Slike stranica

PERKINS, William Oscar.

The anthem harp.


1880. 248 pp. 16°, obl.


Bost. Ditson. 1880. RAUCH, John Henry.

Medical education, medical colleges, and the regulation of the practice of medicine in the United States and Canada. 1765-1891. Springfield. Rokker. 1891. xxxiv, 222 pp. [Illinois. State board of health.] 8°.

REBER, Franz von.


Geschichte der Malerei vom Anfang des 14. bis zum Ende des 18. Jahrhunderts.

München. Verlagsanstalt f. Kunst & Wissenschaft. 1894. (8), 415 pp. 8°.


RE-UNION of the schoolmates of John Greenleaf Whittier, at Haverhill, Mass., Sept. 10, 1885. With exercises at the presentation of [his] portrait to the Public library.

Haverhill. Chase bros.

1886. 41 pp.



Uebersetzt von Paul

RÉVILLE, Albert.

Theodore Parker. Sein Leben und Wirken.

Paris. Reinwald. 1867. viii, (2), 321 pp. 16°.


ROBERTS, Edward, and others, compilers.
The Sabbath school hosanna.

N. Y. Scofield. [1862.] 168 pp. 32°, obl.



Traité théorique et pratique sur la résistance des matériaux dans les

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Bost. Copeland & D. 1894. (8), 119 pp.

SAUGUS, Mass. School committee.

Annual report for the year ending March 1, 1875.




Bost. 1875. 8°.

SCOTT, Sir Walter, bart.


Peveril of the Peak. With introd. essay and notes by Andrew Lang.

[blocks in formation]

Cape Town. Juta. 1892. (3), iv, 275 pp. 159 pl. 8°.

SKENE, William Forbes.

Celtic Scotland: a history of ancient Alban. 2d ed.
Edin. Douglas. 1886. 3 v. Maps. 8°.

SNOW, Freeman.



Cases and opinions on international law; with notes and a syllabus.
Bost. Bost. book co. 1893. xl, 586 pp. 8°.

SOCIETÀ elettrica industriale franco-italiana.

Elettricità teorico-pratica.

Milano, 1888. 128 pp.

7963.113 Illus.


SOCIÉTÉ centrale des architectes français.
L'architecture. Journal hebdomadaire.


Année 7.

No. 1, 2.

Paris. Delarue. 1894.

V. Illus. Pls.

Plans. Fo.

SOME artists at the fair.

[blocks in formation]

N. Y. Scribner. 1893. xi, 123 pp. Illus. Pls. 8°. Contents. The decoration of the exposition, by F. D. Millet.-Types and people at the fair, by J. A. Mitchell.-The art of the White city, by W. H. Low. at the fair, by W. H. Gibson.-The picturesque side, by F. H. Smith. STANNING, Joseph Heaton, ed.


The royalist composition papers, being the proceedings of the committee for compounding, A.D. 1643-1660, so far as they relate to the county of Lancaster. Vol. 1.


Pub. Vol. 24.] 8°.

STEBBINS, Charles.

v. [Record soc. Lancashire and Cheshire.


Address. . . at the celebration of the centennial anniversary of the settlement of Cazenovia, N. Y., on "School day," June 13, 1893. [Cazenovia, 1893.] 28 pp. 8°.

STORY, The, of my dictatorship.

Lond. Bliss, S. & F. 1894. 221 pp. Sm. 8°.


On the land question.


Apocalypsis explicata secundum sensum spiritualem posthumum. [Edidit S. H. Worcester.]

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N. Y. Amer. Swedenborg pr. & publ. soc. 1885. 6 v. 8°. Vol. 5 contains also De divino amore et De divina sapientia, De Athanasii symbolo tum quoque de Domino.

Vol. 6 is an index.



Apocalypsis revelata in qua deteguntur arcana quae ibi praedicta sunt et hactenus recondita latuerunt. [Edidit S. H. Worcester.] N. Y. Amer. Swedenborg pr. & publ. soc.


1881. 2 v. 8°.

No. 3 in 7551.74.5

De Athanasii symbolo tum quoque de Domino. Opera posthuma. [Edidit S. H. Worcester.]

N. Y. Amer. Swedenborg pr. & publ. soc. 1884. 54, iv pp. 8°. SWEDENBORG.


De caelo et ejus mirabilibus et de inferno ex auditis et visis. [Edidit S. H. Worcester.]


pp. 7551.77

N. Y. Amer. Swedenborg pr. & publ. co. 1890. 391, vi SWEDENBORG. Delicia sapientiæ de amore conjugiali; post quas sequuntur voluptates insaniæ de amore scortatorio. [Edidit S. H. Worcester.] N. Y. Amer. Swedenborg pr. & publ. soc.

pp. 8°.

TAYLOR, Bayard.

1889. 410, xxiii


A history of Germany. From the earliest times to the present day. With an additional chapter by Marie Hansen-Taylor.


N. Y. Appleton. 1894. vi, (1), 476 pp. Portr. Maps. 12o. TWINING, Louisa. Recollections of workhouse visiting and management during twentyfive years.

Lond. Kegan Paul. 1880. xx, 217 pp. Sm. 8°. Reprinted from the New quarterly magazine, Oct. 1879, with additions.


UNIVERSITY of California. Colleges of agriculture, mechanics and engineering.

Investigation in respect to the strength of Pacific coast timbers. [Circular.]

Berkeley. Students' Univ. press. 1875. 3 pp. 8°.

UZ, Johann Peter.

*2890b.50. 33-38

Sämtliche poetische Werke. Herausg. von A. Sauer.

Stuttgart. Göschen. 1890. (1), cix, 422 pp. [Deutsche

Literaturdenkmale d. 18. u. 19. Jahrhunderts. 33-38.] 16°.


Electricity up to date. [3d ed.]


Lond. Warne. [1893.] (5), 163 pp. Illus. Pl. Map. Sm. 8°. WALKER, William, compiler.

Fruits and flowers: a collection of tunes and songs.
Phila. Lippincott. 1870. 192 pp. 24°, obl.

WATERHOUSE, Sylvester.

New St. Louis. Its causes, needs, and duties. 2d ed.
[St. Louis, 1893.] 8






WATERHOUSE electric and manufacturing company.
The Waterhouse system of arc and incandescent lighting.
Hartford. [1887 ?] 19 pp. Pls. 8°.


WATTENBACH, Wilhelm. 1819-
Deutschlands Geschichtsquellen im Mittelalter bis zur Mitte des

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land, M.D.]

Sermon, preached March 5, 1893. [On the death of Henry Wheat

[Salem, 1893.] 17 pp. 8°.


WINDECK, Eberhard, of Mainz.

Denkwürdigkeiten zur Geschichte des Zeitalters Kaiser Sigmunds.

Herausg. von Wilh. Altmann.

Berlin. Gaertner.

Gaertner. 1893. xlviii, 591, (1) pp. 8°.

WOOLSON, Constance Fenimore.

Horace Chase.

N. Y. Harper. 1894. 16°.

WORCESTER royal porcelain works, Worcester.
A guide through the Worcester royal porcelain works.
Worcester, 1882. 48 pp. 8°.

WRIGHT, Elizur.




Elizur Wright's appeals for the Middlesex fells and the forests.
[Bost.] Medford public domain club. 1893. xxiv, 156 pp. 12°.

WRIGHT, William.

The Brontës in Ireland; or, facts stranger than fiction.

N. Y. Appleton. 1893. Illus. 12°.


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