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JOSEPHUS, Flavius.


The genuine works of Flavius Josephus. Trans. according to Havercamp's ed., with notes. By William Whiston. Springfield. Thomas & A.

JUVENALIS, Decimus Junius.


3 v.
3 v.



Juvenal and Persius; literally trans. by M. Madan. New ed.
Oxford. Vincent. 1839. 2 v.

JUVENALIS, Decimus Junius.

2 v. 8°.


The satires of Juvenal, Persius, Sulpicia and Lucilius, trans., with notes, &c. by Lewis Evans. Added, the metrical version of Juvenal and Persius, by William Gifford.

N. Y. Harper. 1860. iv, lx, 512 pp. Portr. 12o. KEBLE, John.


The Christian year: thoughts in verse for the Sundays and holydays throughout the year. 3d Amer. ed.

Phila. Lea & B. 1842. 320 pp. 16o.

KELLER, William B.


Keller's bottlers' hand book.

N. Y. 1884. 96 pp. 16°.


Illus. 8°.


KELLY, Walter Keating.

Syria and the Holy land, their scenery and their people.
Lond. Chapman & H. 1844. viii, 451



Theoretical elements of electro-dynamic machinery. Vol. 1.
N. Y. Van Nostrand. 1893.

KLENZE, Leo von.

V. Illus. Pls. 8°.


Sammlung architectonischer Entwürfe für die Ausführung bestimmt oder wirklich ausgeführt. 2te Ausg.

München. Cotta. 1847-50. 5 pts. in 1 v. 60 pl. L. fo, obl. KNOTT, Cargill G.


Electricity and magnetism. Elementary course adapted to the syllabus of the South Kensington science department.


Chambers. 1893. 239 pp. Illus. Sm. 8°.

KOENIGLICHE Bergakademie, Clausthal, Germany. 3864.101 Prospectus of the Clausthal royal academy of mines, 1892-93. [Trans. by Messrs. Sauer and Lambert.]

Leipz. Breitkopf & H. [1892.] 52 pp. Folded plan. 8°.

L., T. D.


Aphorisms of whist.

Signed T. D. L. (Nestor).

[Chicago, 1893.] 19 pp. 16°.


LABORDE, Léon Emmanuel Simon Joseph, marquis de. Le palais Mazarin et les habitations de ville et de campagne au lie siècle. [With notes.]

Paris. Franck. 1845, 46. (1), 408 pp. Pls. Plans. [De l'organisation des bibliothèques dans Paris. 4.] 8°.

LANGE, Eduard.


Die Soldaten Friedrich's des Grossen. Mit 31 Original-Zeichnungen von Adolph Menzel.

Pls. L. 8°.

Leipz. Mendelssohn. [1852.] xx, 599 pp.


LEANDRO; or, the sign of the cross. A Catholic tale. [Phila. Cunningham. 1875. 318 pp.


series.] 12°.


LIGHTFOOT, Joseph Barber.

Bishop Lightfoot. With a prefatory note by Brooke Foss Westcott.
Lond. Macmillan.
Macmillan. 1894. xii, 2, 139 pp. Portr. Sm. 8°.
Reprinted from the Quarterly review, Jan., 1898 [*3114.1,1893].

LIPPE, Adolf, M.D.


Phila. Collins. 1866. 24 pp. 8o.

LITTLE, William John Knox.



Sacerdotalism, if rightly understood, the teaching of the Church of England. Being four letters, addressed to William J. Butler.


Lond. Longmans, G. & co. 1894. xxiv, (1), 318 Sm. 8°. LONGFELLOW, Henry Wadsworth. Complete poetical works. Cambridge edition. Bost. Houghton, M. & co. 1893. xxi, 689 pp.

Pl. 8°.

LUMMIS, Charles F.

The Spanish pioneers.

Chicago. McClurg. 1893. Portr. Pls. 12°.


The man of feeling. Illus. by W. C. Cooke.
Lond. Dent. 1893. x, 156 pp. Portr. Pls. Sm. 8°.

MAHAN, Alfred Thayer.






The influence of sea power upon the French Revolution and Empire,

1793-1812. 2d ed.

Bost. Little, B. & co. 1893. 2 v. Pls. 8°.

MALO, Léon.

Treatise on the use of French rock asphalt (seyssell).
[N. Y. Wootton. 1884. 15 pp.

MANGAN, James Clarence.




The poets and poetry of Munster: a selection of Irish songs. With poetical trans. by James Clarence Mangan, and the original music; biographical sketches of the authors; and Irish text revised by W. M. Hennessey. Ed. by C. P. Meehan. 4th ed.

Dublin. Duffy. [1885?] (2), lx, 355 pp. Sm. 8°. MARSHALL, George William.

*4533.110 The genealogist's guide. [3d ed. With Supplement and List of parish registers.]

Guildford. Billings & sons. 1893. xv, (1), 884 pp. 8°. MARTELLO, Tullio.


V. 8°.


Dizionario bibliografico dell' economia politica. Pte 1.
Bologna. Fratelli Treves.


MARY HITCHCOCK memorial hospital, Hanover, N. H.
An account of the hospital.


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Hanover, 1893. (5) pp. Plan. 8°.
General court. Acts, laws, etc.


The laws of the commonwealth of Massachusetts, passed from the year 1780, to the end of the year 1800, with the constitutions of the United States of America, and of the commonwealth, prefixed. Added an appendix, containing acts and clauses of acts, from the laws of the late colony, province and state of Massachusetts, which either are unrevised or respect the title of real estate.

Bost. Manning & L. 1801. 2 v. 8°.

MASON, Luther Whiting.
Third music reader.

No. 2 in 8049a.87

Bost. Ginn. 1875. 96 pp. 16o.


MELVILLE, George Wallace, ed.

Proceedings of the International engineering congress, Division of marine and naval engineering and naval architecture. Held in connectlon with the World's Columbian exposition, July 31-Aug. 5, 1893. 1st ed. N. Y. Wiley. 1894. 2v. Illus. Pls. 8°.

MELVILLE, George Wallace.


Remarks in presenting to John P. Nicholson, two model naval guns constructed of historic material.

N. p. [1894?] 11 pp. 16°, obl.

MEYER-OCHSNER, Johann Heinrich.

No. 2 in *4811.60.3 Die Bracteaten der Schweiz. Nebst Beiträgen zur Kenntniss der schweizerischen Münzrechte während des Mittelalters.

Zürich, 1845. xii, 17-92 pp. 3 pls. [Mittheilungen der anti

quarischen Gesellschaft in Zürich. B. 3.] 4°.

MIDDLETON, George Alexander Thomas.

Surveying and surveying instruments.

Lond. Whittaker. 1894. (7), 116 pp. Pls. Sm. 8°. MONSTRELET, Enguerrand de.



Chronicles: containing an account of the civil wars between the houses of Orleans and Burgundy [etc.], 1400-1467, and continued to 1516. Trans. by Thomas Johnes.


Lond. Smith. 1840. 2 v. Illus. Portrs. 8°. MONTILLOT, C. J., and Louis MONTILLOT La maison électrique. Applications d'électricité à la ville et à la


Paris. Grelot. [1893.] (3), ii, (1), 488 pp. Illus. L. 8°.

MOONEY, Thomas.


History of Ireland, from its first settlement to [1845]; with biog raphical sketches

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Bost. Donahoe.

Donahoe. 1853. 2 v. Portrs. 8°.


MORISON, John, of New South Wales.

Australia as it is, or facts and features, sketches and incidents of Australia and Australian life. With notices of New Zealand. By a clergyman. 3d ed.

Lond. Longmans, G. & co. 1894. xi, 257 pp. Sm. 8°.

MORRIS, William.


** *8099a.100

Gothic architecture: a lecture for the Arts and crafts exhibition so[Lond. Kelmscott press. 1893.] (1), 68


pp. 3031.120


Chinese miscellany: consisting of extracts . . . in native character: with trans. and philological remarks.

Lond. Lond. missionary soc.

MORSE, John Torrey, jr.

Famous trials.

Bost. Little, B. & co.

MORTON, Levi Parsons.


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Testimonial upon his retirement from office on March 4, 1893. Proceedings at the banquet given to [him] by the U. S. senators of the 52d Congress, Washington, Feb. 27, 1893.

Concord, N. H. Monitor pr. 1894. 58 pp. Portr. Pl. 8°.

MOTHES, Oscar.

Illustrirtes Bau-Lexikon.

2te Aufl.

Leipz. Spamer. 1863-68. 3 v. 8°.

MOXOM, Philip Stafford.

The aim of life: plain talks to young men and women.
Bost. Roberts. 1894. 12°.




MOZOOMDAR, Protap Chunder.
Heart-beats. Biographical sketch of the author by Samuel J. Barrows.
Bost. Ellis. 1894. xlii, 288 pp. Portr. 16°.



Humbled pride. A story of the Mexican war. Illus. by F. A. Carter. N. Y. Funk & W. 1893. xii, 462 pp. Illus. Pls. [Columbian historical novels.]



Union. A story of the great Rebellion.


Illus. by F. A. Carter.

[blocks in formation]

Lond. Allen. [1894.] xlvii, 401 pp. NEW JERSEY. Gettysburg battle-field commission. Report, 1887, 1891.



Trenton. Murphy pub. co. 1887, 91. 2 v. Pls. NEW YORK school of accounts, New York city.

[blocks in formation]

Table. 12°.

N. Y. Shelley. 1894. vi, 3-162 pp. Illus. Table.


NORTH CAROLINA university magazine. Pub. under the aus

pices of the Dialectic and Philanthropic societies. Chapel Hill, N. C., 1889-92. 3 v.

New ser., vol. 9–11. Portrs. 8°.


NOUVELLE correspondance, ou choix de lettres intéressantes sur divers sujets Recueillies en 1788.

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