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805 Broadway, New-York.



New and Desirable Books.

Lucien Guglieri.

By MARY B. LEE. 16mo,

A history of a little Italian boy, stolen from his home and brought to New-York, and compelled to play in the
He is afterward restored to his parents.



$0 60

Or, Life on the Circuit. A Sequel to Rachel Cardingford's Book. By JNO. E. E. BOYD. 16mo, The King of Day.


By W. S. URMY.



A history of the Sun: His size, of what he is made, how hidden, spots on his face, how he warms us, etc., etc. Scenes in Europe;

Or, Observations by an Amateur Artist. By LORETTA J. POST. 12mo, illustrated, Life of Bishop Morris.

I 50

By Rev. JOHN F. MARLAY, A.M. Introduction by Bishop Janes. A 12m0 volume of 407 pages, printed on fine tinted paper, bound in English cloth,

I 75

Spiritual Struggles of a Roman Catholic.

An Autobiographical Sketch by LOUIS N. BEAUDRY, Author of "Army and Prison Experience with the Fifth New-York Cavalry." With an Introduction by Rev. B. Hawley, D.D.

Memoir of Rev. Benjamin G. Paddock.

I 25

With Brief Notices of Early Ministerial Associates. Also, an Appendix, containing more extended sketches of Rev. George Cary, Abner Chase, Seth Mattison, Isaac Puffer, Charles Giles, and others. By Z. PADDOCK, D.D. With portraits. 12mo,

Fraternal Camp-Meeting Sermons,

- I 50

Preached by ministers of the various branches of Methodism at the Round Lake Camp-meeting, N. Y., July, 1874. With an account of the Fraternal Meeting. Phonographically reported by S. M. Stiles and J. G. Patterson. With an Introduction by Bishop Peck. 12mo,

Minutes of the Annual Conferences

Of the Methodist Episcopal Church, for the year 1874. 8vo,

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Helena's Cloud with the Silver Lining.

By the Author of How Marjorie Watched," "Posie," "For Earth or Heaven," etc. Two illustrations. 12mo,

The Squire of Walton Hall;


Or, Sketches and Incidents from the Life of Charles Waterton, Esq., the Adventurous Traveler and Daring Naturalist. By DANIEL WISE, D.D., Author of "The Story of a Wonderful Life,' "Little Peachblossom," etc. Six illustrations. 12mo,

1 25

The Full Envelope;

Or, Gleanings for Youthful Readers. By Rev. RICHARD DONKERSLEY, Author of "Facts about Wives and Mothers," etc. 16m0,

I 00

Queen Louisa, of Prussia;

Or, Goodness in a Palace. (From German Sources.) BY CATHERINE E. HURST. Five illustrations. 12mo,

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A Manual designed to aid Christian Believers in acquiring the Gift, and in maintaining the Practice and Spirit, of Prayer, in the Closet, the Family, the Social Gathering, and the Public Congregation. 12mo, $1.75; square 8vo,




A Free Lance in the Field of Life and Letters.

By Prof. W. C. WILKINSON. I vol. 12mo,


"A galop over the field with Mr. Wilkinson is exhilarating. We feel that we have been in knightly company."-WiscoKsin State Journal.

"Prof. Wilkinson is one of the ablest literary critics of the day, and all that he writes may be read with profit and unflagging interest."-National Baptist.

The History of Switzerland.


I vol. 12mo,

$1 75

Lord Macaulay's Works.

Consisting of his celebrated Essays, History of England, and Speeches and Poems, in eight volumes, sheep,

The Critical and Historical Essays of Lord Macaulay, in one volume, extra cloth,

All the French Verbs at a Glance.

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With Practical Elucidations of all the French Sounds, and Comprehensive Table of
Pronouns. 12mo, flexible cloth,

ALBERT MASON, Publisher,

$20.00 250


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Adopted and Set Forth for Use by the Second General Council of the said Church, held in the City of New-York, May, 1874.

The publisher announces that, after careful revision, the above work has been completed, and is the only authorised version of the Book of Common Prayer of the Reformed Episcopal Church.

The Collects, Epistles, and Gospels are the same as those found in the Protestant Episcopal Prayer-Book, excepting that those in use for Saints' Days have been omitted. The Psalter is the same as that in the book of 1785, repointed to correspond with the service from which it was compiled.

Two different editions have been prepared-an 18mo, printed in clear small pica type, and a 32m0, printed in clear brevier type--and the composition has been so arranged that the matter in either edition appears on the same page-a great desideratum in a book intended to have such wide-spread circulation. All the different editions are printed on the very best super-calendered paper, and bound in the most substantial manner.

A Hymnal of 224 pages, uniform in style with the above, and recommended for present use by the Council, has also been prepared, and an 18mo edition, bound separately, in cloth, can be had for 25 cents.

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32mo, morocco, gilt or red edges (ribbon),

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2 25

Square 12mo, morocco, gilt or red edges, without Hymns..

Square 12mo, cloth, printed from 18mo plates, with wide margins, gilt edges, intended
for pulpit use, without Hymns..


3 00

An edition of the square 12mo is in course of preparation, with Hymns, bound as above, at $2.50 and $3.50, respectively. The above editions have also been prepared for use in the Dominion of Canada, and will be furnished at the same rates. COMPARISON OF PRAYER-BOOKS.-The Book of Common Prayer of the Reformed Episcopal Church compared with that of the Protestant Episcopal Church, in the United States. Octavo, 48 pp. Price, 10 cents.

Address all orders to

JAMES A. MOORE, Publisher, 1220, 1222, and 1224 Sansom St., Philadelphia.

Fits any School-Book, "cept Jogfys!"




For Colleges, Societies, Schools, Public and Private Libraries.

This COVER is made of strong Manilla paper, and in four parts, fitting the four corners of a bound volume-said parts being self-sealing, and adjustable in relation to each other, as they are put on the book, so as to fit many different sizes of books. Size A fits an 18mo, 16mo, or 12mo book.

Put up, 100 in a Box, Price, $2.


Have used thousands of the Covers as a valuable medium for advertising. Their business cards are neatly printed outside the cover, and whenever the book is used are where they catch the eye, as long as the cover lasts. Dealers supply a copy of the cover, gratis, with every book purchased. Samples of Covers thus printed sent on application.


For 500, $10; 1000, $18; 2000, per 1000, $17; 5000, per 1000, $15.


Is a device that fits equally well all the different series of Copy or Writing-Books. It is a loose or supplementary cover, with Blotting-paper ends, arranged to fold INSIDE the book, in such a manner that the surplus ink is taken up, and the whole book kept clean and free from blots. Put up 50 in a Box, per 100, $3.



The NUMBERS size "25" are printed in black, on tinted paper, for post-office boxes, school-desks, hat-hooks, libraryshelves, and books. Furnished face-gummed for glass.

Size "252," for books, shelves, reports, paper patterns, and especially for the use of Auctioneers.

Size "5825" are printed in blue ink on white paper; are used for numbering Natural History specimens, Checks, Books, paging files of Letters, Newspapers, or any other papers, also Blank-books, Scrap-books, and Stamp collections. Any style or quantity to order.

The Letters size "A" are printed in black, on tinted paper, and are used for Lecture-Room Chairs, etc. The size "B" are printed in black, on white paper, and are used for indexing books and for pigeon-holes, statements, etc.

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These COVERS and NUMBERS are kept in Stock by the prominent Jobbing Booksellers, from whom Retail Dealers can order, if they prefer.


No. 150 Nassau Street, New-York.

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A simple device for holding business

cards, and for any other similar purpose for which it may be required in an office or place of business.

Consists of annular wires placed in a metal strap or band, the edges of which are turned over, and the wires therein

placed and fastened by means of solder. The strap is fastened upon a neatly scrolled bracket. It occupies only the space of 9 inches by 4 inches, and holds from 100 to 200 cards, according as there is one or two cards placed between the wires.

By passing the finger over the tops, the cards can be readily referred to without displacing any card on the "Holder."




142 and 144 GRAND ST., NEW-YORK.


Spencerian Double Elastic


The superiority and excellence of these justly celebratea Pens are appreciated, as is shown in their constantly increasing sale. They are comprised in 15 numbers, of which ONE NUMBER alone has an annual sale of more than 5,000,000.

The Spencerian Pens are manufactured of the very best material, by the most expert workmen in Europe, and are famous for their elasticity, durability, and evenness of point. The Spencerian Pens are for sale by all Dealers.

We make Fifteen Numbers of Pens, differing in flexibility and fineness of point, adapted to every style of writing, as follows:

No. 1. College Pen. POINT FINE; ACTION PERFECT. This is a great favorite with our leading penmen, is largely used in the Schools and Commercial Colleges throughout the country, and gives better satisfaction than any pen before the American public. Per gross, $1.40. POINT FINE AND FLEXIBLE,

No. 2. Counting-House Pen.

well adapted to the use of Correspondents and Accountants. Per gross, $1.25. No. 3. Commercial Pen.


Writing Business Pen. Per gross, $1.25. No. 4. Ladies' Extra Pen.

POINT EXTRA FINE AND FLEXIBLE. For Delicate Fine Handwriting this is a very superior Pen. Per gross, $1.40.

No. 5. School Pen. POINT FINE, MEDIUM IN FLEXIBILITY. For a durable School Pen, it has never been equaled. Per gross, $1.40.

No. 6. Flourishing Pen, POINT LONG, FLEXIBLE, AND ME-
DIUM IN FINENESS. For Off-Hand Flourishing. Per gross,
No. 7. Quill Pen.

POINT MEDIUM, QUILL ACTION A Smooth, Easy Writing Pen. Its name well represents its qualities. Per gross, $1.60. No. 8. Congress Pen, (New). MEDIUM FLEXIBLE POINT A very superior Pen for all styles of writing. This Pen undergoes a process that renders it non-corrosive and three times more durable than any ordinary steel Pen. Per gross, $1.40. No. POINT LONG AND FLEXIBLE. A great Bank Pen. 9. favorite with Accountants, Tellers, etc. Per gross, $1.40. No. 10. Custom-House Pen POINT MEDIUM. Well adapted to all styles of Bold Free-hand Writing. Per gross, $1.60.

No. 11. University Pen. POINT MEDIUM, VERY SMOOTH AND FLEXIBLE. The action of this celebrated Pen is very fine. Per gross, $1.60. No. 12. Epistolaire Per POINT VERY FINE AND VERY FLEXIBLE. This is the Finest Pointed Pen made, and, for very Delicate Writing, Map and Fine Pen Drawing, it has no equal. Per gross, $2.50.

No. 13. Engrossing Pen. POINT BLUNT AND SMOOTH. Particularly adapted to Coarse-hand Writing and Engrossing. Per gross, $1.25.

No. 14. Artistic Pen. FLEXIBLE, WITH EXTRA FINE POINT. This exquisite and truly celebrated Pen is the Best Pen extant for Fine Ornamental Writing. Per gross, $1.60. No. 15. The Queen. POINT EXTRA FINE. Admirably adapted to all kinds of Fine Writing. Per gross, $1.50


Sample Cards containing all the FIFTEEN Numbers, ecurely inclosed, will be sent by mail on receipt of 25 cents. IVISON, BLAKEMAN, TAYLOR & Co.,

138 and 140 Grand Street, N. Y.


No. I.


Forms of Water, in Clouds, Rain, Rivers, Ice, and Glaciers. By Prof. JOHN TYNDALL, LL.D., F.R.S. I vol. Cloth. Price, $1.50. No. 2. Physics and Politics; or, Thoughts on the Application of the Principles of "Natural Selection" and "Inheritance" to Political Society. By WALTER BAGEHOT, Esq., author of "The English Constitution." I vol. Cloth. Price, $1.50.

No. 3. Foods. By EDWARD SMITH, M.D., LL.B., F.R.S. 1 vol. Cloth, Price, $1.75.

No. 4. Mind and Body. The Theories of their Relation. By ALEX. BAIN. LL.D., Professor of Logic in the University of Aberdeen. I vol., 12mo. Cloth. Price, $1.50.

No. 5.

No. 6.

The Study of Sociology. By HERBERT SPENCER. Price, $1.50.

The New Chemistry. By Prof. JOSIAH P. COOKE, Jr., of Harvard
University. vol., 12mo. Cloth. Price, $2.

No. 7. The Conservation of Energy. By Prof. BALFOUR STEWART, LL.D.,
F.R.S. I vol., 12mo. Cloth. Price, $1.50.

No. 8. Animal Locomotion; or, Walking, Swimming, and Flying, with a Dissertation on Aëronautics. By J. BELL PETTIGREW, M.D., F.R.S., F.R.S.E., F.R.C.P.E. I vol., 12mo. Fully illustrated. Price. $1.75. No. 9. Responsibility in Mental Disease. By HENRY MAUDSLEY, M.D. I vol., 12mo. Cloth. Price, $1.50.

No. 10. The Science of Law. By Prof. SHELDON AMOS. I vol., 12mo.

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No. II. Animal Mechanism. A Treatise on Terrestrial and Aërial Locomotion. By E. J. MAREY. With 117 Illustrations. Price, $1.75.

No. 12. The History of the Conflict Between Religion and Science. By JOHN Wм. DRAPER, M.D., author of "The Intellectual Development of Europe." Fourth Edition. Price, $1.75.

No. 13. The Chemistry of Light and Photography. By Prof. VOGEL, Polytechnic Academy of Berlin. (In press.)

No. 14. On Parasites in the Animal Kingdom. By Mons. VAN BENEDEN. (In press.)

No. 15. The Theory of Descent and Darwinism. By Prof. OSCAR SCHMIDT, Strasburg University. (In press.)

Other eminent authors, as WALLACE, HELMHOLTZ, PARKS, MILNE-EDWARDS, and HAECKEL, have given strong encouragement that they will also take part in the enterprise.

D. APPLETON & CO., Publishers,

549 and 551 Broadway, New-York.

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