The Christian Year: Thoughts in Verse for the Sundays and Holidays Throughout the Year

Parker, 1837 - Broj stranica: 310


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Stranica xii - New mercies, each returning day, Hover around us while we pray; New perils past, new sins forgiven, New thoughts of God, new hopes of heaven.
Stranica 239 - Blessed are the eyes which see the things that ye see. For I tell you, that many prophets and kings have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them.
Stranica 382 - Tis sweet, as year by year we lose Friends out of sight, in faith to muse How grows in Paradise our store.
Stranica 4 - Abide with me from morn till eve, For without Thee I cannot live ; Abide with me when night is nigh, For without Thee I dare not die.
Stranica 5 - Come near and bless us when we wake, ere through the world our way we take; till in the ocean of thy love we lose ourselves in heaven above. JOHN...
Stranica 178 - Come, Lord ! come Wisdom, Love, and Power ; Open our ears to hear ! Let us not miss the accepted hour ; Save, Lord, by love or fear ! John Keble.
Stranica 3 - Sun of my soul ! Thou Saviour dear, It is not night if Thou be near : Oh! may no earth-born cloud arise To hide Thee from thy servant's eyes.
Stranica 176 - WHEN God of old came down from heaven, In power and wrath He came ; Before His feet the clouds were riven, Half darkness and half flame : 2 But when He came the second time, He came in power and love ; Softer than gale at morning prime Hovered His holy Dove.
Stranica 2 - The trivial round, the common task, Would furnish all we ought to ask ; Room to deny ourselves ; a road To bring us, daily, nearer God.
Stranica 52 - Ere her leaf can cast a shade. Though the rudest hand assail her, Patiently she droops awhile, But when showers and breezes hail her, Wears again her willing smile. Thus I learn contentment's power From the slighted willow bower, Ready to give thanks and live On the least that Heaven may give.

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