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OBERLIN college.

Alumni. Cleveland alumni.


Reception at Oberlin college to the American missionary association,

23 Oct., 1891.

[Cleveland, 1891.] 8 pp.


OHIO. Board of state charities.



Circular No. 3: "The workhouse system-as it is, and as it should [By W. D. Patterson.] October, 1892.

Columbus. Myers. 1892. 15 pp. 8°.

PAGE, Thomas Nelson.


Sm. 4°.

Among the camps; or, young people's stories of the war.
N. Y. Scribner.
Scribner. 1892. Illus.

PATON, Henry, ed.
No. 9 in *4525.120
Papers about the rebellions of 1715 and 1745. With introd. and notes.
(Scottish hist. soc. Miscellany. Vol. 1. Pp. 505-559. Edin. 1893.)
Contents. A journal of severall occurrences in 1715, by Peter Clarke.-Eight letters of
William Nicolson, bishop of Carlisle, to the Archbishop of York, 1716.-Leaves from the
diary of John Campbell an Edinburgh banker in 1745.

PAYNE, James Bertrand de Vinchelés Payen-.

French idioms and proverbs.

Lond. Nutt. 1893. vi, (1), 162 pp. Sm. 8°.

PELLEW, William George.

Poems. Ed. with an introd. by W. D. Howells.

Bost. Clarke & co. [1892.] xi, 54 pp. 8°.

PENNSYLVANIA. Auditor-general.




Letter and statement in the case of Olmstead, from the Auditorgeneral [George Bryan].

[Phila.] Greer. [1810.] 7 pp. 8°.

PETERS, Wilhelm Carl Hartwig.


Naturwissenschaftliche Reise nach Mossambique auf Befehl des Königs Friedrich Wilhelm IV, 1842-48. [B. 1, 3–6.]

Berlin. Reimer. 1852-82. 5 v. 184 pl. 4°.

Contents.-1, 3-5. Zoologie: 1. Säugethiere. 3. Amphibien. 4. Flussfische. 5. Insecten und Myriopoden. 6. Botanik.


Sir Joshua Reynolds.

N. Y. Scribner. 1894. Illus. Portrs. 12°.


PHIPPS, C. M. Katherine.

Douglas Archdale. A tale of Lucknow.

Lond. Lond. lit. soc. [1885.]
[1885.] (3), 219
(3), 219 pp. Sm. 8°.



PILGRIM fathers, The, or the lives of some of the first settlers of

New England.

Portland. Shirley, H. & co.


1830. 123 pp. 24°.

**4464.187 Glossar der feuerländischen Sprache. [Vorwort von Karl Whistling.] Leipz. Teubner. 1882. lvi, (2), 266 pp. Pl. Folded map. 16°.



Easy and practical French grammar. Arranged by J. Noeroth. 16th ed.

Bost. Schoenhof. 1879.

v, (3), 199 pp. 12°.


PONCELET, Jean Victor.

Traité des propriétés projectives des figures. 2e éd.
Paris. Gauthier-Villars. 1865-6. 2 v. 18 pls. 4°.

PRICE, David Brent.


Slavery abolition. A letter to Daniel O'Connell, founded on proceedings at the anti-slavery tea party at the Crown and Anchor, London, June 23, 1840.

Lond. Smallfield. 1840. 8 pp. 8°.

QUEVEDO Y VILLEGAS, Francisco Gomez de.


Pablo de Segovia, the Spanish sharper. Trans. [by John Stevens and revised by Pedro Pineda]. Illus. with 110 drawings by Daniel Vierge. Comments on them by Joseph Pennell and an essay on the life and writings of Quevedo by Henry Edward Watts.

Lond. Unwin. 1892. (5), xlii, 239 pp. Illus. Portr. Pls. 4°. RAINFORD, Edward.

Night and day thoughts. [Anon.]

Lond. 1843. viii, 203 pp. Sm. 8°.



RAND, McNally & co. Indexed county map of Maine, with index designating post office towns and railroad stations, etc.

[blocks in formation]

RAND, Silas Tertius.

4464.161 A short account of the Lord's work among the Micmac Indians. With some reasons for his seceding from the baptist denomination. Halifax. Macnab. 1873. 32 1873. 32 pp. 8°.

RAYMOND, George Lansing.


Art in theory. An introduction to the study of comparative æsthetics.
N. Y. Putnam. 1894. xviii, 266 pp. 12°.


*4439.52 The kingdom is the Lord's, or, God the supreme ruler and governour of the world. A sermon before the General assembly of Connecticut, at Hartford, on the day of their anniversary election, May 12th, 1757. New London. Green. 1757. 51 pp. 24°.

*2231.112 REINSBERG-DUERINGSFELD, Ida, Freiherrinn von, and Otto, Freiherr von REINSBERG-DUERINGSFELD.

Hochzeitsbuch. Brauch und Glaube der Hochzeit bei den christlichen Völkern Europa's.

Leipz. Bach. 1871. vi, (1), 272 pp. Pls. 4°.

ROBERTSON, Rev. Alexander.

Fra Paolo Sarpi, the greatest of the Venetians.


Lond. Low. [1894.] xxii, 196 pp. Portr. Pl. Fac-simile. Sm. 8°.

ROBERTSON, William, D.D. 1721-1793.

The history of America. New ed.

Basil. Tourneisen & L. 1790. 3 v. Pl. 8°.


RODD, Rennell.

Songs in the South.


Sm. 8°.

*5920.3.15. Pt. 2

Lond. Bogue. 1881. 63 pp. ROGERS, William Augustus. Catalogue of 8627 stars between 49° 50′ and 55° 10' of north declination in 1855.0 for the epoch 1875.0 observed with the meridian circle 1870-84, under the direction of Joseph Winlock and Edward C. Pickering. Karlsruhe. Braun. 1892. (39), 176 pp. [Harv. coll. Astron. observ. Annals. Vol. 15. Pt. 2.] 4°.

ROLLIN, Charles.


De la manière d'enseigner et d'étudier les belles-lettres, par rapport à l'esprit et au cœur. Éd. stéréotype, précédée de la vie de l'auteur. Paris. Dabo. 1819, 20. 4 v. 12o.

[blocks in formation]

Sm. 8°.


Lond. Swan Sonnenschein. 1894. Portr. [Dilettante library.]

[blocks in formation]

An account of the crustacea of Norway. Vol. 1.
Christiania. Cammermeyer. 1893.

V. Pls. L. 8°.




SATCHEL guide, A, for the vacation tourist in England. 1st ed. for 1894.

Bost. Houghton, M. & co. 1894. viii, (1), 307 pp. Maps. 16°. SCHOENBACH, Anton E.


Über Lesen und Bildung. Umschau und Ratschläge. 4te Aufl.
Graz. Leuschner & L. 1894. xiii, (3), 257, (1) pp. 16°.
Includes an essay on Henrik Ibsen and lists of books.

[blocks in formation]

Lond. Lockwood & co. 1885. 7 pts. in 1 v. Sm. 8°.


Contents.-1. Draining and embanking. 2. Irrigation and water-supply. 3. Farm roads, fences and gates. 4. Farm buildings. 5. Barn implements and machines. 6. Field implements and machines.-Agricultural surveying.

SCOTT, Sir Walter, bart.


St. Ronan's well. With introd. essay and notes by Andrew Lang.
Lond. Nimmo. 1894. 2 v. 10 etchings. [Border ed.

33, 34.] 8°.

SCOTTISH history society.

Miscellany. Vol. 1.



Edin. Constable. 1893. lxxv, 595, 6 pp. Pls. [Publication 15.] 8°. SECOND national club, Boston.


[Declaration of principles, constitution, and list of charter members.] Bost. 1889. (8) pp. 8°.



Works. [Whitehall edition.] Ed. from the original texts by H. Arthur Doubleday, with the assistance of T. Gregory Foster and Robert Elson. [With glossaries.] Vol. 1, 2.

Westminster. Constable. 1893.

V. Sm. 8°.

Contents.-1. Love's labour's lost.-The comedy of errors.-The two gentlemen of Verona.-A midsummer night's dream. 2. The taming of the shrew.-The merchant of Venice. The merry wives of Windsor,

[blocks in formation]



The merry wives of Windsor. Ariel ed.

N. Y. Putnam. [1894.] (3), 159 pp. Illus.


The taming of the shrew. Ariel ed.

N. Y. Putnam. [1894.] iv, 175 pp. Illus. 24°.



The tragedy of Julius Cæsar. Ed. by Arthur D. Innes. Lond. Blackie. 1893. (2), 143, (1) pp. [The Warwick Shakespeare.] Sm. 8°. SHAKESPEARE. The tragedy of King Richard II. Lond. Blackie. 1893.

Shakespeare.] Sm. 8°.

The two gentlemen of Verona.

N. Y. Putnam. [1894.]


Ed. by C. H. Herford. vii, (1), 7-212 pp. [The Warwick

[blocks in formation]

SHOE and leather reporter annual for 1894.

SIEGLIN, Wilhelm.

Atlas antiquus. Lief. 1, 2.

Gotha. Perthes. 1893.

Atlas. Abth. 1.] Fo.

SMALL, Annie H.

N. Y. [1894.]

v. [Von Spruner-Sieglin. Hand

Suwarta, and other sketches of Indian life.


Lond. Nelson. 1894. Illus. Sm. 8°.



Lake Bomoseen.
Poultney. Journal pr. office,


1882. 28
1882. 28 pp. 8°,

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