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Zandomeneghi, P. [Filippo Argenti, Inf. viii. 61-63.) Engr. Viviani inc. (In La divina commedia. Firenze, 1838. Same. Napoli, 1839; 1845; 1854; 1862. Same. Palermo, 1856.)

Same. (In I quattro poeti italiani. Napoli, 1859.)

Zompini, G. (Illustrations to Inf. i-iv, x, xi, engraved by various hands.] (In La divina commedia. 1757-58.)

Zuccaro, Federico. Entrance to hell, Inf. iii. – Minos and the souls of the lustful, Inf. v.

.- Pride and humility, Purg. x, xii. — The car of Beatrice, Purg. xxix. 4 phototypes. (In Bassermann, A. Dantes Spuren in Italien. 1897. Plates 61-64.)

The second and fourth of these drawings are reproduced in photo-engrs, in Federn's “Dante,” 1899, pp. 19, 121.

- Limbo, Inf. iv. Phototype. (In Volkmann, L. Iconografia dantesca. 1897. Plate 10.

Same, 1898.)

Between 1586 and 1588, Zuccaro, during his visit to Spain, made a series of illustrations to the Divina commedia. Eightyeight of these large drawings, done partly with a pen and partly with red and black chalk, are now in the Uffizi collection at Florence. With the exception of the five reproductions here catalogued, the series is inedited.

For descriptions of the following illustrations (reproductions of which are not in this collection) see references in Part Il :

Bertini, Giuseppe. L'apoteosi di Dante.

Chialli, Vincenzo. Dante Alighieri nel convento di Fonte Avellana

Diotti, Giuseppe. Ugolino nel carcere di Pisa. (Cs. Colomb de Batines, i, pp. 327-328.)

Gazzotto, Vincenzo. [Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso.] Marini, E. M. de. Francesca and Paolo. Masini, Cesare. Dante Alighieri ambasciatore de' fiorentini a Bonifazio VIII.

Stürler, Adolf. La Divine comédie, cent dix compositions. 1883.

Ussi, Stefano. [Quadro tratto dalla Vita nuova.)

Gustave Courtois's " Dante et Virgile aux Enfers” (Salon of 1880, purchased by the French government) is noticed in Larousse,“ Grand dictionnaire," ze supplément, p. 987,

Sir Frederick Leighton's "Dante in exile” (Royal Academy, 1864) is noticed in the A thenæum, Feb. 20, 1864, p. 270 ; – by H. C. Barlow in the Athenæum, March 19, 1864, p. 410; - in the Examiner, April 30, 1864, p. 280.


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