Federal Airport Act Amendments, 1959: Hearings Before the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, House of Representatives, Eight-sixth Congress, First Session, on Bills to Amend the Federal Airport Act. February 9 and 10, 1959

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1959 - Broj stranica: 294
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Considers H.R. 1011 and identical and related bills, to extend authority for making Federal grants to states and territories for airport expansion.

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Stranica 263 - Mr. Chairman and members of the committee, I very much appreciate the opportunity to appear before you today In support of four public works projects in my district, the 13th Congressional District of Ohio.
Stranica 4 - One-third in the ratio which the area of each State bears to the total area of all the States; one-third in the ratio which the population of each State bears to the total population of all the States...
Stranica 145 - In order to bring about, in conformity with the national airport plan prepared and from time to time revised as provided in this Act, the establishment of a Nation-wide system of public airports adequate to meet the present and future needs of civil aeronautics...
Stranica 43 - Administrator shall take into account the needs of both air commerce and private flying, the probable technological developments in the science of aeronautics, the probable growth and requirements of civil aeronautics...
Stranica 117 - Unless and until such a grant agreement has been executed with respect to a project, the United States shall not pay, nor be obligated to pay, any portion of the project costs which have been or may be incurred in carrying out that project.
Stranica 4 - S. 3502, a bill to amend the Federal Airport Act in order to extend the time for making grants under the provisions of such act, and for other purposes.
Stranica 4 - Airport development" means (A) any work involved in constructing, improving, or repairing a public airport or portion thereof, including the removal, lowering, relocation, and marking and lighting of airport hazards...
Stranica 14 - convinced that the time has come for the Federal Government to begin an orderly withdrawal from the airport grant program...
Stranica 4 - The moneys in such discretionary fund shall be available to pay the United States share of the allowable project costs of such approved projects in the several States as the Administrator may deem most appropriate for carrying out the national airport plan, regardless of the States in which they are located.
Stranica 4 - I am authorized to advise you that the enactment of HR 10519 would be in accord with the program of the President. Sincerely yours, PHILLIP S. HUGHES, Assistant Director for Legislative Reference.

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