The History of Germany: From the Earliest Period to the Present Time, Opseg 2

H.G. Bohn, 1853
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Stranica 110 - Ahi serva Italia, di dolore ostello, Nave senza nocchiero in gran tempesta , Non donna di provincie , ma bordello...
Stranica 110 - Alberto tedesco ch'abbandoni costei ch'è fatta indomita e selvaggia, e dovresti inforcar li suoi arcioni, giusto giudicio da le stelle caggia sovra '1 tuo sangue, e sia novo e aperto, tal che '1 tuo successor temenza n'aggia!
Stranica 491 - Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace !' It is added, that she did not survive the shock when, a few days afterwards, she was told of the retreat.
Stranica 368 - Heilbronn was almost totally burnt down ; the inhabitants were either butchered or cruelly tortured. To pillage and murder succeeded famine and pestilence. The population of the duchy of Wurtemberg was reduced from half a million to forty-eight thousand souls. The Jesuits took possession of the old Lutheran university of Tubingen. Osiander, the chancellor of the university, unmoved by the example of his weaker brethren, who recanted in order to retain their offices and dignities, bravely knocked...
Stranica 191 - Could I believe you capable of demeaning yourself like your father, I should lament your being destined to the throne.
Stranica 499 - ... however, closed the gates against him and were aided by Brandenburg troops from Cleves and by the Bavarians. The election was abrogated by the emperor, the empire, and the pope, by whom Prince Joseph Clement of Bavaria was installed as archbishop of Cologne instead of the cardinal. The great league was...
Stranica 106 - Dum pater in puerum telum crudele coruscat Tellius, ex jussu, saeve tyranne, tuo Pomum, non natum figit fatalis arundo Altera mox, ultrix, te periture petet." In 1388, in the provincial assembly at Uri, one hundred and fourteen of the country people declared that they had known Tell personally, and that in 1354 he was drowned at Biirglen during a flood, whilst attempting to save some persons. This declaration was even then necessary, in order to confirm the authenticity of Tell's history. attendant,...
Stranica 5 - Purgatoria. chains, half-naked, ill-fed, and untaught, they remained in perfect seclusion for the space of thirty-one years : in 1297, they were released from their chains, and allowed to be visited by a priest and a physician. The eldest, Henry, died in 1309. With fanatical rage, Charles destroyed every vestige of the reign of the Hohenstaufen in Lower Italy. Italy was...
Stranica 76 - Nuremberg, (the ancestor of the Electors of Brandenburg and of the royal line of Prussia,) acted as his mediator with the princes, to three of the most powerful among whom he offered his daughters in marriage, to Louis of PfalzBavaria, (the cruel murderer of his first wife,) Mechtilda, to Otto of Brandenburg, Hedwig, and to Albert of Saxony, Agnes. He moreover promised never to act, when emperor, without the consent of the princes, on every important occasion to obtain their sanction in writing,...
Stranica 12 - Mostrocci un' ombra dall' un canto sola, Dicendo : Colui fesse, in grembo a Dio, Lo cuor che in sul Tamigi ancor si cola. Poi vidi genti, che di fuor del rio Tenean la testa e ancor tutto il casso : E di costoro assai riconobb

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