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JANUARY 31ST, 1890.

This list of accessions includes (1) nearly all the recently published books and pamphlets that are received (except annual reports, periodical publications, continued works, etc. received regularly from time to time), and (2) the more extensive and important works of earlier date.

Accessions to the several department libraries are indicated by heavy-faced letters after the titles as follows:

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No. 1-13 were edited by Philipp Stein; 14-38 by Philipp Stein and Julius Steinschneider; 39-51 by Julius Steinschneider.

Athos, Mount Monastery. Κατάλογος τῶν ἐν ταῖς βιβλιοθήκαις τοῦ ̔Αγίου Όρους ἑλληνι κῶν κωδίκων, ὑπὸ Σ. Π. Λάμπρου. Τόμ. Α ́. μέρος α ́. Εν Αθήναις. 1888. 8. IV. 3046 [Atlantic monthly.] The Atlantic index: a list of articles, with names of authors appended, published in the "Atlantic monthly," 1857-1888. Including also a list of the authors represented, with their contributions arranged in chronological order. Boston, etc. 1889. 8o.

DR. 3.66

4th series.

Printed on one side of the leaf only. Aungervyle society. Reprints. No. 1. Edinburgh. 1886. 8. Eng. Lit. 1875 "Limited to 150 copies. Privately printed." Contents: -1. [FORD, Simon.] Londoni quod reliquum, or London's remains. (1667.) Lat. and Eng. [Pt. i.] 1886. No more published.

The society has discontinued its publications. Barado, Francisco. Literatura militar española en el siglo XIX.; bosquejo histórico-bibliográfico. Madrid. 1889. 24°. IV. 3112 Bernheim, Ernst. Lehrbuch der historischen methode. Mit nachweis der wichtigsten quellen und hülfsmittel zum studium der geschichte. Leipzig. 1889. 8°. DR. 3.461 Biadego, Giuseppe. Saggio bibliografico degli scritti a stampa di Giacomo Zanella. Lucca. 1888. 8. pp. 42. IV. 3102

"Estratto dal vol. xxv. degli Atti della r. accademia lucchese di scienze, lettere ed arti."

Birch's (Thomas) sons. An extraordinary collection of Washington portraits, American portraits and views, early American almanacs, and rare American imprints. To be sold Oct. 31, 1889. [Philadelphia. 1889.] 8° pp. 52. 6337.27.2 British museum. Catalogue of additions to the manuscripts in the museum in the years 18821887. [London.] 1889. 1. 8°. pp. xx., 1140. Pier 3.123 British museum. List of the books of reference in the reading room of the museum. 3d ed., revised. [London.] 1889.

8o Plan and facsim. B 12.29 Burt, Mary Elizabeth. Literary landmarks; a guide to good reading for young people, and teachers' assistant. Boston, etc. 1889. 16o. Charts. DR. 3.269

"List of books referred to," pp. 109-152. Canadian bibliographer (The) and library record. Vol. i. no. 1. Nov. 1889. m. Hamilton. 1889. 1. 8°. Port. of G. E. Hart and wdct. D 11.6

[blocks in formation]

Dziatzko, Karl. Beiträge zur Gutenbergfrage. Berlin. 1889. 8°. pp. (8), 89. Fac-sim. (In his Sammlung bibliothekswissenschaftlicher arbeiten, 2.) IV. 3040.2

Einsle, Anton. Die incunabel-bibliographie : anleitung zu einer richtigen und einheitlichen beschreibung der wiegendrucke. Wien. 1888. 8. pp. 36. IV. 3109 Gladstone, William Ewart. A Gladstone bibliography some of the more recent of Mr. Gladstone's writings. Philadelphia. 1889. 8°. pp. (3).

6466.4 The gen

Gomme, George Laurence, editor. tleman's magazine library; being a classified collection of the chief contents of the Gentleman's

magazine from 1731 to 1868. Bibliographical notes. Edited by A. C. Bickley. London. 1889. 8o DR. 379.9

Omont, Henri. Manuscrits relatifs à l'histoire de Paris et de l'Île-de-France, conservés à Cheltenham dans la bibliothèque de Sir Thomas Phillipps. Notices. Paris. 1889. 8°. pp. 15. 1522.15 "Extrait du Bulletin de la société de l'histoire de Paris et de l'Île-de-France, t. xvi., 1889, p. 43-53."

Omont, Henri. Spécimens de caractères hébreux, grecs, latins, et de musique, gravés à Venise et à Paris par Guillaume Le Bé (1545-1592). Paris. 1889. 8. Fac-sims. pp. 15. IV. 3030 "Extrait des Mémoires de la société de l'histoire de Paris et de l'Île-de-France, t. xv., 1888."

Oxford, Eng. — University—Bodleian library. Catalogue of the Persian, Turkish, Hindûstânî, and Pushtu manuscripts in the library. Begun by Ed. Sachau; continued, completed, and edited by Hermann Ethé. Pt. i. Oxford. 1889. 4°. (Catalogi codd. Mss. bibliothecae bodleianae pars xiii.) Sem. 1268

Contents:i. The Persian manuscripts.

Catalogue of

Gore, James Howard. A bibliography of geodesy. Washington. 1889. 4°. (United States coast and geodetic survey.) Petherick, Edward Augustus. 15323.15 the York Gate library, formed by S. W. Silver: an index to the literature of geography, maritime and inland discovery, commerce and colonisation. 2d ed. London. 1886. 1. 8°. Maps, fac-sims., and plates. DR. 3.38

Report of the survey for 1887. Appendix no. 16. Grand, Ernest Daniel. Explication du système de catalogue du British museum. [Paris. 1889.] 8. pp. 6. IV. 3055 "Extrait de la Bibliothèque de l'école des chartes, tome 50, 1889."

[Halliwell-Phillipps, James Orchard.] A dictionary of misprints, found in printed books of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Compiled for the use of verbal critics, and especially for those who are engaged in editing the works of Shakespeare and our other early dramatists. Brighton. 1887. sm. 4. pp. 94+. 12426.27

"For private circulation only."

Hargreaves, John George. Literary workers, or Pilgrims to the temple of honour. London, etc. 1889. sq. 8°. IV. 3114 Haverford college studies. Published by the faculty of Haverford college. No. 1, 2. 2 nos. N. P. [1889.] 8°. Plates. VI. 5287 Hazlitt, William Carew. Third and final series of bibliographical collections and notes on early English literature, 1474-1700. London. 1887. B 11.18


Supplements. London. 1889. 8°. B 11.19 Hübner, (Ernst Willibald) Emil. La arqueología de España. Barcelona. 1888. 1. 8°. II. 2648 Hübner, (Ernst Willibald) Emil. Bibliographie der klassischen alterthumswissenschaft. Grundriss zu vorlesungen über die geschichte und encyklopädie der klassischen philologie. 2o vermehrte aufl. Berlin. 1889. 8°. DR. 3.509


Kahl, Achatius. Index librorum, quos reliquit Achatius Kahl. - Förteckning öfver framl. prosten Ach. Kahls efterlemnade boksamling. Swedenborgianism och mystik. Försäljes å Lunds bokauktionskammare, 28 sept. 1889. [Lund. 1889.] 8. pp. (4), 43. (Lunds bokauktions-kammares kataloger, 1889, no. 4.) IV. 3047 Knuttel, Willem Pieter Cornelius. Nederlandsche bibliographie van kerkgeschiedenis. Amsterdam. 1889. 1. 8°. (BIJDRAGEN tot eene nederlandsche bibliographie, 3.) IV. 3052

Marucelli, Francesco, l'abate. Indice del Mare magnum. Pubblicato a cura del prof. dott. Guido Biagi. Roma. 1888. 8o. Port. and fac-sim. (ITALY― Ministero della istruzione pubblica. Indici e cataloghi, 9.) IV. 3014

"Di Francesco Marucelli e del suo Mare magnum,'" with "note e documenti," pp. v.-lvi.

This catalogue of a library of nearly 5000 volumes gives in order of their date under the countries to which they relate, the full titles of geographical books, including the contents of geographical periodicals and society transactions, and of miscellaneous collections, such as those of Hakluyt, Purchas, and others.

Richter, Paul Emil.

Litteratur der landesund volkskunde des königreichs Sachsen. Dresden. 1889. 8. 13553.4

"Zur jubelfeier der achthundertjährigen herrschaft des hauses Wettin, herausgegeben vom verein für erdkunde zu Dresden."

Rieth, Dr. Repertorium der technischen journal-litteratur. Im auftrage des kaiserlichen patentamts herausgegeben. Jahrg. 1887. Berlin. 1888. 1. 8o. DR. 3.65 Roberts, William. The earlier history of English bookselling. [With biographies of Jacob Tonson, Bernard Lintot, Edmund Curll, John Dunton, and Thomas Guy.] London. 1889. IV. 3024 Rome, Italy Vaticano. Codices manuscripti graeci reginae svecorum et Pii II. bibliothecae vaticanae descripti. Recensuit et digessit Henricus Stevenson, senior. Romae. 1888. 4o.

sm. 8°.

VI. 3095 Royal astronomical society. Catalogue of the library of the society, compiled to June 1884. London. 1886. 8% IV. 3113 Salem, Mass.- Public library. Finding-list. July, 1889. Salem, Mass. 1889. 8°. IV. 3058 Satow, Ernest Mason. The Jesuit mission press in Japan, 1591-1610. [London.] 1888. 4. pp. viii., 54. IV. 3026 "Privately printed." Sharman, Julian.


The library of Mary, queen of Scots. With an historical introduction. London. 1889. sm. 4° Port. of Mary. 9452.3 225 copies only. Waldner, F. Quellenstudie zur geschichte der typographie in Tirol bis zum beginne des xvii. jahrhundertes; ein beitrag zur tirolischen culturgeschichte. [With an appendix, containing "Chronologisches verzeichnis der bekannten drucke aus Tirol bis zum beginne des XVII. jahrhundertes."] Innsbruck. 1888. 8. IV. 3043

'Separat-abdruck aus der Zeitschrift des Ferdinandeums vom jahre 1888, 32. heft."

Wheatley, Henry Benjamin. Remarkable bindings in the British museum, selected for their beauty or historic interest. London, etc. 1889. 4o 62 plates. VII. 2284

200 copies. "No. 4."

Widmann, Simon (Peter). Eine mainzer presse der reformationszeit im dienste der katholischen litteratur; ein beitrag zur geschichte des buchhandels und der litteratur des sechzehnten jahrhunderts, auf grund von bisher unbekannten briefen geliefert. Paderborn, etc. 1889. 8°. Front. IV. 3044 and plate.

Contents: Franz Behem, sein geschäft und seine familie. -Briefe und sonstige dokumente. - Biographische anmerkungen zu den in den briefen erwähnten personen. Verzeichnis der Behemschen drucke von 1540 an. Wierzbowski, Teodor. Bibliographia polonica XV. ac XVI. SS. Vol. i. Varsoviae. 1889. 1. 8°. B 57.27

Contents: i. Nri. 1-800 annorum 1488-1600: opera et editiones, quae in bibliotheca universitatis caesareae varsoviensis asservantur.

Zincada, Paolo. Bio-bibliografia generale itaialna. Firenze. 1887. sm. fo. Portrs. B 51.32 Zusammenstellung der innerhalb der letzten zehn jahre in deutscher sprache erschienenen literatur auf dem gebiete der photographie und der photographischen druckverfahren. Düsseldorf. [1889.] 16°. pp. 23. IV. 3062

"Separatabdruck aus dem Photographischen almanach und kalender, für 1889."

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Abulfaraj (Lat. ABULPHARAGIUS), Gregorius, called BAR-HEBRÆUS. Die syrische Massora nach Bar-Hebraeus. Der Pentateuch. Inaugural-dissertation eingereicht von Lasser Weingarten. Halle. 1887. 8 pp. 44+. Sem. 374 Selections from the scholia on the Old and New Testament contained in the "Horreum mysteriorum" of Bar-Hebræus. The author is supposed to have drawn his materials from ancient Syrian Masoretic sources; the editor says of the selections here printed, "Die grammatischen bemerkungen oder vielmehr die bemerkungen über traditionelle Bibelaussprache habe ich ohne ausnahme ausgezogen, weil sie uns nicht bloss ein bild einer sehr alten Massora, sondern auch einen wesentlichen beitrag zur grammatik liefern." Adams, Myron. The continuous creation: an application of the evolutionary philosophy to the Christian religion. Boston, etc. 1889. 8o.

III. 5559 Allen, Charles Adams. The Christian enthusiasm. Boston. 1888. 8. Pp. 24.

III. 5502, also DS. "Reprinted from the Unitarian review, for April, 1888." Amarcius, Sextus. Sermonum libri iv. ; e codice dresdensi A. 167a nunc primum edidit Maximilianus Manitius. Lipsiae. 1888. 16o. IV. 3132 American society of church history. Papers of the society. Vol. i. New York, etc. 1889. 8°. Fac-sim. III. 5475

Contents:i. Report and papers of the first annual meeting, held in Washington, Dec. 28, 1888. Edited by S. M. Jackson.

Arnold, C. Franklin. Die neronische christenverfolgung; eine kritische untersuchung zur geschichte der ältesten kirche. Leipzig. 1888. 8o. Fac-sim. III. 5487, also DS.

Barchudarian, Johannes. Inwiefern ist Leibniz in der psychologie ein vorgänger Herbarts; ein beitrag zur geschichte der psychologie. Inaugural-dissertation. Jena. 1889. 8°. pp. (4), 53. III. 5508

"Vita," pp. 52-53. Beard, Charles. The universal Christ, and other sermons; preached in Liverpool. [Edited by Mary E. Beard.] London, etc.



sm. 8°. DS.

Bellangé, Charles. Le judaïsme et l'histoirə 1889. du peuple juif. Paris. Sem. 313 Bible. Job. Eng. (1889.) The book of Job; with notes, introduction, and appendix by A. B. Davidson. Edited for the syndics of the university press. Cambridge [Eng.]. 1889. sm. 8°. (The CAMBRIDGE Bible for schools and colleges.)

III. 2394.4 Bible. Apocrypha-1 and 2 Maccabees. Fr. (Old). (1888.) Die beiden bücher der Makkabäer; eine altfranzösische übersetzung aus dem 13. jahrhundert. Mit einleitung, anmerkungen, und glossar, zum ersten male herausgegeben von Ewald Goerlich. Halle a. S. 1888. 8°. (ROMANISCHE bibliothek, 2.) 6294.10

Bougaud, Émile, évêque de Laval. Histoire de saint Vincent de Paul, fondateur de la congrégation des prêtres de la mission et des filles de la charité. 2 tom. Paris. 1889. 12o. Portrs. III. 5585 Briggs, Charles Augustus. Biblical history. A lecture delivered at the opening of the term of the Union theological seminary, New York, Sept. 19, 1889. With an appendix. New York. 1889. 8. pp. 45. III. 5543

On "the great principles of biblical history as they appear in the biblical historians."

Briggs, Charles Augustus. logical question for the times.


Whither? A theoNew York. 1889. DS.

The author's object is to show the true nature of the Westminster standards, and to expose the errors that have crept into the teaching of the presbyterian church in so far as it has drifted away from those standards.

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Brown, Francis, prof. at Union theol. sem., N. Y. Assyriology; its use and abuse in Old Testament study. New York. 1885. 16o. Sem. 872 Literature," pp. 88-96. Butler, Andrew Oliver. What Moses saw and heard; or, The idea of God in the Old Testament. 8. Chicago. 1889. III. 5497 Caird, Edward. The critical philosophy of Immanuel Kant. 2 vol. Glasgow. 1889. 8. III. 5593

Campbell, George Douglas (GLASSELL), 8th duke of Argyll. What is truth? [An address to the students' representative council of the university of Edinburgh, delivered 22d Feb. 1889.] Edinburgh. 1889. 16o. III. 5561

Campbell, William, presbyterian missionary, editor. An account of missionary success in the island of Formosa; published in London in 1650 and now reprinted with copious appendices. 2 vol. (paged contin.). London. 1889. 16o. pp. (4), 670. Portrs., plan, and map.


With a reprint of the original title-page, which reads "Of the conversion of five thousand nine hundred East Indians in Formosa, by meanes of Ro: Junius. Related by C. Sibellius." The account of "recent work in Formosa" by the editor occupies pp. 215-330 of vol. i. and the whole of vol. ii.

Carus, Paul. Fundamental problems; the method of philosophy as a systematic arrangement of knowledge. Chicago. 1889. sm. 8°. III. 5501

[blocks in formation]

A series of papers on the conservative purpose and influence of radical Christianity.

Chantepie de la Saussaye, P. D. Lehrbuch der religionsgeschichte. 2 bde. Freiburg i. B. 1887-89. 8o (SAMMLUNG theologischer lehrbücher.) III. 4280, also DS.

Christianity and agnosticism; a controversy. Consisting of papers by Henry Wace, Thomas II. Huxley, the bishop of Peterborough [W. C. Magee], W. H. Mallock, Mrs. Humphry Ward. New York. 1889. 12o. III. 5536, also DS. These papers, with two exceptions, were printed in the Nineteenth century, Feb.-June, 1889.

Dalton, (Friedrich) Hermann. Beiträge zur geschichte der evangelischen kirche in Russland. 2 vol. in 1. Gotha. 1887-89. 8. III. 5493

Contents: i. Verfassungsgeschichte der evangelischlutherischen kirche in Russland. 1887.-ii. Urkundenbuch der evangelisch-reformirten kirche in Russland. 1889.

Dauriac, Lionel. Croyance et réalité. Paris. 1889. 16o. III. 5588 Dogmatisme, Art et phlio

Contents: L'axiome et la croyance. scepticisme, probabilisme. - Dogmatisme et déterminisine.De la réalité. -Genèse des métaphysiques. sophie. Les deux morales.

Dean, Benjamin Angier. Annals of the Brentwood, N. H., congregational church and parish. Boston. 1889. 8°. pp. 43. III. 5542 Defensor. Liber scintillarum; with an interlinear Anglo-Saxon version made early in the eleventh century. Edited, with introduction and glossary, from the royal мs. 7 C iv. in the British museum, by E. W. Rhodes. London. 1889. 8. (EARLY ENGLISH TEXT SOCIETY. [Publ.] 93.) Eng. Lit. 1667 Döllinger, (Johann Joseph) Ignaz voN. Ueber die wiedervereinigung der christlichen kirchen. Sieben vorträge, gehalten zu München im jahr 1872. Nördlingen. 1888. DS.

sm. 8.

Döllinger, (Johann Joseph) Ignaz voN, and Reusch, Franz Heinrich. Geschichte der moralstreitigkeiten in der römisch-katholischen kirche seit dem sechzehnten jahrhundert, mit beiträgen zur geschichte und charakteristik des jesuitenordens. Auf grund ungedruckter aktenstücke bearbeitet. 2 bde. in 1. Nördlingen. 1889. 8°. III. 5474

Dugas, G., l'abbé. Monseigneur Provencher et les missions de la Rivière-Rouge. Montréal. 1889. 16o. 4363.22

Durham (Eng.), Diocese of. Churchwardens' accounts of Pittington and other parishes in the diocese of Durham, from 1580 to 1700. [Edited by James Barmby.] Durham, etc. 1888. 8°. (SURTEES SOCIETY. Publ. 84.)

Eng. Lit. 996.5 Ethelwold, bp. of Winchester. Fragment of Elfric's translation of Ethelwold's De consuetudine monachorum, and its relation to other мss.; critically edited from the Ms. Cotton. Tib. A. III. in the British museum. Dissertation by Edward Breck. Lat. and Anglo-Sax. Leipsic. 1887. 8°. pp. 38+. 12493.16

Evans, William L. Memory training; a complete and practical system for developing and confirming the memory. New York. 1889. sm. 8°. III. 5594

Everling, Otto. Die paulinische angelologie und dämonologie; ein biblisch-theologischer versuch. Göttingen. 1888. 8o III. 5469

Carlisle. London, (DIOCESAN hisIII. 1008"

Ferguson, Richard Saul. etc. 1889. 16o. Map and wdcts. tories.)

Fichte, Johann Gottlieb. The science of knowledge. Translated from the German by A. E. Kroeger; with a preface by W. T. Harris. London. 1889. 8 (ENGLISH and foreign philosophical library, 33.) III. 5591

Fichte, Johann Gottlieb. The science of rights. Translated from the German by A. E. Kroeger; with a preface by W. T. Harris. London. 1889. 8. (ENGLISH and foreign philosophical library, 34.) III. 5590

Fischer, (Ernst) Kuno (Berthold). Ueber die menschliche freiheit. Prorectoratsrede. 2e aufl.

Heidelberg. [1888.] sm. 8°. pp. (4), 47. (In

his Kleine schriften, 1.)

III. 5479

Fisher, George Park. The validity of nonepiscopal ordination. The Dudleian lecture delivered in the chapel of Harvard university on Oct. 28th, 1888. New York. 1888. 8°. pp. 31.


Fiske, Moses. A sermon delivered before the ancient and honorable artillery company of Massachusetts, June 4, 1694. The duty of the Christian soldier to stand in the warfare against his spiritual enemies. Transcribed from the original, in possession of the Massachusetts historical society, by W. B. Trask, and now for the first time printed. Boston. 1889. 8. pp. 18. 10344.37

Forel, Auguste. Der hypnotismus, seine bedeutung und seine handhabung; in kurzgefasster darstellung. Stuttgart. 1889. 8°. pp. 88. MZ.

Foster, Randolph Sinks. Studies in theology. Prolegomena. Philosophic basis of theology; or, Rational principles of religious faith. New York, DS.

etc. 1889. 8.

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Gibbons, James, Cardinal. Our Christian heritage. Baltimore, etc. 1889. 8°. Port. III. 5595 Gilman, Mrs. M. R. F. Saint Theresa of Avila. Boston. 1889. 16°. (FAMOUS Women.) III. 5563 "List of authorities," pp. xi.-xii.

Giżycki, Georg voN. A students' manual of ethical philosophy. Adapted from the German by Stanton Coit. London. 1889. 8o III. 5598

Goerres, Gottfried. Studien zur griechischen mythologie. 1e folge. Berlin. 1889. 8. (BERLINER studien für classische philologie und archaeologie, x. 2.) Philol. 200(x)

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Janet, Pierre. L'automatisme psychologique; essai de psychologie expérimentale sur les formes inférieures de l'activité humaine. Paris. 1889. 8°. III. 5506

Ker, John (d. 1886). Lectures on the history of preaching. Edited by A. R. Macewen; introduction by W. M. Taylor. New York. 1889. 8°. DS. Knoke, Karl. Praktisch-theologischer kommentar zu den pastoralbriefen des apostels Paulus. teile in 1 vol. Göttingen. 1887-89. 8°. III. 5468 Contents: - i. Der zweite brief an Timotheus. 1887.ii. Der erste brief an Timotheus und der brief an Titus. 1889. Köstlin, Karl (Reinhold). Geschichte der ethik darstellung der philosophischen moral-, staats-, und social-theorien des alterthums und der neuzeit. jer bd. Tübingen. 1887. 8°. III. 5584 Contents: i. Die ethik des classischen alterthums. abth. Die griechische ethik bis Plato. Langworthy, Isaac Rev. Isaac P. Langworthy, D.D. 1806-1888. [Containing "Memorial sermon, preached April 22, 1888, by A. H. Plumb."] Boston. 1889. 8. PP. 24. Port. 17362.81




Le Chatelier, A. Les confréries musulmanes du Hedjaz. Paris. 1887. 18. (BIBLIOTHÈQUE orientale elzévirienne, 52.) "Bibliographe," pp. 297-307.

Sem. 448

Le Chatelier, A. L'Islam au XIXe siècle. Paris. 1888. 18. (BIBLIOTHÈQUE orientale elzévirienne, 59.) Sem. 447

Lesser, Friedrich. Erzbischof Poppo von Trier, 1016-1047; ein beitrag zur geschichte des deutschen episkopates vor ausbruch des investiturstreites. Leipzig. 1888. 1. 8°. pp. (4), 80. III. 5473 Liebrecht, L. Schillers verhältniss zu Kants ethischer weltansicht. Hamburg. 1889. 8°. pp. 36. (SAMMLUNG gemeinverständlicher wissenschaftlicher vorträge; neue folge, iv. 79.) VIII. 175a (IV)

Lightfoot, Joseph Barber, bp. of Durham. Essays on the work entitled Supernatural religion, reprinted from the Contemporary review. London, etc. 1889. 8o DS.

Littledale, Richard Frederick. The Petrine claims; a critical inquiry. London, etc. 1889. sm. 8°. III. 5562

66 This treatise (a corrected reissue of a series of articles which appeared in the Church quarterly review in 1878-84) is solely occupied with the legal aspect of the claim laid by the papacy to sovereign authority over the church universal."-Preface.

Lombroso, Cesare. L'homme de génie. Traduit sur la vie édition italienne par Fr. Colonna d'Istria, et précédé d'une préface de Ch. Richet. Paris. 1889. 8. Plates, portrs., fac-sims., etc. III. 5505

Luthardt, Christoph Ernst. Die antike ethik in ihrer geschichtlichen entwicklung, als einleitung in die geschichte der christlichen moral. Leipzig. 1887. III. 5582


Marbach, Friedrich. Die psychologie des Firmianus Lactantius; ein beitrag zur geschichte der psychologie. Inaugural-dissertation, Jena. Halle a. S. 1889. 8. pp. (4), 80. III. 5503

Mead, Charles Marsh. Supernatural revelation; an essay concerning the basis of the Christian faith. [Lectures on the L. P. Stone foundation, delivered at Princeton theological seminary, in February and March, 1889.] DS. New York. [1889.] 1. 8°. Menzel, Paul. Der griechische einfluss auf Prediger und Weisheit Salomos. Halle a. S. 1889. 8. pp. (2), 70. DS.

Middleton, A. E. Memory systems, new and old. 1st American ed. from the 2d English ed., revised. Enlarged, with bibliography of mnemonics, 1325-1888, by G. S. Fellows. New York. 1888. sm. 8°. III. 5560

"Bibliography," pp. 115-139.

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Mishnah-Nezikin - Abodah Zarah. 'Aboda Zara, der Mischnatraktat Götzendienst." Herausgegeben und erklärt von H. L. Strack. Berlin. 1888. 8°. pp. 36. (BERLIN, Germ.- Institutum Sem. 311 judaicum. Schriften, 5.)

Mishnah - Nezikin― Aboth. Die sprüche der väter; ein ethischer Mischna-traktat. Herausgegeben und erklärt von H. L. Strack. 2e wesentlich verbesserte aufl. Berlin. 1888. 8. pp. 66. (BERLIN, Germ. - Institutum judaicum. Schriften, 6.) Sem. 318

Morgenstern, Georg. Cyprian, bischof von Carthago, als philosoph. Inaugural-dissertation. Jena. 1889. 8. pp. (4), 49+i

"Litteratur," after p. 49.

III. 5504

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