Confronting the Spirit of Religion

Xulon Press, 2008 - Broj stranica: 164
Do you know what the greatest challenge to the manifestation of the kingdom of heaven in the earth is? Have you ever wondered why many Christians start serving the Lord with great passion but soon lose their zeal becoming lukewarm? Do you know why some people do not want anything to do with the church? Confronting the spirit of religion goes behind the scenes in the body of Christ and exposes the counterfeit religious system that is at work, deceiving many sinners and saints. Confronting the spirit of religion is one of the most controversial books you will read. Author Ann Marie Alman takes you on a journey that will bring you face to face with the hypocrisy of the religious spirit today and reveals powerful truths as to how you can be free from its damaging effects. Ann Marie Alman is a multi-gifted international speaker, counselor and author of many books that address critical issues affecting Kingdom development within the church community. She serves as the Senior Minister at People of Destiny Ministries International in Brooklyn, New York, and as an Apostle to many pastors and ministries. Her ministry is noted by dynamic preaching, in-depth teaching, prophetic accuracy and her ability to lead people into spontaneous worship. Ann Marie is the glory of her husband, Pastor Colvin Alman, and the praise of her children, Colanne, Arielle, Kevin, and Joshua.

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The first woe rejecting the kingdom
The second woe perverted apostolic
The sixth woe false impression
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