.

Leipz. Seeman. 1876. Text, (8), 55, (3) pp. Illus. 4o; Atlas,

40 pl. L. f.

DOLBY, Thomas.

Floreston; or, the new lord of the manor. [Anon.]


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Les monuments de Neuchâtel. Ouvrage posthume. Zürich, 1852. viii, viii, 27 pp. 60 pls. [Mittheilungen der antiquarischen Gesellschaft in Zürich. DUDITH, Andreas.

De cometarvm significatione commentariolvs. mæ Erasti eadem de re sententiam.

DUNMAN, Thomas.


Geneal. tables.
B. 5.] 4°.


No. 4 in **5722.55
Addidimus D. Tho-

Basileæ. Perna. 1579. 68 pp. 4°.


Rev. and com

3d ed.

A short text book of electricity and magnetism. pleted by Chapman Jones. With 165 eng. and diagrams. Lond. Ward, L., B., & co. 1891. viii, 241 pp. Illus. Sm. 8°.

DURAND-CLAYE, Alfred Augustin.


Société des ingénieurs civils. Extraits du procès-verbal de la séance

du 18 mars 1881 [sur les égouts de Paris].


[Paris, 1881.] 25 pp.

Chronik mit Sorgfalt nach dem Original copirt. ergänzt von Joh. Martin Usteri. Nebst einem Anhange.



vermehrt und ·

Zürich. 1846. viii, xvi, 279 pp. 4 pls. [Mittheilungen der

antiquarischen Gesellschaft in Zürich.

ELLIOT, William Hume.

Bd. 4.] 4°.


The country and church of the Cheeryble brothers [Daniel and Wil

liam Grant, of Ramsbottom].

Selkirk. Lewis. 1893. xxx, 406 pp.

Portrs. Illus. Sm. 8°.

ERASTUS, Thomas.

No. 3 in *5722.55 Comitis Montani . . . noui medicorum censoris, quinque librorum de morbis nuper editorum viva anatome . . . [Accedunt Theses de melancholia, de morbis totius substantiae, de convulsione.]

Basileæ. Perna. 1581. (8), 316 pp. 4°.

ERASTUS, Thomas.

No. 2 in **5722.55


De astrologia divinatrice epistolæ . ... in lucem æditæ, opera & studio Ioannis Iacobi Grynæi.

Basileæ. Perna. 1580. (8), 236, 10 pp. 4o.

ERASTUS, Thomas.

* *5722.55 Accessit... disputa

De occvltis pharmacorvm potestatibus . . .
tio... de medicamentorvm purgantium facultate, .
Basileæ. Perna. 1574. (
1574. (8), 194, (16) pp. 4°.

FIELD, Eugene.
The Holy cross, and other tales.



Camb. Stone & K. 1893. 16°.


[blocks in formation]


In memoriam. Gen. Henry J. Hunt. 1819-1889.

FOERSTEMANN, Ernst Wilhelm, ed.

Die Maya-Handschrift der königlichen öffentlichen Bibliothek zu

Dresden. Mit 74 Tafeln in Chromo-Lichtdruck.

2te Aufl.

Dresden. Bertling. 1892. (3), 14 pp. 74 pls. 4°.

FOLGER, H. C., jr.

Title-pages in German and Spanish.

Petroleum: its production and products.

[Harrisburg. Meyers.] 1893. (4), 208 pp. Pls. 8°.

Bibliography, pp. 206-208.


Repr. from the Annual report of the secretary of internal affairs of Pennsylvania. Part III. Industrial statistics. 1892 [*6860.72.20].

FOLLEN, Charles Theodore Christian.

[blocks in formation]

A sketch of the history of the Cumberland presbyterian church.
(Alexander, G. History of the methodist church, South. Pp.

257-309. N. Y. 1894.)

FOX, Walter G.

Transition curves.


N. Y. Van Nostrand. 1893. 80 pp. [Van Nostrand's science

ser. 110.] 24°.

FRANCE. Comité de salut public.
Recueil des actes du Comité

Publié par F. A. Aulard.



avec la correspondance officielle

Table alphabétique des cinq premiers

Paris. Impr. nat. (3), ii, 209 pp. 1893. (3), ii, 209 pp. ments inédits sur l'histoire de France.] L. 8°.


[Collection de docu

[blocks in formation]

Notes on the surnames of Francus, Franceis, French, etc., in Scotland, with an account of the Frenches of Thorndykes. Bost. Privately pr. 1893. 109, (4) pp.


FURNESS, William Henry.


The "power of His resurrection." Easter, 1884.
[Phila. 1884.] 23 pp.


GAMBLE, Eliza Burt.


The evolution of woman. An inquiry into the dogma of her infe

[blocks in formation]

GESCHICHTE der Kriege in und ausser Europa, vom Anfange des Aufstandes der brittischen Kolonien in Nordamerika an.

Nürnberg. Raspe. 1776-9. 20 pts. in 4 v. Illus. Pls. Plans.

[blocks in formation]

7691.36 In equity. Joshua Gray

Circuit court of the U. S. dist. of Mass. In equity.
v. Martha Bangs, executrix, et al. Pleadings and evidence.
Bost. 1886. (3), 112, (2), 113–118, (1) pp. Pls.
On patents for improvements in sewing machines.


GREAT BRITAIN. Public record office.

*7052.55 Calendar of state papers relating to Ireland, reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary and Elizabeth. Ed. by Hans Claude Hamilton. Vol. 1-6. Lond. 1860-93. 1860-93. 6 v. 6 v. 8°.

Contents.-1. 1509-1573. 2. 1574-1585. 3. 1586-1588. 4. 1588-1592. 5. 1592-1596.

6. 1596-97.

Vol. 1-5, ed. by H. C. Hamilton; vol. 6, by E. G. Atkinson.

HAECKEL, Ernst Heinrich.

Indische Reisebriefe. 3te Aufl.


Berlin. Paetel. 1893. xvi, 415 pp. Portr. Pls. Map. 8°. HALE, John Parker.


The statue of John P. Hale erected in front of the Capitol and presented to the state of New Hampshire by William E. Chandler. An account of the unveiling ceremonies on August 3, 1892, with a report of the addresses by the donor, Hiram G. Tuttle [and others].

Concord. Repub. pr. assoc.

HAMILTON, William, negro.

[blocks in formation]

Address to the fourth annual convention of the free people of color of the United States. Delivered at the opening of their session in New York, June 2, 1834.

[blocks in formation]

The story of the Persian war from Herodotus. By Alfred J. Church. With illus. from the antique.

Lond. Seeley & co. 1888. vi, (5), 292 pp. Pls. Sm. 8°.

HOOPER, Franklin Henry.


Multiple papilloma of the larynx in young children, and its treatment. [Phila.? 1891.] 11 8°. Repr. from International clinics, Oct., 1891 [*3791.115].

HOSMER, James Kendall.



Address at Washington university, February 23, 1891, before the Missouri society of Sons of the American revolution.

St. Louis, 1891. 22 pp. 8°.

HYMANS, Henri. *8061.128 Lucas Vorsterman. Catalogue raisonné de son œuvre, précédé d'une notice sur [sa] vie.

Bruxelles. Bruylant-Christophe & cie. 1893. (1), 281 pp. Portrs. Pls. Fac-similes. 4°.

Pp. 271-281 form a Supplement containing four unpublished letters by Rubens relating to his acquaintance with Vorsterman.

Another ed. without suppl. is on *8061.105. IBERNO-CELTIC society, Dublin.


Transactions for 1820. Containing a chronological list of Irish writers to 1750; with a descriptive catalogue of such of their books as are extant. By Edward O'Reilly.

Dublin, 1820. (8), ccxxxiii pp. 4°.

4459a.139 INDEPENDENCE guide, The. A complete guide for the day [July

4, 1858] for citizens and strangers.


Kent & co. 1858. 16 pp. 24°.


INTERNATIONAL maritime congress. 2d meeting, 1893.
General report, with list of members.

Lond. Unwin. [1893.] 46 pp. 8°.


INTERNATIONAL maritime congress. 2d meeting, 1893. Minutes of proceedings of section 1. Harbours and breakwaters. Lond. Unwin. [1893.] 196 pp. Illus. Pls. 8°.

INTERNATIONAL maritime congress. 2d meeting, 1893.
Minutes of proceedings of section 2: Docks.

Lond. Unwin. [1893.] 144 pp. Pls. Maps. 8°.



INTERNATIONAL maritime congress. 2d meeting, 1893. Minutes of proceedings of section 3: Shipbuilding and marine engineering.

Lond. Unwin. [1893.] 113 pp. Pl. 8°.


INTERNATIONAL maritime congress, 2d meeting, 1893.
Minutes of proceedings of section 4: Lighthouses, buoys, fog-signals, &c.
Lond. Unwin. [1893.] 211 pp. Illus. Pls. 8°.

JOHNSON, Thomas Cary.

History of the Southern Presbyterian church.


(Alexander, G. History of the Methodist church, South. Pp. 311-479. N. Y. 1894.)

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