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Auf der Brautfahrt. Lustspiel von Hugo Bürger [pseud.]. Berlin. Bloch. [1870.] 130 pp. [Dramatische Werke. 1.] 16o. LYOUN, John, of Auldbar. **6513.104

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(From The New Englander and Yale review. Vol. 20, pp.

73-85. New Haven, 1892.) Same. (In Same.)

MALORY, Sir Thomas.




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[blocks in formation]

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[blocks in formation]



Under the Mendips. A tale.

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Time of the Bristol riots, 1831.

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tion des auteurs latins.

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New ed.
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2846.87 Suivi de La

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The religion of the future and other essays.

V. 8°. 3447.108=3447.109

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Contents. The religion of the future.-The decadence of the English church.-Ecclesiasticism.-Dogmatism in theology.-King's college council.-Clerical untruthfulness. The drift of religious thought in England.

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The sacred formulas of the Cherokees. Portr.
(Smithsonian inst. Bureau of ethnology.

1885-86. Wash. 1891.)

MORELLI, Giovanni.



Annual report, 7th.


Monaco, Dresda e

Le opere dei maestri italiani nelle gallerie di Berlino. Saggio critico di Jvan Lermolieff [pseud.]. Trad. dal russo in tedesco per cura del dott. Giovanni Schwarze e dal tedesco in italiano dalla Baronessa di K. . . . . A. . . .

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[blocks in formation]

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Mon roman.

mères de famille. 2e série.] 12°.

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2874.103. 1st series 1, 2

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[blocks in formation]

The married bachelor, or, master and man: a comic piece, in one act. From the acting copy, with remarks, biographical and critical, by D.-G. [George Daniel]. With engraving.

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[blocks in formation]

From Annales de Philosophie chrétienne 5e sér., t. 13 [*7509.50. 5th ser. 13].

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[Paris. Carion. 186-?] 43 pp.


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Time, 1816.


Viajes de un cronista. Dibujos de Ángel Pons.





La Santa. 1892. 303, (2) pp. 16°.



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Kirchen-Möbel des Mittelalters und der Neuzeit.


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Versi sopra un busto di Dante. Trad. dal generale Masi.
Palermo. Lao. 1872. 7 pp.


[blocks in formation]

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PAZ Y MELIA, Antonio, ed.


Nobilario de conquistadores de Indias. Le publica la Sociedad de bibliófilos españoles. [Tomo 1.]

[blocks in formation]

The relation of good streets to the prosperity of a city. An address.
N. p. [1890.] 40 pp. 12°.

PORTER, Edward Griffin.


The aborigines of Australia. A paper read before the American an

[blocks in formation]

Virginie. A tale of one hundred years ago. By Val Prinsep. Lond. Longmans. 1890. 3 v. Sm. 8°. PROCTOR, Francis Bartlett, ed.


Classified gems of thought, from the great writers and preachers of
With a preface by Henry Wace. 3d ed.

all ages.

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PROU, Maurice.

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QUESNOY, Ferdinand.

La guerre à toutes les époques.

13 pl. Fo.


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