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" Willingness to Negotiate — An Era of Negotiation Partnership and strength are two of the pillars of the structure of a durable peace. Negotiation is the third. For our commitment to peace is most convincingly demonstrated in our willingness to negotiate... "
United States Foreign Policy for the 1970's: Hearings Before The..., 91-2 ... - Stranica 81
napisao/la United States. Congress. House. Foreign Affairs - 1970 - Broj stranica: 119
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The Power of Presidential Ideologies

Dennis Florig - 1992 - Broj stranica: 308
...a retreat from responsibility, it is a sharing of responsibility. Our commitment to peace [must] be convincingly demonstrated in our willingness to negotiate...businesslike manner with the Communist countries. We are under no illusions. . . . But any nation today must define its interests with special concern for...
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