Miscellaneous Reports. Cases Decided in the Courts of Record of the State of New York Other Than the Court of Appeals and the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, Opseg 116

Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company, 1922
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"Cases decided in the courts of record of the state of New York, other than the Court of Appeals and the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, including the Appellate Term of the Supreme Court for the hearing of appeals from the City Court of the city of New York and the Municipal Court of the city of New York; special terms and trial terms of the Supreme Court, City Court of the city of New York, the Court of general sessions of the peace in and for the city and county of New York, county courts, and the Surrogates' Courts." (varies slightly)

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Stranica 9 - This section shall not be construed to prevent the Legislature from providing that convicts may work for, and that the products of their labor may be disposed of to, the State or any political division thereof...
Stranica 645 - That any common carrier, railroad, or transportation company receiving property for transportation from a point in one State to a point in another State shall issue a receipt or bill of lading therefor and shall be liable to the lawful holder thereof for any loss, damage, or injury to such property caused by it...
Stranica 354 - Maryland, the doctrine established by the authorities is, that " a payment is not to be regarded as compulsory, unless made to emancipate the person or property from an actual and existing duress imposed upon it by the party to whom the money is paid.
Stranica 67 - war prohibition act" used in this act shall mean the provisions of any act or acts prohibiting the sale and manufacture of intoxicating liquors until the conclusion of the present war and thereafter until the termination of demobilization, the date of which shall be determined and proclaimed by the President of the United States.
Stranica 248 - ... or in the nature of a bet, wager or insurance, upon the drawing or drawn numbers of any public or private lottery; or any paper, print, writing, numbers, device, policy slip, or article of any kind such as is commonly used in carrying on, promoting or playing the game commonly called
Stranica 65 - The right of action now existing to recover damages for injuries resulting in death, shall never be abrogated; and the amount recoverable shall not be subject to any statutory limitation.
Stranica 616 - Nothing herein contained shall be construed to impair the power of the governor to grant a pardon or commutation in any case.
Stranica 348 - ... 12. Have power to require every gas corporation, electrical corporation and municipality to file with the commission and to print and keep open to public inspection schedules showing all rates and charges made, established or enforced or to be charged or enforced, all forms of contract or agreement and all rules and regulations relating to rates, charges or service used or to be used, and all general privileges and facilities granted or allowed by such...
Stranica 633 - Section 1, after reciting the existence of a public emergency, declares that it shall be a defense to an action for rent accruing under an agreement for premises in a city of the first class, etc., occupied for dwelling purposes, that such- rent is unjust and unreasonable and that the agreement under which the same is sought to be recovered is oppressive.
Stranica 278 - As a general rule, a party will be concluded from denying his own acts or admissions, which were expressly designed to influence the conduct of another, and did so influence it, and when such denial will operate to the injury of the latter.

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