The New York Supplement, Opseg 116

West Publishing Company, 1909
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"Cases argued and determined in the Court of Appeals, Supreme and lower courts of record of New York State, with key number annotations." (varies)

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Stranica 78 - Where two parties have made a contract which one of them has broken, the damages which the other party ought to receive in respect of such breach of contract should be such as may fairly and reasonably be considered either arising naturally, ie, according to the usual course of things, from such breach of contract itself, or such as may reasonably be supposed to have been in the contemplation of both parties, at the time they made the contract, as the probable result of the breach of it.
Stranica 199 - ... other than costs and expenses allowed to the guardian by the> court, until he has given sufficient security, approved by a judge of the court, or a county judge, to account for and apply the same, under the direction of the court.
Stranica 817 - A deposit by one person of his own money, in his own name as trustee for another, standing alone, does not establish an irrevocable trust during the lifetime of the depositor. It is a tentative trust merely, revocable at will, until the depositor dies or completes the gift in his lifetime by some unequivocal act or declaration, such as delivery of the pass book or notice to the beneficiary.
Stranica 93 - The defendant placed ... in question on the market for use, and the defendant knew, or in the exercise of reasonable care should have known...
Stranica 647 - The power of the State to provide for the general welfare of its people authorizes it to prescribe all such regulations as, in its judgment, will secure or tend to secure them against the consequences of ignorance and incapacity as well as of deception and fraud.
Stranica 750 - ... contained in this Act shall be deemed and taken to mean all corporations, companies or individuals now owning or operating, or which may hereafter own or operate any railroad, in whole or in part, in this State, and the provisions of this Act shall apply to all persons, firms and companies, and to all associations of persons, whether incorporated or otherwise, that shall do business as common carriers upon any of the lines of railroad in this State (street railways excepted), the same as to railroad...
Stranica 599 - A general or specific denial of each material allegation of the complaint controverted by the defendant, or of any knowledge or information thereof sufficient to form a belief.
Stranica 537 - For the purpose of constituting an adverse possession by a person claiming a title founded upon a written instrument or a judgment or decree, land is deemed to have been possessed and occupied in either of the following cases: 1. Where it has been usually cultivated or improved.
Stranica 436 - You must look at it not with a view to the question whether, abstractedly, that quantity of smoke was a nuisance, but whether it was a nuisance to a person living in the town of Shields...
Stranica 785 - But where, in such an action against two or more defendants, the plaintiff is entitled to costs against one or more, but not against all of them, none of the defendants are entitle'd to costs, of course. In that case, costs may be awarded, in the discretion of the court, to any defendant, against whom the plaintiff is not entitled to costs, where he did not unite in an answer, and was not united in interest, with a defendant, against whom the D'.aintiflf is entitled to costs.

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