H.R. 585 and Other Bills Relating to Judicial Review of Veteransʼ Claims: Hearings Before the Committee on Veterans' Affairs, House of Representatives, Ninety-ninth Congress, Second Session ...

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1986
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Stranica 313 - ... the decisions of the Administrator on any question of law or fact under any law administered by the Veterans' Administration providing benefits for veterans and their dependents or survivors shall be final and conclusive and no other official or any court of the United States shall have power or jurisdiction to review any such decision by an action in the nature of mandamus or otherwise.
Stranica 161 - Under section 331 of title 28, United States Code, the Judicial Conference of the United States is the policy-making body for the administration of the United States Courts.
Stranica 311 - If, in the drinking of a beverage to enjoy its intoxicating effects, intoxication results proximately and immediately in disability or death, the disability or death will be considered the result of the person's willful misconduct. Organic diseases and disabilities which are a secondary result of the chronic use of alcohol as a beverage, whether out of compulsion or otherwise, will not be considered of willful misconduct origin.
Stranica 160 - I have been a member of the Subcommittee on Federal Jurisdiction of the Committee on Court Administration of the Judicial Conference of the United States. I...
Stranica 240 - VA's budget. In the context of current budget restraints, this particular problem will continue. With this in mind it is appropriate to note that it is a well known fact that the Office of Management and Budget has dominated the VA's policy decision-making for many years. A federal judge who is truly independent and whose job is not affected by how he or she decides an issue is likely to view the legal issue presented from a different perspective than does the VA.
Stranica 53 - Mr. Chairman and members of the committee, I very much appreciate the opportunity to appear before you today In support of four public works projects in my district, the 13th Congressional District of Ohio.
Stranica 256 - The Secretary of a military department, under procedures established by him and approved by the Secretary of Defense, and acting through boards of civilians of the executive part of that military department, may correct any military record of that department when he considers It necessary to correct an error or remove an Injustice.
Stranica 336 - This experience illustrates the familiar truth that one of the dangers of extraordinary experience is that those who have it may fall into grooves created by their own expertness. They refuse to believe that hurdles which they have learned from experience are insurmountable, can in fact be overcome by fresh, independent minds.
Stranica 61 - I would like permission to insert it in the record at this point. The CHAIRMAN. Without objection, so ordered. (The matter referred to is as follows:) BRIEF OUTLINE OF BENEFITS AVAILABLE I.

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