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The waste-water meter system.

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The quarterly lists of new books heretofore printed in the Library Bulletin have been discontinued.

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Office of Publication at the Boston Public Library, Boylston Street, Boston. Published weekly. Subscription, $1.50 a year.

Eutered at the Boston, Mass., Post Office, as second-class mail matter, October 23, 1893.

The numbers under 2110 will be found in the Lower Hall.



A history of the Methodist church, South, by Gross Alexander, the United presbyterian church, by James B. Scouller, the Cumberland presbyterian church, by R. V. Foster, the Presbyterian church, South, in the United States, by T. C. Johnson.

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Bd. 1.

V. So. 1552.4




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N. Y

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[Paris.] 1707. 2 v.



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[blocks in formation]

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arms and armour.

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No. 2 in 5928.58

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Geometrical properties of the sphere.

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No. 1 in 5928.58

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