The history of Germany, tr. by mrs. G. Horrocks, Opseg 1

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Stranica 110 - Ahi serva Italia, di dolore ostello, Nave senza nocchiero in gran tempesta , Non donna di provincie , ma bordello...
Stranica 104 - Kiissnacht never belonged to a Gessler ; the governor, nevertheless, might have the right of entry into the castle,) where he was to remain for the rest of his life in a dark dungeon. Tell's cross-bow lay in the boat by the side of the steersman. When they had got well into the lake, and had reached the corner at Achsen, it pleased God to raise such a fearful and violent storm, that they all despaired of safety, and expected to drown miserably. Upon this, one of the servants said to the governor,...
Stranica 110 - Alberto tedesco ch'abbandoni costei ch'è fatta indomita e selvaggia, e dovresti inforcar li suoi arcioni, giusto giudicio da le stelle caggia sovra '1 tuo sangue, e sia novo e aperto, tal che '1 tuo successor temenza n'aggia!
Stranica 12 - Mostrocci un' ombra dall' un canto sola, Dicendo : Colui fesse, in grembo a Dio, Lo cuor che in sul Tamigi ancor si cola. Poi vidi genti, che di fuor del rio Tenean la testa e ancor tutto il casso : E di costoro assai riconobb
Stranica 4 - Purgatorio. chains, half-naked, ill-fed, and untaught, they remained in perfect seclusion for the space of thirty-one years: in 1297, they were released from their chains, and allowed to be visited by a priest and a physician. The eldest, Henry, died in 1309. With fanatical rage, Charles destroyed every vestige of the reign of the Hohenstaufen in Lower Italy. Italy was...
Stranica 200 - Max inherited the physical strength of his grandmother, Cimburga of Poland, and the mental qualities of his Portuguese mother, surpassed all other knights in chivalric feats, was modest, gentle,' and amiable. Mary confessed to the assembled estates of the Netherlands, that she had already interchanged letters and rings with him, and the marriage was resolved upon. Max hastened to Ghent, and, mounted on a brown steed, clothed in...
Stranica 191 - Could I believe you capable of demeaning yourself like your father, I should lament your being destined to. the throne.
Stranica 501 - Polish feof, into a kingdom was resolved upon, and its recognition was effected by means of six million dollars. The Jesuits in Vienna received two hundred thousand. They treated the petty kingdom with ridicule, but Prince Eugene, who foresaw that the successors of this new monarch would increase in power and arrogance, said, " Those ministers by whom the king of Prussia has been recognised deserve to be hanged.
Stranica 76 - Nuremberg, (the ancestor of the Electors of Brandenburg and of the royal line of Prussia,) acted as his mediator with the princes, to three of the most powerful among whom he offered his daughters in marriage, to Louis of PfalzBavaria, (the cruel murderer of his first wife,) Mechtilda, to Otto of Brandenburg, Hedwig, and to Albert of Saxony, Agnes. He moreover promised never to act, when emperor, without the consent of the princes, on every important occasion to obtain their sanction in writing,...
Stranica 487 - Kara Mustapha, into Hungary, whilst he invaded the western frontier of the empire in person. Terror marched in the Turkish van. The retreat of the weak imperial army under the duke, Charles of Lorraine, under whom the Margrave, Louis of Baden, who afterwards acquired such fame, served, became a disorderly flight. The Turks reached the gates of Vienna unopposed. The emperor fled, leaving the city under the command of...

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