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One of the fundamental instincts of mankind is a love of the land and of the living things which spring from it. Its earliest manifestation, perhaps, is a baby's insatiable taste for earth, and through varying phases the yearning keeps pace with the baby's development. Often he is unconscious of it until some chance discovers to him the joy of working with his hands to make the earth to yield her increase.

Men of all ages have recognized this; their love for good green growing things comes down to us through all the records of human progress, whether pictured or written; pagan and Christian, they worshipped the Maker of the world, and delighted in forwarding His purpose to make it beautiful and productive.

The books written by garden and farm makers of the seventeenth, eighteenth, and early nineteenth centuries are full of joyous enthusiasms. These volumes. in their worn old bindings, many of them annotated by owners dead for hundreds of years, are filled with Biblical allusions and quotations from the writings of the ancients. The quaint and often, to us, stiltedly expressed phrases carry very vivid impressions of the personalities and intellects behind them, and today many of these great books are used for reference, so valuable is the laboriously gathered material contained in them.

This bibliography, which is made up exclusively of material to be found among the rare works on agricultural and botanical subjects in the collection of the Riverside Public Library, makes no claim to completeness. On the other hand, a few modern works, which seemed of particular interest or not likely to be found on the shelves of the general library, have been included. A delightful precedent for any lack of system, or excessive enthusiasm over certain details on the part of the compiler, may be found in the pages of almost any one of the seventeenth century authors noted.

The helpful interest of Mr. Joseph F. Daniels, under whose librarianship the collection has been made, and an increasingly intimate acquaintance with the charming old-time volumes of which it is composed, have rendered the compilation a pleasure rather than an inescapable task.


Riverside, California.

Dec. 10, 1919.


"Connais-tu le pays ou fleurit l'orange?"

Alderton, George E.

Treatise and handbook of orange-culture in Auckland, New Zealand,
Wellington, 1884. Govt. printer vii & 73 p. front. 22cm. cl.

Addendum gives analysis of soil suitable for orange culture.
Author disapproves of planting orange trees in holes.

Aliño, Bernardo Giser

Tratado completo del naranjo con un apendice sobre el limonero, cidro, bergamoto y limetero.

Valencia 1893 Aguilar xiii & 276 p. illus. col. pl. 231⁄2 cm. cl.

Good colored plates. Illustrations of primitive Spanish irrigation methods.

Bonavia, Emanuel

The cultivated oranges and lemons etc. of India and Ceylon with researches into their origin and the derivation of their names, and other useful information.

London, 1888. W. H. Allen & co. xix & 365 p. 23 cm. cl. Vol. of plates, same 1890. 192cm.

Anglo-Indian glossary and index. Vol. of 259 plates has descriptive text.

Ferrarius, John Baptist

Hesperides; sive, De malorum aureorum cultura et usu libri quatuor.
Io: Baptistae Ferrarii senensis e societate Iesu.

Romae, 1646. Sumptibus Hermanni Scheus. 480 p. incl. plates. & index (14) 36 cm. 34 lea. In four books.


Added title page at end. Very fine full-page engravings including one of the quest of the Apples of the Hesperides and Hercules' adventures with their custodians. Books 2, 3, and 4 deal with the culture and use of many varieties of the "golden apples."

This is the oldest known book on the citrus fruit. In Lelong's Culture of the citrus in California an illustration,-evidently that used in this work originally, is referred to as the first picture of the navel orange on record. It appeared in John Johnson's Natural History of Trees and Fruits, 1662, sixteen years after the publication of this work.

Garey, Thomas A.

Orange culture in California. . .with an appendix on Grape culture by L. J. Rose.

San Francisco, e1882. A. T. Garey, printed by Pacific Rural Press, 227 p. 19cm. bds. p. 197-227 missing.

One of the early works on California's orange industry. Guillaumin, A.

Paris, 1917. Challamel, 75p., illus.,

Les citrus cultives et sauvages. 25 cm. ei. Bibliothèque d'agriculture coloniale. Extrait de l'agriculture pratique des pays chauds.

Resume of the commercial and wild citrus industry.

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