Educating Entrepreneurs: Innovative Models and New Perspectives

Routledge, 25. lip 2019. - Broj stranica: 254

As entrepreneurship programs proliferate—from classes in higher education to incubators, accelerators, open innovation platforms, and innovation factories—our understanding of the advantages and challenges of different modes of learning becomes increasingly obscured. In Educating Entrepreneurs, Kariv provides an impressively broad and thorough overview of the field of entrepreneurship education, along with practical tools for students to be able to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the different options that exist, as well as for these programs’ developers and managing teams to be able to plan and manage such processes.

Examining these programs, which are found both within and outside of academia, along with insights into their challenges and opportunities, should help students grasp the entrepreneurship education field, its goals, target audience, and ecosystem involvement. Kariv supplements this comprehensive evaluation with case studies and examples that tie the theory to practical applications. Students can read about contemporary ventures, such as Y Combinators, Techstars, and SOSA, giving them concrete examples to relate to. Interviews with program stakeholders around the world complete the view, with an exploration of the cultural and country-based dynamics related to programs developed in specific countries.

Being both thorough and informative, this book will serve students and faculty of entrepreneurship courses, as well as practitioners looking to understand their entrepreneurship education options.


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List of Tables
A Contextual Overview of Entrepreneurship Education
Questions on the Case Study
What Does Education Entail for Entrepreneurs?
The What Why and How of Entrepreneurial Education
New Concepts
The Personalized Approach
The Evolution of Innovative Enabling Platforms
The Role of the Environment in Fostering
Venture Capital and Investing Companies
Private Sector Outreach

The Entrepreneurs Perspective
The Sharing Economy and Shared Entrepreneurial Spaces
Digital Content
Questions on the Case Study
Evaluation Implications and Future Avenues
Beijing China

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O autoru (2019)

Dafna Kariv is Vice President for Global Initiatives at the College of Management (COLLMAN), Israel; the Chair of Novus Entrepreneurship Center, and Co-Chair of ACTO, Academic Center for Impact Investing and Entrepreneurship. She is also Academic Manager of the MBA/MS collaboration at Baruch College, USA. Kariv is the author of many research publications, focusing on entrepreneurship, education, and gender. She is a recipient of several European Commission prize funds; involved in academic boards; affiliate professor at HEC, Montreal; and the ‘German–Israeli Startup-Exchange Program’ ambassador.

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