Walter Savage Landor in seinen beziehungen zu den dichtern des trecento, Dante, Boccaccio, Petrarca ...

T. Buresch, 1908 - Broj stranica: 96
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Stranica 22 - La bocca mi bacio tutto tremante, she stops : she would avert the eyes of Dante from her : he looks for the sequel : she thinks he looks severely : she says, " Galeotto is the name of the book," fancying by this timorous little flight she has drawn him far enough from the nest of her young loves.
Stranica 16 - Alighieri is grand by his lights, not by his shadows ; by his human affections, not by his infernal. As the minutest sands are the labours of some profound sea, or the spoils of some vast mountain, in like manner his horrid wastes and wearying minutenesses are the chafings of a turbulent spirit, grasping the loftiest things and penetrating the deepest, and moving and moaning on the earth in loneliness and sadness.
Stranica 31 - Quale allodetta che in aere si spazia Prima cantando, e poi tace, contenta Dell...
Stranica 21 - In the midst of her punishment, Francesca, when she comes to the tenderest part of her story, tells it with complacency and delight; and, instead of naming Paolo, which indeed she never has done from the beginning, she now designates him as Questi...
Stranica 33 - Quegli ch' usurpa in terra il luogo mio, ll luogo mio, il luogo mio, che vaca Nella presenza del Figliuol di Dio, Fatto ha del cimiterio mio cloaca, Del sangue e della puzza, onde il perverso, Che cadde di quassù, laggiù si placa.
Stranica 56 - There are stories in the Decameron which require more genius to conceive and execute than all the poetry of Petrarca, and indeed there is in Boccaccio more variety of the mental powers than in any of his countrymen, greatly more deep feeling, greatly more mastery over the human heart, than in any other but Dante.
Stranica 37 - Mr. Landor has no more questioned the sublimity or the profoundness of Dante, than his readers will question whether he or his critic is the more competent to measure them. To judge properly and comprehensively of Dante, first the poetical mind is requisite ; then, patient industry in exploring the works of his contemporaries, and in going back occasionally to those volumes of the schoolmen which lie dormant in the libraries of his native city.
Stranica 31 - In the first of them do not you see the twinkling of her wings against the sky ? As often as I repeat them my ear is satisfied, my heart (like hers) contented.
Stranica 32 - Quegli ch' usurpa in terra il luogo mio, II luogo mio, il luogo mio che vaca Nella presenza del Figliuol di Dio, Fatto ha del cimiterio mio cloaca Del sangue e della puzza, onde 'l perverso Che cadde di quassù laggiù si placa'. Di quel color che per lo sole avverso Nube dipinge da sera e da mane, Vid...
Stranica 11 - ... voluntarily be under his manifold rows of dentals. He has an incisor to every saint in the calendar. I should fare, methinks, like Brutus and the Archbishop. He is forced to stretch himself, out of sheer listlessness, in so idle a place as Purgatory; he loses half his strength in Paradise. Hell alone makes him alert and lively; there he moves about and threatens as tremendously as the serpent that opposed the legions on their march in Africa.

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