The Top 40 Annual 2012

James Masterton, 21. kol 2013. - Broj stranica: 360

 It was the year of Gotye, "Call Me Maybe", David Guetta and "We Are Young". The year of the Jubilee Concert, The Voice and the London Olympics.

Now you can relive the year in music as the internet's most widely read chart expert James Masterton (dotmusic, Yahoo! and About) brings you a guide to every UK Top 40 hit of 2012.

  • Which single made the Top 20 on two separate occasions during the course of the year?
  • Which star became the highest charting female rapper since 1988?
  • Which 80s superstar had her smallest hit single ever in 2012?
Artist by artist and song by song, every hit record of the year is listed and analysed in a comprehensive guide to a memorable year in pop music. The reference book every chart fan has been waiting for - the Top 40 Annual 2012 is the most complete guide yet to the charts of the year.

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O autoru (2013)

James Masterton is one of the longest-serving music writers online, having written a weekly guide to the UK Charts since 1992. He has written for and Yahoo! Music and since 2011 his weekly chart new column has featured on with a worldwide readership of thousands. He has appeared on BBC and Channel 4 television as a music critic and spoken on radio stations across Europe about the latest events on the UK charts.

He is host of a weekly podcast discussing all matters relating to the British music charts. Running since 2008, it celebrated its 300th edition at the start of 2015.

He lives in Sidcup, South East London and spends his days making sports radio programmes, although he cannot tell you who won the FA Cup last year.

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