The Publishers Weekly, Opseg 33

F. Leypoldt, 1888

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Stranica 52 - the sum or value of five hundred dollars, and an alien is a party, or the suit is between a citizen of the State where it is brought and a citizen of another State. . . . ***** Ninth. Of all suits at law or in equity arising under the patent or copyright laws of the United States.*
Stranica 51 - design intended to be perfected and completed as a work of the fine arts, by inscribing upon some visible portion thereof, or of the substance on which the same shall be mounted, the following words, viz.: " Entered according to act of Congress, in the year , by А. В., in the office of the Librarian of
Stranica 227 - WORK: The English in the West Indies; Or, THE BOW OF ULYSSES. With Eight Full-Page Illustrations from Drawings by the Author. Crown 8vo, $1.75* In this volume Mr. Froude continues the studies which he
Stranica 49 - within six months before the expiration of the first term. And such person shall, within two months from the date of said renewal, cause a copy of the record thereof to be published in one or more newspapers, printed in the United States, for the space of four weeks. SEC. 4955. Copyrights shall be
Stranica 611 - or a description of the painting, drawing, statue, statuary, or a model or design for a work of the fine arts, for which he desires a copyright, nor unless he shall also, not later than the day of the publication thereof in this
Stranica 49 - 4951. The Librarian of Congress shall make an annual report to Congress of the number and description of copyright publications for which entries have been made during the year. SEC. 4952. Any citizen of the United States or resident therein, who shall be the author,
Stranica 337 - Giving references, by topics, to notable passages and significant expressions; brief histories of the plays; geographical names and historical incidents ; mention of all characters, and sketches of important ones ; together with explanations of allusions and obscure and obsolete words and phrases. By EVANGELINE M. O'CONNOR. Crown 8vo, 420 pages, half leather, $2.00.
Stranica 611 - printed from type set within the limits of the United States, or in case of a painting, drawing, statue, statuary, model, or design for a work of the fine arts, a photograph of the same. During the existence of such copyright the importation into the United States of
Stranica 50 - of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington." * SEC. 4963. Every person who shall insert or impress such notice, or words of the same purport, in or upon any book, map, chart, musical composition, print, cut, engraving, or photograph, or other article, for which he has not obtained a copyright, shall be liable to a
Stranica 598 - FOR ARTISTIC USE in fine drawings. Nos. 659 (Crow-quill), 290 and 291. FOR FINE WRITING, No. 303, and Ladies', 170, FOR BROAD WRITING, Nos. 294, 389 and Stub Point, 849 FOR GENERAL WRITING, Nos. 404, 332, 390 and 604. THE MOST PERFECT OP PENS. Gold Medal Paris Exposition, 1878. Joseph Gillott &. Sons, 91 John St., New

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