Biennial Report of the Historical Department of Iowa Made to the Trustees of the State Library


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Stranica 13 - The rule which the Trustees desire to lay down to themselves in either making purchases or receiving presents, is to look to the celebrity of the person represented rather than to the merit of the artist. They will attempt to estimate that celebrity without any bias to any political or religious party. Nor will they consider great faults and errors, even though admitted on all sides, as any sufficient ground for excluding any portrait which may be valuable as illustrating the civil, ecclesiastical,...
Stranica 99 - Report of the celebration of the centennial of the incorporation of the town of Marlborough [Conn.], August 23d and 25th, 1903.
Stranica 115 - Resolutions, Laws and Ordinances Relating to the Pay, Half Pay, Commutation of Half Pay, Bounty Lands, and other Promises made by Congress to the Officers and Soldiers of the Revolution : To the Settlement of the Accounts between the United States and the Several States ; and to Funding the Revolutionary Debt.
Stranica 8 - Mr. Aldrich reinforced his former suggestions with these remarks which appear in the printed report of the Historical Department : In THE ANNALS OF IOWA and elsewhere the writer has. for some years advocated the establishment of a bureau or department for the preservation of papers and documents which originate in the various executive offices in the capitol.
Stranica 92 - Canada. Archives. Catalogue of pamphlets, journals and reports in the Dominion archives 1611-1867, with index. Pub. by authority of the minister of agriculture under the direction of the archivist. Ottawa, Gov. print, bureau. 230 p. [9 " Prepared by Mr. McArthur of the Archives branch.
Stranica 8 - For business purposes the documents which occupy the shelves and pigeon-holes have for the most part become "dead papers," but as the data for State history they possess a value which is inestimable. These, so far as they go, are by far the most valuable sources of our State history, for the facts which they contain are based upon, or are themselves, the records of official transactions. We may therefore place the fullest confidence upon what they set forth. How very important then their careful...
Stranica 8 - ... about the State House which should be carefully preserved, aside from the copies of original documents and papers to which reference has been made. While engaged in writing these lines my attention has been called to the original reports of the census made in 1850, 1856, 1860, 1885, 1895 and 1905. Some of the reports unfortunately were not preserved, but simply wasted or carelessly destroyed. It is estimated that those still in existence will make from 400 to 500 octavo and folio volumes —...
Stranica 94 - Creigh, Alfred. History of Washington county, Pa., from its first settlement to the present time.
Stranica 15 - Dear Iowa, State of my birth, Accept this book — A quarter's worth. Oh, state of corn Take it from me And ever let Thy motto be— "Three millions yearly for manure But not one cent For literature.
Stranica 14 - Map and description of a large country newly discovered in the Northern America, situated between New Mexico and the Frozen Sea; together with the course of the great river Meschasipi.

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