Massachusetts Reports, Opseg 128

H.O. Houghton and Company, 1881
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Stranica 152 - ... to have and to hold the same to him, his heirs, and assigns forever...
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Stranica 316 - ... or if the interest of the assured in the property, whether as owner, trustee, consignee, factor, agent, mortgagee, lessee, or otherwise, be not truly stated in this policy, * * and in every such case this policy shall be void.
Stranica 623 - But if a reading of the whole will produces a conviction that the testator must necessarily have intended an interest to be given which is not bequeathed by express and formal words, the court must supply the defect by implication, and so mould the language of the testator as to carry into effect, as far as possible, the intention which it is of opinion that he has on the whole will sufficiently declared.
Stranica 132 - He possesses that reasonable degree of learning, skill, and experience which is ordinarily possessed by others of his profession.
Stranica 495 - ... me or them shall or will by any way or means have claim, or demand any right or title to the aforesaid premises or their appurtenances or to any part or parcel thereof forever.

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