Conflict and Conquest in the Islamic World: A Historical Encyclopedia: A Historical Encyclopedia

Alexander Mikaberidze
ABC-CLIO, 22. srp 2011. - Broj stranica: 1042
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Military-political conflict—and the resulting factionalism, shifts in leadership, and divergent belief systems—has been a constant and crucial part of the Islamic world. In order to fully grasp the cultural, social, or political aspects of Islam in the modern world, it is necessary to comprehend the rich tapestry of Islamic history from pre-Islamic times to the present, much of which involved armed conflict.

Conflict and Conquest in the Islamic World: A Historical Encyclopedia provides hundreds of entries on wars, revolutions, sieges, institutions, leaders, armies, weapons, and other aspects of wars and military life, enabling readers to understand the complex role conflict has played in Islamic life throughout history and see how Islamic warfare has evolved over the centuries. This reference work covers not only the traditional Middle Eastern regions and countries but also provides relevant historical information regarding Islam in North Africa, Central Asia, Southeastern Asia, and Oceania.


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Alexander Mikaberidze holds a law degree from the Republic of Georgia and a Ph.D. in history from Florida State University. He works at the Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution at FSU and serves as president of the Napoleonic Society of Georgia. In addition to numerous articles, his publications include a Napoleon biography in Georgian, two volumes on the Russo-Turkish War of 1806-1812, and the forthcoming Lion of the Russian Army: Lite and Career of General Peter Bagration (University of Oklahoma Press).

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