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This bibliography contains selected references, with annotations, to literature in English for the period January 1, 1932 to July 1, 1950, on the marketing of beef cattle, sheep, and hogs for meat and for stock and feeding, on the marketing of meat and meat products, and or frozen-food lockers. Dairy cattle, purebred animals for breeding, and inedible livestock products are omitted. Although the primary emphasis is on the United States and Canada, material is included likewise on the United Kingdom, Eire, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, and New Zealand.

Phases of marketing contained herein include advertising, consumer preferences, consumption, cooperatives, marketing costs, grading and standardization, inspection and sanitation, marketing methods, packaging and packaging materials, price control, price differentials and relationships, processing, rationing, storage, transportation, and wholesaling and retailing. Technical aspects of processing, refrigeration, storage, and transportation are excluded.

The bibliography is arranged according to a subject classification, and, where feasible, in the order of the movement of livestock from the producer through the marketing process to the ultimate consumer. Entries giving a broad coverage to more than one subject have been classified in one of the "General" categories. Within each subject classification entries are grouped alphabetically by author, or by title where no author is given. The bibliography is provided with separate author and subject indexes. Because the preponderance of material deals with the United States, the name of this country has been omitted in the subject index in the interest of space conservation. Hence the absence of a geographical designation following a subject entry is to be interpreted in most instances as meaning that the entry refers to the United States. Call numbers are those of the U. S. Department of Agriculture Library.

This bibliography was initiated in the Bureau of Agricultural Economics and compiled in the Library of the Department of Agriculture. It was financed jointly by the Bureau of Agricultural Economics (with funds supplied under the Research and Marketing Act of 1946) and the Library. The compiler wishes to express his gratitude to Reed A. Phillips, formerly of the Bureau of Agricultural Economics and now of the Livestock Branch, Production and Marketing Administration, and to V. John Brensike and Gerald Engelman of the Bureau of Agricultural Economics, for their assistance and cooperation.

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