Third World Political Ecology: An Introduction

Routledge, 8. kol 2005. - Broj stranica: 252
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An effective response to contemporary environmental problems demands an approach that integrates political, economic and ecological issues.
Third World Political Ecology provides an introduction to an exciting new research field that aims to develop an integrated understanding of the political economy of environmental change in the Third World. The authors review the historical development of the field, explain what is distinctive about Third World political ecology, and suggest areas for future development. Clarifying the essentially politicised condition of environmental change today, the authors explore the role of various actors - states, multilateral institutions, businesses, environmental non-governmental organisations, poverty-stricken farmers, shifting cultivators and other 'grassroots' actors - in the development of the Third World's politicised environment.
Third World Political Ecology is the first major attempt to explain the development and characteristics of environmental problems that plague parts of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Drawing on examples from throughout the Third World, the book will be of interest to all those who wish to understand the political and economic bases of the Third World's current predicament.

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O autoru (2005)

Raymond Bryant is a Lecturer in Geography at King's College, London and Sinead Bailey is a PhD Candidate at King's College, London

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