Unfolding the Mysteries of Revelation

Xulon Press, 2010 - Broj stranica: 200
Revelation, in the original Greek word is Apocalypis with a meaning of "unveiling" or "disclosure" of hidden things known only to God. The darkness that once surrounded this book is being removed. I was about fifty years old when I started writting these books, I am now sixty-five years old. I have devoted myself and my family to these books. What God has revealed to me I have put into these books. Even as John was faithful to pen the book of Revelation I have faithfully penned these books. With much fasting, many prayers, and many hours of time I have endeavored to listen and do the will of God. Trembling at the task He has anointed me, I let His Spirit guide me each step of the way. What you are about to read is straight from God and His glorious mercy and tenderness. Roger Hartman, an instrument in the hand of God, was born and raised in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. currently lives in Batesville, Mississippi. I am a born again Christian that found God only after serving one and one half tours for his country in Vietnam.

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