Ukraine: A History, Fourth Edition

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In 1988, the first edition of Orest Subtelny's Ukraine was published to international acclaim, as the definitive history of what was at that time a republic in the USSR. In the years since, the world has seen the dismantling of the Soviet bloc and the restoration of Ukraine's independence - an event celebrated by Ukrainians around the world but which also heralded a time of tumultuous change for those in the homeland.

While previous updates brought readers up to the year 2000, this new fourth edition includes an overview of Ukraine's most recent history, focusing on the dramatic political, socio-economic, and cultural changes that occurred during the Kuchma and Yushchenko presidencies. It analyzes political developments - particularly the so-called Orange Revolution - and the institutional growth of the new state. Subtelny examines Ukraine's entry into the era of globalization, looking at social and economic transformations, regional, ideological, and linguistic tensions, and describes the myriad challenges currently facing Ukrainian state and society.


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16Intelligentsia Activism
A Bastion of Ukrainianism
Part FiveTwentiethCentury Ukraine
18War and Revolution
19The Ukrainian Revolution
The Innovative Twenties
The Traumatic Thirties
22Western Ukraine between the Wars

Part TwoThe PolishLithuanian Period
4Under Polish and Lithuanian Rule
5Social Structure and Economic Change
6Religion and Culture
Part ThreeThe Cossack Era
7The Formative Phase
8The Great Revolt
9The Ruin
10The Hetmanate
11Society Economies and Culture
Part FourUkraine under Imperial Rule
12Russian and Austrian Imperial Rule in Ukraine
13The Growth of National Consciousness
14Imperial Reforms
15Socioeconomic Change
23Ukraine duringthe Second World War
24Reconstruction and Retrenchment
25The Thaw
26Stagnation and Attempts at Reform
27The Immigrants
28The Ukrainian Diaspora
29The New Era
30The Troubled Transition
31The Age of Globalization
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O autoru (2009)

Orest Subtelny is a professor in the Departments of History and Political Science at York University.

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