Slike stranica


The abbreviations are usually self-explanatory. c. after the date indicates that the book is copyrighted; if the copyright date differs from the imprint date, the year of copyright is added. Books of foreign origin of which the edition (annotated, illustrated, etc. is entered as copyright, are marked c. ed.; translations, c. tr.; n. p., in place of price, indicates that the publisher makes no price, either net or retail, and quotes prices to the trade only upon application.

A colon after initial designates the most usual given name, as: A: Augustus; B: Benjamin; C: Charles; D: David; E: Edward; F: Frederic; G: George; H: Henry; I: Isaac; J: John; L: Louis; N: Nicholas; P: Peter; R: Richard; S: Samuel; T: Thomas: W: William.

atmosphere; The ocean; The lands; Plains and plateaus; Mountains; Volcanoes; Rivers and valleys; The waste of the land; Climatic control of land forms; Shore lines.

Sizes are designated as follows: F. (folio: over 30 centimeters high); Q. (4to: under 30 cm.); O. (8vo: 25 cm.) D. (12m0: 20 cm.); S. (16m0: 171⁄2 cm.): T. (24m0: 15 cm.); Tt. (32m0: 12%1⁄2 cm.); Fe. 48mo: 10 cm.). Sq., obl.. nar., designate square, oblong, narrow books of these heights. *Atwater, May R. Stories from the poets: a reader for the first grade; il. by Jane E. Combs. N. Y., The Morse Co., 1898. C. 110 p. 16°, bds., 30 c. [4456 Barnum, Albert W. Stray leaves: [poems.] [Chic., Barnum, Mott & Barnum, 1898.] imp. nar. O. pap., 50 c. [4457 *Beresford, Lord C:, and Wilson, H. W. Nelson and his times. N. Y., E. & J. B. Young & Co., 1898. 240 p. il. 4°, cl., $4.00.


*Butterfield, Consul Willshire. History of
Brulé's discoveries and explorations, 1610-
1626: being a narrative of the discovery,
by Stephen Brulé, of Lakes Huron, Ontario
and Superior, and of his explorations (the
first made by civilized man) of Pennsyl.
vania, and Western New York; also of the
Province of Ontario, Canada; with a bi-
ographical notice. Cleveland, O., The
Helman-Taylor Co., 1898. 200 p. il. 12°,
buckram, $2.50.
*Byron, G: Gordon Noel, (Lord.) Prisoner
of Chillon, and other poems; with bio-
graphical sketch, introductions, and notes.
Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1898. 16°,
(Riverside lit. ser., no. 128.) pap., 15 c.
Catherwood, Mrs. Mary Hartwell. Heroes
of the middle west, the French. Bost.,
Ginn & Co., 1898. 5+141 p. 1 il. maps, S.
buckram, 60 c.

A brief history, covering the French discovery and
occupation of the middle west from the times of Mar-
quette (1673) and Joliet, to the pulling down of the
French flag on Fort Chartres (1763.) The material
has been gathered from Parkman, Shea, Hennepin,
Monette, and Roosevelt, the state records, and other
reliable historical sources. Intended for young people.
Collins, Laura G. Immortelles and aspho-
dels: poems. Cin., O., The Robert Clarke
Co., 1898. C. 106 p. S. cl., $1. [4462
*Cutts, E: L., D.D. Parish priests and their
people in the middle ages in England.
N. Y., E. & J. B. Young & Co., 1898. 596 p.
il. 12°, cl., $3..
Daudet, Léon A. Alphonse Daudet, [Mem-
oir;] to which is added "The Daudet fam-
ily" (Mon frère et moi,) by Ernest Daudet;
tr. by C: de Kay. Bost., Little, Brown &
Co., 1898. c. 8+466 p. D. cl., $1.50. [4464

The life story of the author of Le Nabab, Les Rois en exil, Fromont Jeune et Risler Aîné, and other stories written in French, is here told by his son and brother. Leon Daudet divides his memoir into chapters headed: Last moments; Life and literature; As father and as husband; The vendor of happiness; North and south; As a man of family. In an appendix is a paper "Concerning the imagination," a dialogue "between my father and me," by Leon Daudet.

Davis, W: Morris, and Snyder, W: H: Physical geography. Bost., Ginn & Co., 1898. c. 18-+428 p. il. maps, D. hf. mor., $1.40. [4465 Contents: Introduction; The earth as a globe; The

*Dilke, Sir C:, and Wilkinson, Spencer. Imperial defence. New ed. rev. and partly rewritten. N. Y., imported by the New Amsterdam Bk. Co., 1898. 8°, cl., $1.25. [4466

Dowse, T: Stretch, M.D. The pocket therapist: a concise manual of modern treatment for the physician and student; arranged alphabetically for ready reference. N. Y., Wilbur B. Ketcham, [1898.] c. 2178 p. nar. D. cl., net, $1.50; leath., net, $2.


An American edition thoroughly revised to meet

the needs of American medical doctors and students. antidotes; The urine; The blood; Sputum; Method of staining tubercle bacilli; Vomit; Fæces; Therapeutic serums (antitoxins).

Contents: Treatment of diseases: Poisons and their

*Forest, Liesa. Tormentilla: a story for
children. N. Y., E. & J. B. Young & Co.,
1898. 253 p. il. 12°, cl., $1.
Gallet, L: The adventures of Cyrano de
Bergerac; from the French, by Hettie E.
Miller. N. Y., R. F. Fenno & Co., [1898.]
C. 4-460 p. il. D. cl., $1.25.


A story of the seventeenth century full of adventure and love-making, the hero being the real Cyrano de Bergerac, author and soldier. Not based upon the play of "Cyrano de Bergerac.' Girvin, Ernest A. Domestic duels; or, evening talks on the woman question. San Francisco, Cal., E. D. Bronson & Co., 1898. c. 277 p. D. cl., $1; pap., 50 c.


Conversations between a husband and wife on the following subjects: Why women should do housework; The American family; Effect of tampering with the procreative functions; Psychic and physiological difwomanhood in heathen and Christian lands; Influence ferences between the sexes; Comparison between of women upon lives and characters of great men; Modern inventions and women; Higher education of women; Progress of women in the professions; Arguments for and against woman suffrage. Hall, Newman. Newman Hall: an autobiog raphy. Bost., T: Y. Crowell & Co., [1898.] 5+391 p. por. il. O. cl., $3.


bis own career, Dr. Hall's autobiography introduces

In addition to the incidents which have distinguished

us to many men of distinction in the past and the pres-
ent. He knew Wordsworth and Gladstone, and there
are reminiscences of John Bright and Cobden; pleas-
the Howitts, Lord Shaftesbury, Dr. Chalmers, C. H.
ant glimpses are given of such well-known people as
Spurgeon, Mrs. Rundell Charles, Mrs. Beecher Stowe,
Dean Stanley, Longfellow, and a number of other ce
lebrities. A vivid account is given of Dr. Hall's visit
to the United States during the Civil War.
*Hollingshead, J: Gaiety chronicles: com-
plete record of the Gaiety Theatre. N. Y.,
imported by the New Amsterdam Bk. Co.,
1898. 8°, cl., $6.

[4472 *Jefferson, C: E., D.D. Quiet talks with earnest people in my study. N. Y., T: Y. Crowell & Co., 1898. 16°, cl., $1. [4473

* In this list, the titles generally are verbatim transcriptions (according to the rule of the American Library Association) from books received. Books not received are indicated by a prefixed asterisk. and this office cannot be held responsible for the correctness of their record.

*Kennedy, J, D.D. The book of Daniel,
from the Christian standpoint. N. Y., E.
& J. B. Young & Co., 1898. 230 p. 12°,
(Bible student's lib.) cl., $2.50.
*Kiser, S: Ellsworth. Budd Wilkins at the
show, and other verses. Cleveland, O.,
The Helman-Taylor Co., 1898. c. 180 p.
12°, cl., $1.

*Lampen, C. Dudley. The queen of the ex-
tinct volcano: a story of adventure. N.
Y., E. & J. B. Young & Co., 1898. 224 p.
il. 12°, cl., 80 c.
Latter, Lucy R. Cane weaving for children;
or, an educational method of hand train.
ing. 13th ed. N. Y., Sir I: Pitman & Sons,
[1898.] 39 p. S. pap., 20 c.
*MacLeod, Mary. Stories from the Faerie
Queene; with introd. by J: W. Hales. N.
Y., E. & J. B. Young & Co., 1898. 423 p.
il. 4°, cl., $1.50.
Mead, E: C. Historic homes of the South-
West mountains, Virginia. Phil., J. B.
Lippincott Co., 1899 [1898.] c. '98. 2+
275 p. il. O. cl., $3.50.

An introduction tells of the South-West mountains, their traditions, their people, etc. Among the old houses described are Monticello, the home of T: Jefferson: Pantops and Lego, two of Jefferson's farms; Shadwell, the birthplace of T: Jefferson; Edgehill, the home of the Randolphs; Belmont, the home of the Everetts; Castle Hill, the home of the Riveses; Merrie Hill, the country seat of John Armstrong Chanler; Cismont, the summer home of Col. H. W. Fuller, etc. Merwine, Effie Kline. Starlight Sterling, and other stories and poems for boys and girls. Columbus, O., Press of Champlin Printing Co., 1898. C. 56 p. 1 il. nar. Q. buckram, 50 c. [4480

Morris, C. Historical tales; the romance of reality. V. 9, Spanish. Phil., J. B. Lippincott Co., 1898. C. 331 p. por. il. D. cl., $1.25.

Thirty-six stories founded on real and authenticated incidents, passages of history, and personal adventures in Spain.

tournament King René is taken suddenly il, and &
cousin of Guy's, who is filled with envy and jealousy,
accuses Guy of having poisoned the King. De Fou-
gereuse is accused of sorcery and tried for his life, the
evidence being many odd details of his life in the
Devil's House. His "secret" is brought out at this
trial and his enemies confounded.

*Slicer, Rev. T: R. The great affirmations of
religion: a book not for beginners, but be-
ginners again. Bost., Houghton, Mifflin &
Co., 1898. 12°, cl., $1.50.
Smith, G: Adam. The life of Henry Drum-
mond. N. Y., Doubleday & McClure Co.,
1898. c. 9+541 p. por. Ó. cl., net, $3.


Dr. Smith (well known as an eminent professor of Free Church College, Glasgow, and as the author of a number of standard works on theology) was an intimate friend of Professor Drummond. He was chosen by his family and friends to prepare this biography, and to him was turned over many unpublished letters, journals of travel, and a series of new addresses to young men, recently found among Professor Drummond's papers. He succeeds in bringing the man vividly before the reader's eyes, who on account of his quiet modesty and reticence was almost unknown except through his writings. Dr. Smith gives the complete history of the remarkable Evangelical movement which was aroused by the visit of Moody and Sankey in 1873-75, and with which Professor Drummond was so closely identified. Speer, Rob. E. A memorial of a true life: a biography of Hugh McAllister Beaver. N. Y. and Chic., Fleming H. Revell Co., [1898.] c. 3–308 p. por. Ď. cl., $1.


Hugh McAllister Beaver was born in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, March 29, 1873. He died August 2, 1897. Besides the account of the life and labors of Hugh Beaver in the cause of Christianity, the work of the 1897 young men's and young women's conferences, held at Northfield, is reviewed, and letters of condolence, from many noted people, are included. The material was gathered chiefly from Mr. McAllister's personal papers.

Steevens, G. W. With Kitchener to Khartum. N. Y., Dodd, Mead & Co., 1898. C. 15+326 p. maps, plans, D. cl., $1.50. [4489 By the author of "With the conquering Turk" and [4481"Egypt in 1898." The introductory note says: "The marvellous, machine-like precision of the Sirdar's movements is described by Mr. Steevens with accuracy and graphic presentation of detail, but he shows with the same clearness the dark background of delays and blunders and futilities in the years that preceded. He joined the expedition early in 1897, and he toiled along with it to the end. He went through the battles of the Atbara and Omdurman. He entered Khartum with the conquerors, and he saw the raising of the Union Jack on the spot where Gordon fell." Stickney, J. H., and Hoffmann, Ralph. Bird. world: a bird book for children. Bost., Ginn & Co., 1898. c. 8+214 p. il. D. (Study and story nature readers, no. 2.) cl., 70 c.

*Perris, G. H. Life of Count Leo Tolstoï.
N. Y., imported by the New Amsterdam
Bk. Co., 1898. 8°, cl., $1.75.
Perry, W: Stevens (Bp.) Life lessons from
the book of Proverbs. N. Y., Wilbur B.
Ketcham, [1898.] 5-361 p. D. cl., $1.50.


Essays for the young, originally delivered to successive congregations under the pastoral charge of Bishop Perry. Some of the titles are: The words of the wise, or, proverbs of experience; Treasure in the house, or, proverbs of home life; Closer than a brother, or proverbs of friendship: The reward of the diligent, or, proverbs of industry; The suicide ofthe soul, or, proverbs of purity; The principal thing, or, proverbs of wisdom; The struggles with the strong, or, proverbs of counsel; The false balance, or, proverbs of trade; Wine, a mocker, or. proverbs of temperance; The exaltation and reproach of a nation, or, proverbs of politics.

*Pickering, W. A. Pioneering in Formosa:
recollections of adventures among the
mandarins, wreckers, and head-hunting
savages. N. Y., imported by the New Am-
sterdam Bk. Co., 1898. il. 8°, cl., $6. [4484
Secret (The) of Fougereuse: a romance of the
fifteenth century; from the French, by
Louise Imogen Guiney. Bost., Marlier,
Callanan & Co., 1898. C. 3-347 p. il. D. |
cl., $1.25.

Guy de Fougereuse, a young and gallant knight and the favorite of the good King René of Anjou, buys and inhabits an old hunting lodge called by the peasants the Devil's House, supposed to be haunted. At a


Stories about birds, with descriptions of birds. Besides many text pictures there are a number of page pictures of birds printed in their exact colors. Intended as a reader for intermediate grades. *Streane, A. W., D.D. The age of the Maccabees. N. Y., E. & J. B. Young & Co., 1898. 288 p. 12°, (Bible student's lib.) cl., $2.50.

[4491 Uncle Sydney [pseud.] Uncle Sydney's log school for boys. Chic., The Evangelical Publishing Co., [1898.] C. unp. nar. O. cl., 25 c.; pap., 10 c.


A series of short, pointed talks for boys. *Wilkinson, Spencer. The nation's awakening. N. Y., imported by the New Amsterdam Bk. Co., 1898. 8°, cl., $1.50. [4493 *Woods, Rob. A., ed. The city wilderness: a settlement study; by residents and associates of the South End House, Boston. V. 1. Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1898. 12°, cl., $1.50. [4494


J. B. LIPPINCOTT Co., Phila.


Mead, Historic homes of the South-West mountains, Va......


BARNUM, MOTT & BARNUM, 108 La Salle St.,


Barnum, Stray leaves...

E. D. BRONSON & Co., 933 Market St., San Morris, Historical tales: v. 9, Spanish.. 1.25

Francisco, Cal.

Girvin, Domestic duels... .....50 c.; $1.00 THE ROBERT CLARKE CO., Cincinnati, O. Collins, Immortelles and asphodels..... 1:00

T. Y. CROWELL & Co., Bost. Hall, Newman Hall, autobiography.... Jefferson, Quiet talks with earnest people...

DODD, MEAD & Co., N. Y. Steevens, With Kitchener to Khartum..



LITTLE, BROWN & Co., Bost.

Daudet, Alphonse Daudet..

[blocks in formation]



THE MORSE Co., N. Y. Atwater, Stories from the poets......


[blocks in formation]

NEW AMSTERDAM BOOK Co., N. Y. Dilke and Wilkinson, Imperial defence, new rev. ed...... Hollingshead, Gaiety chronicles... Perris, Life of Count Leo Tolstoy. Pickering, Pioneering in Formosa.. Wilkinson, The nation's awakening.....

SIR ISAAC PITMAN & SONS, N. Y. Latter, Cane weaving for children, 13th ed.......

Columbus, O.








[blocks in formation]

Byron, Prisoner of Chillon....
Slicer, Great affirmations of religion....
Woods, The city wilderness..




[blocks in formation]


Kennedy, Book of Daniel from the Christian standpoint.....



book of

1.50 2.50

Dowse, The pocket therapist.$1.50; net, 2.00 Lampen, Queen of the extinct volcano..

Perry, Life lessons from Proverbs..

Macleod, Stories from the Faerie Queene. 1.50 Streane, Age of the Maccabees....

[blocks in formation]

Hourst, Lieut. French enterprise in Africa: personal narrative of his exploration of the Niger; tr. by Mrs. Arthur Bell (N. D'Anvers); 190 il., map. 8,9% x 5%. 536 P., 24s... Chapman

Jewitt, W. H. The nativity in art and song: its varied treatment with pen and pencil, ancient and modern; il. notes, historical and legendary. Ex. cr. 8°, 8% x 51⁄2, 214 p., 6s.... .Stock Lewine, J. Bibliog. of 18th century art and il. books: a guide to collectors of il. works in English and French of the period. Roy. 8°, 84s., net; swd., 63s., net... Low Price, J. M. From Euston to Klondike: journey through British Columbia and the Northwest territory in the summer of 1898; map: il. from sketches by author and photos. Cr. 8°, 71⁄2 x 4%, 310 p., 6s... Low Worcester, D. C. The Philippine Islands and their people: record of personal observation and experience; summary of important facts in history of archipelago. Roy. 8, 9 x 64, 550 P., 158., net.. Macmillan


THE A. L. A. Publishing Section (121⁄2 Beacon Street, Boston,) has issued a 16-page pamphlet containing "Annotated titles of books on English history published in 1897," selected and prepared by W. Dawson Johnston, of Harvard University. The titles, which are intended for use in library catalogues and as a guide in purchasing, are also printed on cards. In the pamphlet they are printed only on one side of the page, thus being available for pasting in catalogues or other use. Twentysix books are listed, with critical and descriptive annotations, and the selection shows careful comparative work. The present list will be followed by quarterly issues to appear in 1899, listing from fifty to sixty titles of the books of 1898. The length of time between the publication of the books and the issue of the cards will make the annotations of definite critical value, summarizing the opinions of the most important reviews. Subscription to the annotations in pamphlet form is 50 c.; to the cards (3 copies of each title,) $1.25.



Turn in Reference List to the words italicized in the Synopsis.

Biography.-Beha ed Din, Life of Saladin.—Biagi,
Last days of Shelley. - Bismarck-Schönhausen, the
man and the statesman.-Boothby, Prisoner of France.
-Christophers, Hymn writers.-Cox, Samuel Sullivan
Cox.-Daudet, Alphonse Daudet.-Elizabeth of Eng-
land, Correspondence.-Franklin, Life of.-Fraser,
Thomas Reid.-Gardner, Memoir of Alex. Gardner.—
Garnett, Edward Gibbon Wakefield.-Gibson, Pitt.-—
Gilmore, Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War.
Grafton, Autobiography and political correspondence
of Third Duke of Grafton. -Hall, Newman Hall.-
Hamilton, Letters to Washington.-Harper, Life of
Susan B. Anthony. - Hobson, John Ruskin, social
reformer.-Howe, American bookmen.-Hume, Lord
Burghley.-Jefferies, Story of my heart.-King, Life
of Rufus King, v. 5.-Lamb, Charles Lamb and the
Lloyds. Larpenteur, Forty years a fur trader on the
upper Missouri. Laughton, Henry Reeve. - Lee,
William Shakespeare.-Leudet, Emperor of Germany
at home.-Mallard, Montevideo-Maybank.—Monroe,
Writings, v. 1. Nugent, Robert, Earl Nugent.-
O'Brien, Charles S. Parnell.-Perris, Tolstoy.-Pier-
son, Catharine of Siena.-Rossa, Recollections.-Russell
Memoirs of Lady Russell and Lady Herbert.-Schveit
zer, Emin Pasha.-Sharp, Makers of music.-Smith,
Henry Drummond.-Smyth, Life of Henry B. Plant.
Sonnenburg, Bismarck.-Speer, Memorial of a true
life: H. McA. Beaver.-Stanley, Ladies of the White
House.-Symonds, Michelangelo Buonarroti.-Tiffany,
Samuel E. Sewall.-Tsykiewicz, Memoirs of an old
collector.-Vince, John Bright. - Wilson, Mr. Froude
and Carlyle.- Witts, Frances E. Willard. — Wood,
Lancelot Andrewes.

Calendars, Souvenirs, etc. Illustrated family
Christian almanac for 1899.-Porter, Tennyson's men
and women; Treasure bits.-Reichel, Cloud rifts.-
Woolsey, From day to day.

Description, Travel, etc.-Astrup, With Peary near
the Pole.-Bacon, Historic pilgrimages in New Eng-
land. - Baring-Gould, Old English home. - Besant,
South London. -Bradley, Highways and byways in
North Wales. -Burrows, Land of the pigmies.-Clarke,
Commercial Cuba.-Conway, With ski and sledge over
Arctic glaciers.-Hamm, Manila and the Philippines.
-Hedin, Through Asia. - Hemment, Cannon and
camera.-Hill, Cuba and Porto Rico.-Hissey, Over
fen and wold.-Hopkins, Within the purdah.-Hugo,
Alps and Pyrenees.-Hyne, Through Arctic Lapland.
-Inman, Great Salt Lake trail.-Ker, O'er Tartar
deserts.-Landor, In the forbidden land.-Mac Donald,
Gold coast, past and present.-Mead, Historic homes
of the South-West mountains.-Nicholl, Observations
of a ranchwoman in New Mexico.-Page, Letters of a
war correspondent.-Perry, Egypt the land of the
temple builders.-Pickering, Pioneering in Formosa.-
Rathborne, Camping and tramping in Malaya.-Rector,
Porto Rico.-Steevens, With Kitchener to Khartum.-
Stevenson, By way of Cape Horn. -Stinde, Frau
Buchholz im Orient.-Stoddard, Cruise under the
crescent.-Sweetser, One way round the world. -
Temple, Bird's-eye view of picturesque India.
Domestic and Rural. - Barr, Maids, wives, and
bachelors.-Card, Bush-fruits.-Coleman, Successful
houses.-Crely, Woman's club movement in America.
-Farmer, Chafing dish possibilities.-Fontenoy, Eve's
glossary. Hansson, We women and our authors.-
James. Catering for two -Lush, Domestic science,
pt. 2.-Tenney, Young man of yesterday.—Things a
pastor's wife can do.-Wingate, What shall our boys
do for a living?

Education and Language.-Eschylus, Aeschyli tragoedia.-Atwater, Stories from the poets.-Burnap, Polytechnic.-Byron, Prisoner of Chillon.-Carpenter, Travels through Asia with the children; North America.-Carroll, Around the world geog. series, bk. 2.- Chamberlin, German selections. Collins, Poems.-Cooper, Last of the Mohicans.-Davis, Physical geography. Dole, Mistakes we make.-Doyle, Sign of four. - Dumas, Question d'argent.- Easy language lessons. Ellis, Norwich University. Gibbon, Memoirs.-Gilman, University problems in the United States.-Gleason, Gate to Vergil.-Gowdy, Ideals and programmes. - Guerber, Story of the thirteen colonies.-Guyot, Geographical reader and primer.-Harkness, Latin grammar.-Hempl, Easiest German reading. - Holbrook, Hiawatha primer. Hundel, German grammar.-Ingraham, Silver ship of Mexico.-Latter, Cane weaving.-Leonard, Story of Oberlin.-Macaulay, Essay on Addison; Milton; Pitt. -Marcou, French review exercises. -Miller, Old and the new.-Mowry, First steps in the history of our

country.-Murché, Object lessons in domestic economy. -Nichols, Physics. Peabody, Anatomy and physiology. - Pitman's interlined speed practice book; Shorthand class-book; Shorthand gradus.-Pouvillon, Petites ames. - Rintoul, Physics. - Rouse, History of Rugby school.-Salmon, Art of teaching.-Seidel, Auf der Sonnenseite. Smith, Colonies. -Stickney, Bird world.-Tadd, Education.-Tennyson, Princess. -Thorp, Industrial chemistry. Vines, Elementary text-book of botany.-Wachenhusen, Vom ersten bis zum letzten schuss.

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Fiction.-Alexis, Alicia.-Allen, Choir invisible. -
Altsheler, Hidden mine.-Armour, Eerie book.-Arm-
strong (A. E.), My ladies three. Armstrong (L.),
Dan Gunn.-Austen, Novels, 13 v. (Little, B. & Co.;
Stokes).-Barrett, Was she justified?-Barrow, King's
rivals. Belden, King's ward. - Belinda. - Benson,
Money market.-Bentley, Fifth of November.-bing-
ham, Twin sisters of Martigny.-Birdsall, Conflict of
sex.-Björnson, Absalom's hair.-Blundell, Miss Erin.
-Bronte, Novels, v. 1-3. - Bross, God's payday.—
Buchan, John Burnet of Barns. Carey, Mollie's
prince; Uncle Max. - Carillo, In the saddle with
Gomez.-Caskoden, When knighthood was in flower.-
Cervantes Saavedra, Don Quijote.-Chambers, Ashes
of empire.-Chap Book, New stories.-Chesney, Ad-
ventures of an engineer.-Child, Puritan wooing.-
Cobb, Carpet courtship.-Cornelius, Uncle Nathan's
farm.-Crowninshield, Latitude 19°.—Cupples, Green
hand. Dahlgren, Woodley Lane ghost. - Dale,
Dwellers in Gotham.-Davis, Borderland of society. -
Dawson, Bismillah.-Deland, Old Chester tales.-Del
Gracia, Two Washington belles.-Dole, Omar the tent-
maker. Dunlop, Forest lily.-Dunn, General Nelson's
scout.-Dunton, Aylwin.-Emory, Within white walls.
-Ervin, As told by the typewriter girl.- Fawcett,
New York. Ferris, As a man lives.-Flattery, Wife
or maid?-Fletcher, At the Blue Bell Inn.-Fowler,
With bought swords.- Frederic, Gloria mundi. -
Gallet, Adventures of Cyrano de Bergerac.-Gardiner,
Paul's adventures to date.-Gerard, Impediment.-
Glover, Jefferson Wildrider.-Golm, Old Adam and
the new Eve.-Haggard, Doctor Therne.-Hall (C:
W.), Cartagena.-Hall (F. C.), Country tragedy.
Hall (T.), Experimental wooing.-Hammond, Son of
perdition. Harker, Intervention of the Duke. —
Hector, Cost of her pride.-Hemenway, Doomsday.-
Hewlett, Quattrocentisteria.- Hohler, For Peggy's
sake.-Hume, Rainbow feather.-Hyne, Paradise coal-
boat.- Haven, Duel of wits.-Keary, Journalist.-
Keddie, Mrs. Carmichael's goddesses. - Kingsbury,
Tale of an amateur adventuress.-Kirschner, Story of
a genius.-Krausé, Little turning aside. Larned,
Rembrandt.-Leibold, Woman proposes.-Lennoys, In
a Chinese garden.-Le Sage, Gil Blas.-Lewis, Prince
of the blood.-Lie, Niobe.-Lloyd, Houses of glass.-
McArthur, Gemma. - McChesney, Beatrix infelix;
Miriam Cromwell.-McLean, In the shadow of the
hills. Marie, Let no man put asunder. — Marr,
Bound by the law.-Martin, Musical genius.-Mathew,
Spanish wine-Mitford, Gun-runner.-Morris, King
Florus.-Munroe, Copper Princess.- Newland, Pav-
ing the way. -Our lady's tumbler.-Pasolini, Cathe-
rine Sforza.- Pendleton, Lost Prince Almon.- Pen-
nington, Some marked passages.-Peterson, Pemberton.
- Phelps, Bailiff of Tewkesbury, Phillips, Mind
reader.-Pierce, White Devil of Verde.-Pool, Friend.
ship and folly Golden sorrow. -Ralph, Angel in a
web.-Read, Yankee from the west. -Riis, Out of
Mulberry St.-Rives, As the hart panteth.-Roberts,
Sister to Evangeline.-Robertshaw, Merivale.-Robin,
Flight of Icarus.-Roche, Her majesty the king.-
Satterthwait, Son of the Carolinas - Sayre, Two
summer girls and I.-Scott, Waverley novels, 80 v.
(Estes; Scribner).-Scribner, Love of the Princess
Alice. Secret of Fougereuse.-Sienkiewicz, Deluge;
Pan Michael. Slosson, Dumb foxglove. -Smith
(Mrs. L. E:), In social quicksands.-Smith (P. H.),
Little Ethel.-Stephens, Road to Paris.-Stevens, I am
the king-Stockton, Associate hermits.-Storke, Mr.
De Lacy's double.-Sue, Romance of the West Indies;
Silver cross.-Svetla, Maria Felicia.-Taylor, Yankee
volunteer.-Thackeray, Christmas books; Newcomes.
-Thomas, Violin player.-Tottenham, In the shadow
of the three.-Trepoff, Jew of Chamant.-Tyler, Four
months after date. Voss, New God. - Walworth,
Fortune's tangled skein. Watson, Adventurers.-
Zola, Stories for Ninon.

Fine Arts, Illustrated Gift-Books, etc.-Annesley, Standard opera-glass.-Banister, Helpful papers for harmony students. - · Barrie, Little minister. Benedictis, Stabat mater. - Black, Miss America.

Booth, Sporting rhymes and pictures.-Bunyan, Pilgrim's progress.-Carpenter, Angel's wings.-Clement, Angels in art.-Cook, Handbook to the Tate Gallery. -Emery, How to enjoy pictures. - Fowke, Bayeux tapestry.-Friling, Surface ornaments.-Fuller, Golden thoughts.-Gade, Book-plates.-Gibson, Sketches and cartoons. Gilbert, Maude Adams in The little minister. Goldsmith, Vicar of Wakefield. Hageman, Make-up-book.-Hart, Browere's life masks.-Hellen, Drypoints and drawings.-Hollingshead, Gaiety chronicles.-Isham, Homeric palace.-Johnson, Drawings Keats, Isabella. - Kemble, Comical coons. - - Lahee, Famous singers of to-day and yesterday. - Lanier, Music and poetry.-Lest we forget.-Life's comedy.Life's roses.-Long fellow, Column and arch.-Longpré, Roses.-Mabie, In the Forest of Arden.-Masterpieces of modern art.-Muntz, Leonardo da Vinci.-Nicholson, London types. -Omar Khayyám, Rubáiyát.-Peixotto, Ten drawings in Chinatown.-Potter, Love in art.Rhys, Lord Leighton.-Richter, Lectures on the Nat. Gallery. Robertson, Bible of St. Mark. Robins, Palmy days of Nance Oldfield.-Rooses, Dutch painters. - Schoener, Rome.-Sharp, Makers of music.Taylor, Violin playing.- Temple, Old-world memoirs. -Tennyson, Idylls of the king.-Whitman, Masters of mezzotint.-Willard, Modern Italian art. History.-Alford, Egyptian Soudan.-Beresford, Nelson and his times. -Blok, History of the Netherlands, pt. 1.-Burton, The Jew, gypsy, and El Islam.-Butterfield, Brulé's discoveries.-Catherwood, Heroes of the middle west.-Channing, Student's history of the U.S. -China.-Coe, Red patriots: the Seminoles.-Cutts, Parish priests and people in the Middle Ages.-Dana, Recollections of the Civil War.-Davis, Cuban and Porto Rican campaigns.-Description of New Albion. -Dill, Roman society in the last century of the Western Empire.-Earle, Home life in colonial days.-Ellis, Norwich University. - Fairbanks, Florida. — Field, Renaissance.-Fiske, Beginnings of New England.Gardner, Armour in England.-Gibbon, Roman Empire, v. 6.-Gilmore, Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War.-Goodwin, Historic New York.-Greene, Provincial governors in Eng. colonies of North America.Hall, Romans on the Riviera and Rhone.-Halstead, The Philippines,-Howard, Fighting for humanity.Imbert de Saint Amand, Court of the Second Empire. -Jesuit relations, vs. 31, 32.-Kaler, Boys of '98.Latimer, My scrap-book of the French Revolution.Lecky, Amer. Revolution.-Lee, The Hagar nation.Lodge, Story of the Revolution.-Noa, Pearl of the Antilles. - Parkman, Works, v. 3-12. — Pelletreau, Early wills of Westchester Co. - Poole, Saladin.Powell, Historic towns of New England. - Putnam, Origin of Breuckelen (Brooklyn).-Ramsay, Foundations of England.-Roberts, Westminster standards and formation of the Am. Republic.-Robertson, Chitral.Rose, With the Greeks in Thessaly.-Sanderson, Africa in the nineteenth century; History of the world.Shand, War in the Peninsula. — Spanish-American war. - · Spears. Our navy in the war with Spain. Steevens, With Kitchener to Khartum. — Stillman, Union of Italy.-Streane, Age of the Maccabees.Symonds, Renaissance in Italy.-Wallace. Jerusalem. -Wheeler, Santiago campaign.-White, Pictorial history of our war with Spain.-Wilcox, War with Spain. -Williams, Events in France from the landing of Napoleon to the restoration of Louis xvIII.- Willets, Triumph of Yankee Doodle.-Yonge, Keble's parishes. Humor and Satire.-Bangs, Peeps at people.-Bierce, Fantastic fables.-Dooley, Mr. Dooley in peace and war.-Hall, Little lady, some other people and myself. Hygienic and Sanitary.-Ashby, Health in the nursery.-Folwell, Sewerage.-Fuller, Purification of the Ohio River at Louisville.-Topham, Health of body and mind.-Winthrop, Diet in illness and convales


Juvenile.-Arnold, Rock-a-by land.-Baker, Cis Martin.-Barnes, Hero of Erie.-Beale, Stories from the Old Testament.-Belloc, Modern traveller.—Brigham, Pleasant land of play.-Buckland, Two little runaways.-Bull, Fridtjof Nansen.-Burdick, Just jingles. -Burnham, Roman's story.-Butterworth, In the land of the condor.-Castlemon, Ten-ton cutter.Chase, Three freshmen. - Children of the Bible.Church, Heroes of chivalry and romance. - Codd, Story of Lafayette.-Corbet, Sybil's garden of pleasant beasts.-Corvo, Stories Toto told me.-Day, Story of Johnikin. Dillingham, Proud little Baxter. - Donnelly, Klondike picnic.-Dorsey, Pickle and Pepper.-Dromgoole, Three little crackers from down in Dixie. - Duggan, Señora's granddaughters. Egan, In a Brazilian forest; Leopard of Lancianus.-Eliot, Laura's holidays.-Finley, Elsie on the Hudson and elsewhere. -Forest, Tormentilla. - Foster, Two little everyday folks.-Foulke, Braided straws.-Gatty, Parables from nature.-Glover, Gentle art of pleasing.—Grahame, Dream days.-Guthrie, Paleface and redskin.-Hale,

Historic Boston and its neighborhood.-Hicks, Sleepy king.-Hill, Lone Point.-Hobbs, Boys of Princeville. -Humphrey, Little rosebuds; Baby folks.-Johnston, Joel.-Jordan, Mother song and child-song.-Kaler, Capture of the "Laughing Mary"; Corporal 'Lige's recruit: Cruise with Paul Jones; Morgan, the Jersey spy: Sarah Dillard's ride; Tory plot: Traitor's escape: With Warren at Bunker Hill; With Washington at Monmouth.-Kelley, Boy mineral collectors.—Lampen, Queen of the extinct volcano.-Le Feuvre, His big op portunity.-MacLeod, Stories from the Faerie Queene. -McManus, Told in the twilight.-Marshall, Under the dome of St. Paul's.-Merriman, Comedies for children. Merwine, Starlight Sterling. Mitchell, Cortes, Montezuma and Mexico.-Molesworth, Laurel walk.-Morrison, Stories true and fancies new.—Munkittrick, More Mother Goose. - Newberry, Everyday honor.-O., T.W., Philip.-Potter, Bible stories in Bible language.-Reed, Mount Holyoke days in war time.Seklemian, Golden maiden.-Spofford, Hester Stanley at St. Mark's.-Stables, Courage, true hearts; Life on the ocean wave.-Stell, Aleck Hormby.-Stoddard, First cruiser out.-Stratemeyer, Young volunteer in Cuba.-Tupper, Uncle Allen's party in Palestine.Uncle Sydney, Log school for boys.-Weed, Life of Christ.-Wheelock, Allan books, 10 v.-Wray, Catholic teaching.-Zollinger, Widow O'Callaghan's boys. Law.-American and Eng. railroad cases, v. 10; Digest, V. 5: Annual digest, 1898.-Atlantic reporter, v. 40.— Booth, Justice's manual for Minn.-California, Notes on reports, v. 1.—Colorado, Sup. ct. repts., v. 24.— Connecticut, Sup. ct. of errors repts., v. 70. - Cook, Corporations having capital stock.-Denis, Contract of pledge.-Gould, War revenue law of 1898 explained.Indiana, Powers and duties of county officers.—Iowa, Sup. ct. digest, v. 3.—Johnson, Negotiable contracts.Loring, Trustees handbook. — Minnesota, Sup. ct. repts., v. 69.-Ohio, Instructions to registrars.-South Carolina, Acts and joint resolutions.-Southeastern reporter, v. 30.- Thayer, Evidence at the common law. Thornton, Building and loan associations.— United States, Cts, of appeals repts., v. 54

Literary History and Miscellany, Collected Works, etc.-Beowulf.-Birrell, Among my books. -Boylan, If Tam O'Shanter'd had a wheel.-Brewer, Reader's handbook. - Bridge, Penalties of taste.Browning, Complete works, 12 V.-Candlin, Chinese fiction.-Carlyle, Works, v. 20-22-Clemens, Depew story book. Curtin, Creation myths of primitive America.-Dickens, Works. v. 1-3 (Doubleday); v. 2830 (Scribner).-Dobson, Miscellanies.-Farrar, Great books.-Fielding, Works, v. 1-4.-Hale, Works, v. 1. Hearn, Exotics and retrospectives.-Heptameron.Ketcham, Driftwood.-Lanier, Music and poetry.Livingston, Am. book-prices.- Macaulay, Complete works, 20 v.-Meredith, Works, v. 7-16.-Moody, Anecdotes, illustrations, and incidents.- Pater, Denys L'Auxerrois; Duke Carl of Rosenmold; Prince of court painters; Sebastian Van Storck.-Patterson, New thought essays.-Shaylor, Pleasures of literature.Sherwood, Dryden's dramatic theory. -Stevenson, Reader. Swift, Prose works, vs. 2, 3.-Syle, Essays in dramatic criticism.-Symonds, Sketches and studies.Virgil, Eclogues.-White, Aelfric.-Witte, Essays on Dante.-Woodberry, Studies in letters and life. Medical Science.-Allen, Practitioner's manual.Burr, Psychology and mental disease.-Cleland, Dissection.-Coleman, Syllabus of materia medica.-Dewey, Homœopathic therapeutics.-Dowse, Pocket therapist.-Dunham, Histology.-Fuchs, Ophthalmology.Gibson, Heart and aorta.-Gillespie, Digestion.-Gref, Materia medica for nurses.-Hayden, Venereal diseases. Herdman, Electrotherapeutics. - Hirst, Obstetrics. Hirt, Nervous system.-Kelsey, Office treatment of hemorrhoids, etc., without operation,-Klein, Histology.-Lester, Ear records.-MacFarland, Patho genic bacteria.-Medical Record visiting list.—Miller, Students' histology.-Norton, Ophthalmic diseases and therapeutics.-Pilcher, Treatment of wounds.-Furdy, Uranalysis and urinary diagnosis.-Quain, Dict, of medicine.-Ramsay, External diseases of the eye.Schäfer. Histology.-Schuessler, Abbreviated therapy. -Scott, Sexual instinct.-Shaffer, Orthopedic surgery. -Stohr, Histology.-Talbot, Degeneracy.-Wanless, Medical mission.

Mental and Moral Philosophy.-Lindsay, What good does wishing do?-Maeterlinck, Wisdom and des tiny.-Marshall, Instinct and reason.-Seward, Don't


Physical and Mathematical Science.- Apgar, Mollusks; Pocket key of birds of the northern U. S.Argyll, Organic evolution cross-examined (Little, B. & Co.; Scribner).-Dixon, Birds.-Elder, Ideas from nature. Eliot, Vegetation and scenery of Boston.Geikie, Earth sculpture.-Gill, Navigation and nautical astronomy.-Harting, The rabbit.-Holland, But

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