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PHILANTHROPY and social progress. Essays. Delivered before the School of applied ethics, at Plymouth, Mass., session of 1892. With introd. by Henry C. Adams.

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Contents. Addams, Jane: The subjective necessity for social settlements; The objective value of a social settlement.-Woods, Robert A.: The university settlement idea.—Huntington, James O. S.: Philanthropy-its success and failure; Philanthropy and morality.Giddings, Franklin H.: The ethics of social progress.-Bosanquet, Bernard: The principles and chief dangers of the administration of charity.

PHILLIMORE, William Phillimore Watts.


Index to wills proved and administrations granted in the court of the archdeacon of Berks, 1508 to 1652.

Oxford, 1893. viii, 199 pp.


viii, 199 pp. [Oxford historical society. 23.] 8°.

Transportation et colonisation pénale.

Paris. Marescq. 1892. vii, 107 pp. 8°.

PLUMER, William Swan.



Commentary on Paul's Epistle to the Romans. With an introd. on the life, times, writings and character of Paul.

POPE, Alexander.

N. Y. Randolph. 1870. 646 pp. 8°.

**6569a.149 An essay on man, in four epistles to H. St. John, Lord Bolingbroke. Added several other pieces, with The universal prayer.

Concord. Hill.

1817. 72 pp. 32°.



Officers and committees, members, constitution, etc.
N. Y. 1890. 137 pp.


REYER, Eduard.


Ueber die Tektonik der Vulcane von Böhmen.
Wien. Hölder. [1879.] (1), 463–474 pp. Illus.


RUBLE, Alphonse, baron de. 1834


La première jeunesse de Marie Stuart.

Paris. Paul, H. &. G. 1891.

SALGUES, Jacques Barthélemy.

Examen critique d'une traduction nouvelle de l'Imitation de JésusChrist, par M. l'abbé de La Mennais, ou M. de La Mennais convaincu de plagiat. [Anon.] Paris. Dentu. 1824. 1824. 12 pp. 12o.


SANBORN, Franklin Benjamin, and William Torrey HARRIS. A. Bronson Alcott: his life and philosophy.

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Bost. Roberts. 1893. 2 v. Portrs. Pl. 12o.

SCHMIDT, Leopold.

De tractandae syntaxis Graecae ratione.


Marburgi. Elwert. 1871. iv, 24 pp. 8°.

SCHOEDLER, Friedrich Carl Ludwig.


The book of nature. 1st Amer. ed. trans. from the 6th Germ. ed., by Henry Medlock.

Phila. Blanchard & L. 1853. 691
1853. 691 pp. Illus. 8°.


SELECT REVIEWS, and spirit of the foreign magazines. By E. Bronson, and others. Vol. 2.

Phila. Hopkins & Earl. 1809.
1809. 8°.



Macbeth. Nouvelle éd., avec une notice biographique et littéraire et des notes grammaticales, par J. Sévrette.

Paris. Belin. 1892. xxxii, 124 pp. 16o.



Without dogma. A novel of modern Poland. Trans. by Iza Young.
Bost. Little, B. & co. 1893. (1), xi, 423 pp. 8°.

SLATER, Samuel.

*6569.138 Poems in two parts. First, An interlocutory discourse concerning the creation, fall, and recovery of man. Secondly, A dialogue between

faith and a doubting soul.

Lond. Cockeril. 1679. (4), 64, (7), 52 pp. 16o.

SMART, Alexander.

Rambling rhymes. New ed., enl.

Edin. Menzies. 1845. 304 pp. Sm. 8°. SOCIÉTÉ NATIONALE DES BEAUX-ARTS.



Exposition nationale des beaux-arts. Catalogue illustré des ouvrages de peinture, sculpture et gravure exposés au Champs-de-Mars, mai 1892. Paris, [1892]. 8°.

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Unpublished documents, marginal notes and memoranda in the autograph of Philip Melanchthon and of Martin Luther. With fac-similes. Lond. 1840. 16 pp. 34 pl. Portr. F.

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STANLEY, Henry Morton.

Slavery and the slave trade in Africa.


N. Y. Harper. 1893. (3), 86 pp. Pls. [Harper's black and

white series.] 24°.

STEJNEGER, Leonhard.

Directions for collecting reptiles and batrachians.

Wash. 1891. 13 pp.

Bulletin. No. 3. Part E.] 8°.

STUBBS, G. Edward.


Illus. [U. S. National museum.


Practical hints on boy choir training. With an introd. by J. S. B.

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TAPISSERIES, Les, de la cathédrale d'Angers, dites tapisseries du

roi René. Représentationsde l'Apocalypse. Die Wandstickereien des Königs René in der Cathedrale zu Angers.

Leipz. Hiersemann. [1882.] 72 photographs on 38 sheets. Fo. TAYLOR, Isaac, LL.D. 1787-1865.

Lectures on spiritual Christianity.

N. Y. Appleton. 1841. 244 pp. 12o.

THEURIET, Claude Adhémar André.

La chanoinesse. 1789-1793.



Paris. Colin. [1893.] (3), 394 pp. [Bibliothèque de romans

historiques.] 12°.

THOMPSON, Daniel Pierce.

May Martin or the money diggers.

New ed.



A Green mountain tale.

Burlington. Goodrich. 1848. 156 pp.

THOMPSON, Edward Maunde.

Handbook of Greek and Latin palæography.



N. Y. Appleton. 1893. xii, 343 pp. Fac-similes. [Interna

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La Russie et les Russes. Indiscrétions de voyage.



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4348.196 Peter Stuyvesant, director-general for the West India company in New Netherland.

N. Y. Dodd, M. & co. 1893. (1), 193 pp. Portr. [Makers of America.] 16°.


UNITARIAN CONFERENCE of the United States and Canada. Annual reports for 1892.

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UNITED STATES. Interstate commerce commission. Suggestions by the executive committee of the Association of American railway accounting officers for changing classification of operating expenses, as prescribed by the Commission.

[Wash. 1890.] (1), 7-27 pp. 12o, obl.

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Modelles artificiels de divers vaisseaux d'argent, et autres oeuvres capricieuzes, mis en lumière par Christien de Viane à Uytrecht et gravez en cuivre par Théodore de Quessel. (1650.)

La Haye. Nijhoff. 1892. (6) pp. 48 pl. [Reproductions d'anciennes gravures d'orfèvrerie hollandaise.] F. VINYCOMB, John.


An enquiry into the history and authenticity of the Belfast arms.
Belfast. Olley. 1892. (1), 8 pp. Illus. Pl. 8°.


VIRGILIUS MARO, Publius. Aeneid. Latin.
The Aeneid of Virgil. Ed., with notes, by Thomas Chase.
Phila. Eldredge. 1870. 415 pp. [Chase and Stuart's

classical series.] 12°. WASHINGTON, George.


Letter to Lund Washington, dated Cambridge, 20 Aug., 1775. From the collection of Dr. Thomas Addis Emmet.

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The title on the cover reads: How to make a one-horse motor or dynamo.

WATSON, William, of Liverpool.

Excursions in criticism; being some prose recreations of a rhymer.
Lond. Mathews & L. 1893.
1893. (7), 166 pp. Sm. 8°.

WHEELER, Candace, ed.



Columbia's emblem, Indian corn. A garland of tributes in prose and

Bost. Houghton, M. & co. 1893. 62 pp. Pls. 16o. WILSON, Thomas, bishop of Sodor and Man.


Oxford. Parker. 1847-1863. 7 v. in 8. 8°.


Contents.-1 (in 2 v). Life, by John Keble. 2, 3. Sermons. 4. Instructions for such as have learned the church catechism.-An instruction for the Indians. -A short instruction

for the Lord's supper. 5. Sacra privata, with Supplement.-Maxims of piety and morality, with Supplement. 6. Notes on the Holy Scriptures. 7. Parochialia.-Tracts.-Fragments. -General index.

ZELLER, Berthold.

Claude de France. 3e éd.
Paris. Ollendorff.


1892. (3), 326, (1) pp.


A story of the time of Francis I.

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