Next Steps in Croatia's Transition Process: Problems and Possibilities

Srđan Dvornik, Christophe Solioz
Nomos, 2007 - Broj stranica: 157
In this study, leading policy-oriented scholars and practitioners from the cities of Zagreb and Split in Croatia draw on years of experience to critically assess the transition process in post-independence Croatia. With wide-ranging contributions, the book analyzes how the interpretation of national sovereignty has evolved in this post-communist transition. It also investigates the prospects for civil-social engagement in a future without civil society, and discusses the pervasive effects of external assistance as well as the considerable challenges Croatia's economy faces. Above all, the book notes the need for changes in the mindset of entrepreneurs and society in general. Arguing for a more nuanced understanding of Croatia, and considering the "ownership" of initiatives as a key to their success, the book offers insights into the problems emerging at this juncture.

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The Paradigm Shift in the Transitional Conception
Contemporary Controversies about Civil Society
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