First Philosophy I: Values and Society: Fundamental Problems and Readings in Philosophy

Andrew Bailey
Broadview Press, 6. kol 2004. - Broj stranica: 340
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First Philosophy: Values and Society brings together classic and ground-breaking readings on ethics and social and political philosophy. Mindful of the intrinsic difficulty of much of the material, the editor has provided comprehensive introductions both to the central topics and to each individual selection. By providing a detailed discussion of the historical and intellectual background to each piece, he aims to enable readers to approach the material without unnecessary barriers to understanding. In an introductory chapter, the editor provides a brief introduction to the nature of philosophical enquiry, to the nature of argument, and to the process of reading and writing within the academic discipline of philosophy.

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How to Use This Book
Chapter 2
Immanuel Kant
John Stuart Mill
Virginia Held
SocialPolitical PhilosophyWhat Is Justice?
Thomas Hobbes
John Rawls
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O autoru (2004)

Andrew Bailey, who obtained degrees from the University of Oxford and the University of Calgary, is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Philosophy Department in the Philosophy Department at the University of Guelph.

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