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HEHN, Viktor.


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Stuttgart. Cotta.

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An autobiography of fifty years in times of reform. Ed. with additions by his daughter Constance Hill.

Lond. Bentley. 1893. xiii, (1), 346 pp. Portrs. Pl. Fac-simile. 8°. HOFFMANN, L. *8010.131 Herleitung und Zusammenstellung des Materialbedarfs für den eisernen Oberbau von geraden Strassenbrücken.

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Science and Hebrew tradition.


Illus. [Collected essays.

HUXLEY, Thomas Henry.

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4.] 12°. INDIA. Survey department. Trigonometrical branch. *7041.15 Synopsis on the results of the operations of the survey. Vol. 5-28,


Dehra Dun, 1875-93. 29 v. Maps. Pls. L. 4°.

Vol. 5-18 were prepared by J. T. Walker; 7a and 13a by C. T. Haig; 19-21 by J. B. N. Hennessey; 22-32 by G. Strahan.

Contents.-5. Rahun meridional series. 6. Jogi-Tila meridional series, and the Sutlej series. 7. North-west Himalaya series and the triangulation of the Kashmir survey. 7a. Jodhpore meridional series and Eastern Sind meridional series. 8. The great arc-section 18° to 24°. 9. Jabalpur meridional series. 10. Bider longitudinal series. 11. Bilaspur meridional series. 12. Calcutta longitudinal series. 13. East coast series. 13a. South Parasnath meridional series and South Maluncha meridional series. 14. Budhon meridional series. 15. Rangir meridional series. 16. Amua meridional series, and Karara meridional series. 17. Gurwani meridional series and Gora meridional series. 18. Hurilaong meridional series, and Chendwar meridional series. 19. North Parasnath meridional series, and North Maluncha meridional series. 20. Calcutta meridional series, and Brahmaputra meridional series. 21. East Calcutta longitudinal series, and Eastern frontier series, sec. 23° to 26°. 22. Assam valley triangulation, E. of meridian 92°. 23. South Konkan coast series. 24. Mangalore meridional series. 25. South-east coast series. 26. Bombay longitudinal series. 27. Madras longitudinal series. 28. Madras meridional and coast series. 29. 30. Abu meridional series, and Gujurat longitudinal series. 31. Khanpisura meridional series. 32. Singhi meridional series.

JERROLD, Walter.

Oliver Wendell Holmes.


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Extracts from the Flying roll. Sermons compiled for the Gentile churches of all sects and denominations. [Sermon 1.]

[Lond. Shaw.] 1879. (2), iii, 208 pp. 8°.

[blocks in formation]

Paris. Baudry. 1893. 4 v. in 3. Text, 2 v. Illus. Pls. 8°; Atlas, 2 v. in 1. L. 4°. [Encyclopédie des travaux publics.]

LASAR, Sigismond, comp.


The new hymnary: a collection of hymns and tunes for Sunday schools. N. Y. Biglow & M. [1876.] 176 pp. 24°, obl.

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Cérémonies nuptiales des peuples anciens et modernes.
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LEWIS, Angelo John.


Puzzles old and new. By Professor Hoffmann [pseud.].
Lond. Warne. 1893.
1893. XX, 394 pp. Illus. Pl.
Pl. Sm. 8°.



Marie or Fort Beauharnois. An historic tale of early days in the Northwest. By E. G. L.

Minneapolis. Bausman. [1893.] (1), 176, (1), iv pp. Pl. 12o. LOMONOSOF, Mikhail Vasil'evitch.


Сочиненія М. В. Ломоносва въ стихахъ. Подъ редакціей Арс. И. Введенскаго. С.-Петербургъ. Марксъ. 1893. 352 pp. Portr. [Сборникъ Нивы,

1893.] 8°.

LORD, Alice E.

The days of Lamb and Coleridge, a historical romance.


N. Y. Holt. 1893. 12°.

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Itinéraire iner letif de Rome et ses environs... 3e éd.
Rome, BoNE. 1818. 2 1. Ps. 12.

MAREY, Etienne Jules.

Le mouvement.

MASON, James, chess-player.

Paris. Masson. 1894. vi, 335 pp. Illus. Pls. 8.



The principles of chess in theory and practice.
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MAUDE, Francis Cornwallis.


Memories of the mutiny. With which is incorporated the personal narrative of John Walter Sherer.

Lond. Remington & co. 1894. 2 v. Portrs. Pls. Map. Fac-simile. 8°. MENANT, Joachim.


Eléments d'épigraphic assyrienne. Les écritures cunéiformes

2. 6d.


Paris. Duprat. 1864. viii, 310, (1) pp. Illus. Fac-similes. 8°. MUNSON, Thomas V.

Address on native grapes of the United States.
Indianapolis, 1885. 13 pp.



From Trans, of the Amer. agric. soc. [*5996.58.3].

MURRAY, David Christie.


In direst peril, a novel.

N. Y. Harper. 1894. 12°.

N., A.


Сто двадцать четыре священныя исторіи, изъ Ветхаго и Новаго Завѣта, собранныя А. Н.

Москва. Волковъ. 1859. 2 v. in 1. Pls. 8°.

NATIONAL architects' union.

Artistic one-story houses.


N. Y. [18937] 27 pl. with descriptive text. Plans. 4°.
NUGENT, Hon. Emma Ermengarda Greville-.
A land of mosques and Marabouts.

Lond. Chapman & H. 1894. Portr. Pls. S°.
Travels in Algeria and Tunis.


Westminster. Constable & co.

OPPERT, Gustav.

On the original inhabitants of Bharatavarṣa or India.
1893. xv, 711 pp.



OVERTON, John Henry.


The English church in the nineteenth century (1800-1833).

[blocks in formation]

Phila. 1892. 153 pp. [Univ. of Pa. Pub. Vol. 3. No. 2.] 8°.

PATTISON, Robert Emory.


Discrimination by railroads.

Harrisburg. Meyers. 1886. 4 pp. 8°. PENNSYLVANIA. Geological survey. Final report.


A summary description of the geology of Pennsylvania. With a new geological map of the state, a map and list of bituminous mines. By J. P. Lesley. Vol. 1, 2.

Harrisburg, 1892. 2 v. Pls. 8°.

Contents.-1. Laurentian, huronian, cambrian and lower silurian formations. 2. Upper silurian and devonian formations.



Vetoes. Bills returned to the Legislature, with his objections, 1893.
[Harrisburg, 1893.] 159 pp. 8°.

PENNSYLVANIA. Superintendent of banking.
Reports of the banks, saving institutions and trust companies, 1892.
Harrisburg. Meyers. 1893.

V. 8°.


PHALANX, The, or journal of social science. [Vol. 1, no. 1-23.]
N. Y. Winchester. [1843-45.] 355, (1) pp. L. 8°.
Continued as the Harbinger, published by the Brook farm phalanx [*5571.3].
PHELPS, C. E. D., and Leigh NORTH.

Chic. Mc Clurg. 1893. Illus. 16.


The bailiff of Tewkesbury.

POLEVOI, Nikolai Alexeivitch.


Русская исторія для первоначальнаго чтенія. Часть 2, 3.
Москва. Семенъ. 1835. 2 v. 16°.

POLEZHAEF, Alexandr Ivanovitch.
Стихотворенія. Подъ редакціей Арс. И. Введенскаго.


С.-Петербургъ. Марксъ. 1892. 327 pp. Portr. [Сборникъ Нивы,


1892.] 8°.

POOR, Agnes Blake.
Brothers and strangers.

RALPH, Julian E.


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Our great West. A study of the present conditions and future possibilities of the new commonwealths and capitals of the United States. N. Y. Harper. 1893. Illus. Pls. Maps. 8°.

Elements of music, harmony, and musical form.
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Poems here at home.

N. Y. Century co. 1893. Illus. 16°.

ROMANES, George John.

An examination of Weismannism.




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SALVINI, Tommaso.

Leaves from [his] autobiography.

N. Y. Century co. 1893. Portrs. 12°.


History of England and the British empire

A.D. 1890.



... from B.C. 55 to

Lond. Warne & co. 1893. xxv, 1098 pp. Maps. Genealogical

tables. 8°.

SAUZAY, Alexandre.


Collection Sauvageot. Dessinée et gravée à l'eau-forte

*Cab.40.16.1 Édouard par

Paris. Noblet & B. 1863. 2 v.

2 v. 120 pl. [Musée impérial du


Louvre.] Fo.


Erasmus Alberus. Ein biographischer Beitrag zur Geschichte der Reformationszeit.

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SCOTT, Sir Walter, bart.

Familiar letters. [Ed. by David Douglas.]


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SMITH, Goldwin.

The United States, an outline of political history, 1492-1871.
N. Y. Macmillan. 1893. Map. 12°.


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