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who has sprung out of no ideal, who contradicted every contemporary ideal, the unity of whose character is not a composite of ideals, has come from the God who has sent Him into the world to touch, appropriate, purify, and rectify every true ideal, and to lead them all continually on beyond themselves. Among the many excellent illustrations of his truth, the author uses one which would tell on his auditors with special force, in contrasting the far-reaching and subtle organization which Wesley has given to his movement with the "Divine carelessness" of Jesus as to the future form of his church, which High Church pedantry in all its forms is so wholly unable to appreciate.

The Reconciliation. Who was to be Reconciled? God or Man? or God and Man? Some Chapters on the Biblical View of The Atonement. By P. Waldenström, Ph.D., Professor of Theology and of Biblical Hebrew and Greek in the College of Gefle, Sweden. Translated from the Swedish, with some Notes added, and an Introduction, by J. G. Princell. Pp. 120. Chicago: John Martenson, Publisher. 1888.The author insists, with equal clearness and energy, and with a thorough grasp of his subject, that the doctrine of a reconciliation of God to men is wholly pagan, and that the doctrine of a reconciliation of man to God is alone Scriptural. The author, however, does not fall into the error of his countryman Swedenborg (perhaps only an unbalanced representation) of denying that God can hate. He holds that God is irreconcilably hostile to sin, and always ready to receive the sinner, so soon as he quits his sin. He does not, apparently (as he might), propound the stronger statement that God hates the sinner, so long and so far as he is implicated with the sin. He denies, as utterly unscriptural, the statement that the Atonement is a satisfaction of the justice of God, declaring that it is right and just that God should seek the salvation of the sinner. As "the many died," he says, the reconciliation was not to save them from dying, but to restore them to life. "The righteousness and justice which he enjoins on men is the expression of his own righteousness and justice." A payment to penal justice he utterly denies — and with good Professor Waldenström's thought as to this theme is all of one piece. His rejection of the unscriptural conception of Atonement instead of the New Testament reconciliation proceeds from no Pelagianism, but from Apostolic apprehensions of the love of God in the work of Christ. He might, however, bring out more fully that in the Old Testament this ultimate plane of Scripture is the end, not the beginning. There are certain ambiguities in the Swedish, much the same as they would be in German, which the translator takes pains to explain in annotations. The greater theological subtilty of the two sister languages, German and Swedish, has certain correlative disadvantages. Charles C. Starbuck.



Houghton, Mifflin & Co., Boston and New York. Sermons and Addresses. By Rev. Jacob Merrill Manning, D. D., Pastor of the Old South Church, Boston, Mass. Pp. vi, 543. 1889. $2.00; Essays in the Constitutional History of the United States in the Formative Period. 1775-1789. By Graduates and Former Members of the Johns Hopkins University. Edited by J. Franklin Jameson, Ph. D., late Associate in the Johns Hopkins University,

Professor of History in Brown University. Pp. xiii, 321. 1889. $2.25; The Continuous Creation, an Application of the Evolutionary Philosophy to the Christian Religion. By Myron Adams. Pp. viii, 259. 1889. $1.50;Standish of Standish. A Story of the Pilgrims. By Jane G. Austin, author of "A Nameless Nobleman," ," "The Desmond Hundred," "Mrs. Beauchamp Brown,” “Nantucket Scraps," "Moon Folk," etc., etc. Pp. vi, 422. 1889. $1.25.

Roberts Brothers, Boston. Belief. By George Leonard Chaney, author of "Every-Day Life and Every-Day Morals,"" Alhoa," "Travels in the Sandwich Islands," etc. Pp. 159. 1889. $1.00.

Charles H. Woodman, Boston. The Extinction of Evil. Three Theological Essays. By Rev. E. Petavel, D. D., Free Lecturer at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Translated, with an Introductory Chapter, by Rev. Charles H. Oliphant. The Preface by Rev. Edward White, Minister of Allen St. Chapel, Kensington, London; author of Life in Christ," Mystery of Growth," etc. Pp. xii, 184. 1889. Cloth. 12mo. 75 cents.

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J. A. Hill & Co., New York. The Lutherans in America. A Story of Struggle, Progress, Influence, and Marvelous Growth. By Edmund Jacob Wolf, D. D. With an Introduction by Henry Eyster Jacobs, D. D. Pp. xx,

544. 1889.

Anson D. F. Randolph & Co., New York. The Kings of Israel and Judah. By George Rawlinson, M. A., Camden Professor of Ancient History in the University of Oxford, and Corresponding Member of the Royal Academy of Turin; author of "The Five Great Monarchies of the Ancient Eastern World," "Moses, His Life and Times," etc., etc. Pp. xii, 238. $1.00. Empire Book Bureau, New York. The pire of the Wise. By John Lord Peck. Fords, Howard & Hulbert, New York. Campbell. Pp. 254. 1889.

Kingdom of the Unselfish; or, Em-
Pp. 486. $1.50.

Unto the Uttermost. By James L.

Scribner & Welford, New York. Iris: Studies in Colour and Talks about Flowers. By Frans Delitzsch, D. D., Professor of Theology, Leipsic. Translated from the Original by the Rev. A. Cusin, M. A., Edinburgh. Pp. 227. 1889. $2.00.

Nims & Knight, Troy, N. Y. Aryan Sun Myths, the Origin of Religions, with an Introduction by Charles Morris, author of "A Manual of Classical Literature," and "The Aryan Race; its Origin and its Achievements." Pp. 192. 1889. $1.25. For sale by Damrell & Upham, Boston.

Philadelphia. Margaret Ellison: a Story of Tuna Valley. By Mary Graham, author of "Nellie West, from Ten to Twenty," "Gertrude Terry," etc., etc. Pp. 325. 1889. $1.25. For sale by M. G. Connell, La Grange, 27th Ward, Philadelphia, Pa.

The University Press, Cambridge, England. The Psalms in Greek according to the Septuagint. Edited for the Syndics of the University Press, by Henry Barclay Swete, D. D., Honorary Fellow of Gonville and Caius College. Pp. xiv, 415. 1889. For sale by C. J. Clay and Sons, Cambridge University Press Warehouse, Ave Maria Lane, London, England.

Librairie Hachette et Cie. 79 Boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris, France. Précis D'Histoire Juive depuis les Origines jusqu'à l'Époque Persane (ve siècle avante J.-C.). Par Maurice Vernes, Directeur Adjoint à l'École Pratique des Hautes Études. Ouvrage contenant Deux Cartes. Pp. 828. 1889.

PAMPHLETS.- Methodist Book Concern. Hunt & Eaton, New York; Cranston & Stowe, Cincinnati. Studies in the Four Gospels. By Rev. Jesse M. Hurlbut, D. D., author of "A Manual of Bible Geography," etc. Pp. 80. 1889. 25 cents. John Martenson, Chicago. The Blood of Jesus. What is its Significance. By P. Waldenström, Ph. D. Pp. 48. 1888. 10 cents.

The Open Court Publishing Company, Chicago. The Evolution of Morals. By Frances Emily White, M. D. Reprinted from "The Open Court" of August 15 and 22, 1889. Pp. 20. 1889. Thos. M. Johnson, Osceola, Mo. Bibliotheca Platonica. An Exponent of the Platonic Philosophy. Edited by Thos. M. Johnson. Vol. I. No. 1. July-August, 1889. Pp. 81.



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Vol. II. WILBUR FISK. By Professor
GEORGE PRENTICE. 16mo, $1.25.

A book worthy to follow Dr. Allen's "Jonathan Edwards," and treating wisely the career and character of Wilbur Fisk, the eminent Methodist divine.

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Works. Riverside Edition. With Bibliographical Notes by GEORGE P. LATHROP, 12 original full-page Etchings, 13 vignette Woodcuts and Portrait. 13 vols. crown Svo, gilt top, $2.00 each; the set, $26.00; half calf, $39.00; half calf, gilt top, $40.50; half crushed levant, $52.00.

Wayside Edition. With Portrait, twenty-four Etchings, and Notes by GEORGE P. LATHROP. 25 vols. 12mo, $37.50; half calf, $67.75; half calf, gilt top, $72.75; half levant, $88.50.


Complete Poetical and Prose Works. New Riverside Edition, from new electrotype plates. With Text from the last revised by the Author, and including all Poems which have been authorized to appear since his death. With Notes (many of them by Mr. Longfellow) giving various readings, and Literary, Historical, Biographical, and Bibliographical Information, Indexes, etc., and five Portraits. II vols., crown 8vo, the set, $16.50; half calf, $30.25; half levant, $44.00.

Vols. 1, 2. Prose Works ($3.00). Vols. 3-8. Poetical Works ($9.00). Vols. 9–11. Translation of Dante ($4.50).


The Waverley Novels. Illustrated Library Edition. Carefully edited, and beautifully illustrated with 100 engravings by DARLEY, DIELMAN, FREDERICKS, Low, SHARE, SHEPPARD, and other famous artists; and with Introductions which appeared in the sumptuous Abbotsford Edition, and Illustrative Notes inserted in subsequent editions. With Glossary and full Index of Characters. 25 vols. 12mo, each $1.00; the set, $25.00; half calf, $50.00.


Complete Works. With Notes, and a Life of the Author, by SIR WALTER SCOTT, Letters, Tracts, and Poems not hitherto published, and Portrait. Edition de Luxe, large paper, limited to 250 copies. 19 vols. 8vo, each $4.00, net; the set, $76.00,



Complete Works. Illustrated Library Edition. Including two newly compiled volumes, containing material not hitherto collected in any American or English edition. With Biographical and Bibliographical Introductions, Portrait, and over 1600 Illustrations from designs by the Author, DuMaurier, Linley Sambourne, and others. 22 vols. crown 8vo, gilt top, each $1.50; the set, $33.00; half calf, $60.50; half levant, $77.00.

JOHN GREENLEAF WHITTIER. Complete Poetical and Prose Works. New Riverside Edition. by Mr. Whittier, Table of First Lines, etc., etc. vols., $6.00. Prose Works 3 vols., $4.50). $10.50; half calf, $19.25; half levant, $28.00.

With Notes With five Portraits. (Poetical Works The set, 7 vols., crown 8vo, gilt top,

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Works. Collected and edited by JAMES SPEdding, Robert Leslie Ellis, and DOUGLAS DENON HEATH. With Portraits and Index. Riverside Edition. vols. crown 8vo, $33.75; half calf, $60.00.



Riverside Edition. A complete collection of the Poems of the best English Poets, from Chaucer to Wordsworth, with Biographical, Historical, and Critical Notices, by Prof. FRANCIS J. CHILD, JAMES RUSSELL LOWELL, CHARLES ELIOT NORTON, and ARTHUR GILMAN. Steel portraits of the poets accompany many of the volumes. In 68 vols., printed on tinted paper, and tastefully bound. Crown 8vo, gilt top, each $1.50; half calf, $3.00. The set, 68 vols., $100.00; half calf, $200.00.


Works. New Household Edition. With Introductions to many of the volumes by SUSAN FENIMORE COOPER, and Illustrations. 32 vols., each, 16m0, $1.00; the set, $32.00; half calf, $64.00.


Poetical and Dramatic Works. New Riverside Edition. Text from the latest English Edition, revised and rearranged by Mr. BROWNING. With Portrait and Indexes. 6 vols. crown 8vo, gilt top, each, $1.75; the set, $10.00; half calf, $18.00; half levant, $24.00.


Works. Riverside Edition. Authorized American Edition, prepared for Messrs. TICKNOR AND FIELDS with the Author's express approval, and including the new material in the latest Edinburgh Edition, arranged and revised by the Author. 12 vols. 12mo, each $1.50; the set, $18.00; half calf, $33.00.


Complete Works. Illustrated Library Edition. With Introductions, biographical and historical, by E. P. WHIPPLE, which, taken in the chronological order of Dickens's Works, form a complete and continuous account of his literary career. Containing all the Illustrations that appeared in the English edition by CRUIKSHANK, PHIZ, SEYMOUR, JOHN LEECH, MACLISE, MARCUS STONE, and others, engraved on steel, to which are added the designs of F. O. C. DARLEY and JOHN GILBERT, in all numbering over 550. 29 vols., each 12mo, $1.50; the set, with Dickens Dictionary, 30 vols., $45.00; half calf, $82.50.


Complete Works. Riverside Edition. With two Portraits, and papers hitherto unpublished. II vols., each, 12mo, gilt top, $1.75; the set, $19.25; half calf, $33.00; half calf, gilt top, $35.00; half crushed levant, $44.00.

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