Monthly Bulletin of the Philippine Library and Museum, Opseg 1

Bureau of Printing., 1912

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Stranica 115 - THE STORY OF THE GLITTERING PLAIN, which has been also called The Land of the Living Men, or The Acre of the Undying.
Stranica 35 - Government whose duty it shall be, under the supervision and direction of the Civil Governor, to visit the countries of Europe, Mexico, and elsewhere for the purpose of purchasing books and manuscripts relating to the history of the Philippine Islands...
Stranica 69 - Pronouncing gazetteer and geographical dictionary of the Philippine Islands, United States of America, with maps, charts and illustrations; also the law of civil government in the Philippine Islands passed by Congress and approved by the President July 1, 1902, with a complete index.
Stranica 184 - Historia de las cosas mas notables, ritos y costvmbres del gran Reyno de la China, sabidas assi por los libros de los mesmos Chinos, como por relacion de Religiosos y otras personas que an estado en el dicho Reyno.
Stranica 4 - The Philippines Library." The board is composed of the secretary of public instruction, the secretary of the interior, the secretary of finance and justice, and two other members who are appointed annually by the Governor-General. Act No. 1938, an Assembly bill, provided for the appointment of scholarships in the Philippine Normal School, and for this purpose the sum of 1*30,000 was authorized expended from the funds heretofore accumulated under the "opium act.
Stranica 186 - Courts and camps of the Italian renaissance; being a mirror of the life and times of the ideal gentleman Count Baldassare Castiglione, derived largely from his own letters and other contemporary sources; to which is added an epitome of his famous work The book of the courtier, with appreciations and annotations.
Stranica 73 - Discoveries of Prince Henry the Navigator, and their Results ; being the Narrative of the Discovery by Sea, within One Century, of more than Half the World. By RICHARD HENRY MAJOR, FSA Demy 8vo, with several Woodcuts, 4 Maps, and a Portrait of Prince Henry in Colours. Cloth extra, 15*. Dodge (Mrs. M.) Hans Brinker; or, the Silver Skates. An entirely New Edition, with 59 Full-page and other Woodcuts.
Stranica 72 - The AGRICULTURIST'S MANUAL; being a familiar Description of the Agricultural Plants cultivated in Europe, including Practical Observations respecting those suited to the climate of Great Britain. By PETER LAWSON and SON, S«*dsmen to the Highland Society of Scotland.
Stranica 111 - Bookbinding for Amateurs: Being descriptions of the various Tools and Appliances Required, and Minute Instructions for their Effective Use. By WJE CRANE. Illustrated with 156 Engravings. In cloth gilt, price 2/6, by post 2/9. Breeders' and Exhibitors' Record, for the Registration of Particulars concerning Pedigree Stock of every Description.
Stranica 138 - OLLENDORFF'S NEW METHOD OF LEARNING TO READ, WRITE, AND SPEAK THE GERMAN LANGUAGE. Reprinted from the Frankfort edition, to which is added a Systematic Outline of the different Parts of Speech, their Inflection and Use, with full Paradigms, and a . complete List of the L-regular Verbs.

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