Bibliographical Bulletin, Izd. 15-20

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1951

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Stranica 152 - AN ACT To prohibit the movement in interstate commerce of adulterated and misbranded food, drugs, devices, and cosmetics, and for other purposes.
Stranica 152 - Numbered 391, approved May 15, 1928 (45 Stat. 534), Seventieth Congress, entitled "An Act for the control of floods on the Mississippi River and its tributaries, and for other purposes...
Stranica 141 - The Silva of North America. A description of the Trees which grow naturally in North America, exclusive of Mexico.
Stranica 66 - TEXT-BOOK OF MEAT HYGIENE, With Special Consideration of Ante-mortem and Postmortem Inspection of Food-producing Animals. By RICHARD EDELMANN, Ph.D., Professor at the Royal Veterinary High School, Dresden. Authorised Translation by JR MOHLER, AM, VMD, Assistant Chief US Bureau of Animal Industry, and A.
Stranica 133 - Bibliographic style; a manual for use in the Division of Bibliography of the Library.
Stranica 10 - Conference Report on the Contribution of Extension Methods and Techniques Toward the Rehabilitation of War-Tom Countries, Washington, DC, September 19—22, 1944 (Edited by the United States Department of Agriculture, Extension Service and Office of Foreign Agricultural Relations, October 1945), pp.
Stranica 142 - Handbook of the trees of New England, with ranges throughout the United States and Canada.
Stranica 76 - An important indication of the instability of their position is the relation between the prices received by farmers for their products and the prices paid by them for the products of industry.
Stranica 11 - A Statement of the Laws of Mexico in Matters Affecting Business in its Various Aspects and Activities.
Stranica 141 - BLAKE, SF and ATWOOD, Alice C.— Geographical Guide to Floras of the World.

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