New England Reporter: All Cases Determined in the Courts of Last Resort, as Follows : Maine, Supreme Judicial Court ; New Hampshire, Supreme Court ; Vermont, Supreme Court ; Massachusetts, Supreme Judicial Court ; Rhode Island, Supreme Court ; Connecticut, Supreme Court of Errors, Opseg 5

Lawyers' Co-operative Publishing Company, 1887
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Stranica 158 - HOLMES delivered the opinion of the court. The question in this case is whether the following instrument is entitled to probate: "Washington, DC Aug. 31
Stranica 341 - Under the mere guise of police regulations, personal rights and private property cannot be arbitrarily invaded, and the determination of the legislature is not final or conclusive.
Stranica 403 - The right of an owner of land to occupy and improve it in such manner and for such purposes as he may see fit, either by •changing the surface, or the erection of buildings or other structures thereon, is not restricted or modified by the fact that his own land is so situated, with reference to that of adjoining owners, that an alteration in the mode of its improvement or occupation in any portion of it will cause water, which may accumulate thereon by rains and snows falling on its surface, or...
Stranica 325 - Signed, sealed, published and declared by the same HELEN HOVANESIAN as and for her Last Will and Testament, in the presence of us, who, at her request, in her presence and in the presence of each other, have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses on this 2nd day of July, 1986.
Stranica 345 - He has no extra-territorial power of official action; none which the court appointing him can confer, with authority to enable him to go into a foreign jurisdiction to take possession of the debtor's property ; none which can give him, upon the principle of comity, a privilege to sue in a foreign court or another jurisdiction, as the judgment creditor himself might have done, where his debtor may be amenable to the tribunal which the creditor may seek.
Stranica 71 - ... not be maintained against the owner of the latter if the driver of the omnibus in which the passenger was riding, by the exercise of proper care and skill, might have avoided the accident which caused the injury.
Stranica 111 - To His Excellency the Governor and the Honorable Council of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts • The undersigned, Justices of the Supreme Judicial Court, having considered the questions upon which their opinion...
Stranica 121 - The husband, wife, parent, child, guardian, or employer of a person who has or may hereafter have the habit of drinking spirituous or intoxicating liquor to excess, may give notice in writing, signed by him or her, to any person, requesting him not to sell or deliver such liquor to the person having such habit.
Stranica 174 - ... to impose and levy proportional and reasonable assessments, rates and taxes, upon all the inhabitants, of, and persons resident, and estates lying, within the said Commonwealth; and also to impose and levy reasonable duties and excises upon any produce, goods, wares, merchandise, and commodities whatsoever, brought into, produced, manufactured, or being within the same...
Stranica 371 - It does not appear from the record in this case that the defendant is a corporation, an "association or joint-stock company consisting of five or more members...

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