Catalogue of the Pedagogical Library and the Books of Reference in the Office of the Superintendent of Public Schools, Board of Public Education, Philadelphia, with Bibliographical Notes and References. Supplement


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Stranica 24 - A careful and strict inquiry into the modern prevailing notions of that freedom of the will which is supposed to be essential to moral agency, virtue and vice, reward and punishment, praise and blame.
Stranica 34 - The Life of Young Sir Henry Vane, Governor of Massachusetts Bay, and Leader of the Long Parliament. With a Consideration of the English Commonwealth as a Forecast of America. By James K. Hosmer.
Stranica 35 - The Origin and Growth of the English Constitution. An Historical Treatise in which is drawn out, by the Light of the most recent Researches, the gradual Development of the English Constitutional System, and the Growth out of that System of the Federal Republic of the United States.
Stranica 18 - EDUCATION: SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL; or, How the Inductive .Sciences are Taught, and How they Ought to be Taught. By Robert Galloway, MRIA, FCS 8vo, pp.
Stranica 10 - Town and Country School BUILDINGS. A collection of plans and designs for schools of various sizes, graded and ungraded, with descriptions of construction, of sanitary arrangements, light, heat, and ventilation. By EC GARDNER, architect, author of " The House that Jill Built,
Stranica 30 - With numerous additions from the copy prepared by the author for republication : to which is annexed his letter to John Dunning, Esq.
Stranica 31 - TOLERANCE. Two LECTURES addressed to the Students of Several of the Divinity Schools of the Protestant Episcopal Church.
Stranica 1 - Sonnenschein's cyclopaedia of education. A handbook of reference on all subjects connected with education (its history, theory, and practice) Edited by Alfred Ewen Fletcher.
Stranica 24 - Memory training ; a complete and practical system for developing and confirming the memory ; adapted to all kinds of subjects.
Stranica 40 - ASPECTS OF THE EARTH : a Popular Account of some Familiar Geological Phenomena.

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