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D. VAN NOSTRAND, New-York. Greene, Analysis of Bridge Trusses......$2.00 Brush, Determinative Mineralogy (corr. T. WHITTAKER, New-York. Hall, Nuts for Christmas Cracking..






RESOLVED, That this Convention recognize the PUBLISHERS' WEEKLY as the established organ of the entire trade, and recommend it to publishers as the medium through which they should make their “first announcement" of books they propose to publish, and the full title of all books immediately on publication.-AMERICAN BOOK TRADE ASSOCIATION.

J. W. BOUTON, New-York.

Fu-sang; or, The Discovery of America by Chinese Buddhist Priests in the Fifth Century. Containing a Translation of Prof. Carl Neumann's Work on the Subject, made under supervision of the Author; a Letter by Colonel Barclay Kennon, late of the U. S. North-Coast Pacific Survey, on the Possibility of an easy Passage from China to California; and a résumé of the Arguments of De Guigues, Klaproth, Gustav D'Eichthal, and Dr. Bretschneider, on the Narrative of Hoei-Shin, with other Con

D. LOTHROP & CO., Boston.

The Perils of Orphanhood.

The Poor Clerk and his Crooked Sixpence. Maiden May.

The Land of the Giant Cities.

MACMILLAN & CO., New-York.

Special Am. ed. With 4 portraits by Jeens. (March 1.)

F. B. PATTERSON, New-York.

tributions and Comments. By Charles G. Leland. (Apl. 1.) | Reminiscences from the Diary of Macready. Monumental Christianity; or, The Art and Symbolism of the Primitive Church, as Witness and Teacher of the one Catholic Faith and Practice. By Rev. John P. Lundy, D.D. Demy 4°. With 200 illustr. Ancient Symbol Worship. Influence of the Phallic Idea in the Religions of Antiquity. By Hodder M. Westropp and Staniland Wake. With Notes and Appendix by Alexander Wilder, M.D. New ed. With illustr.

[blocks in formation]

THE recent advance of the study of history and political economy after philosophic methods and with reference to their present bearing upon national and social life, is a sign of the times in our schools and colleges that should be welcomed; and new text-books to meet this felt want are making their appearance. Such a book as Nordhoff's "Politics for Young Americans" (Harper's) can scarcely be too highly praised. Prof. Sumner's "History of American Currency" (Holt) is broader than its name implies, and is used as a text-book in Harvard and Yale. Freeman's "Outlines of History" (Holt) is made the basis of the teaching of that subject at Harvard, the College of the City of New-York, the Naval Academy, and elsewhere, and the other volumes of the series, on individual countries, are very good. The "Epochs of History" (Scribner) volumes are very clear and philosophical in the statement of causes, and should find a place in every teacher's library. To the forthcoming volume on "The French Revolution," Pres. White, of Cornell, who has made a special study of this field, will add a course of reading upon it. Green's "History of the English People" (Macmillan), now issued in a cheap edition at $2, has made its author a reputation at once by its brilliant record of real progress; and we may refer also to Prof. Adams's "Democracy and Monarchy in France" (Holt) as a model of suggestive and practical historical writing. Col. Higginson's "Youth's History of the United States" has the same qualities in its more modern field. All these are new within the year.

Point Lace and Diamonds. Poems by George N. Baker, Jr. (April 1.)


Social Science and National Economy. By Robt. Ellis Thompson, Prof. in the Univ. of Pennsylvania. A Handbook for the General Reader and a Text-book for Colleges and the Higher Schools. 12°.

Storms: their Laws and Prognostics. A new System of Aerial Currents and the general Circulation of the Atmosphere, and a Classification of its local Disturbances; or, Storms and their Characteristic Clouds. By William Blasius, formerly Prof. of Natural Sciences in the Lyceum of Hanover. 12°.

THE great work on Harvard College, according to the plan of its projectors (Messrs. F. O. Vaille and H. A. Clark, Old President's House, are the names given), promises to be one of the most ambitious volumes attempted in this country. The volume will be an imperial quarto, 11 x 14, at $30, in cloth, and will be illustrated and historical, containing a number of engravings, full-page heliotypes of every building connected with the University, several interiors, representations of the College at different periods in its growth, portraits of a few of the former Presidents, all the professors at present in the University, with autographs and brief biographies, society rooms, and other objects of interest, making the total number about one hundred and twenty. Pres. Samuel Elliot will write a full history of the college, and other writers, graduates of Harvard, and numbering some of the most distinguished writers in the country, will treat of the several buildings, societies, college publications, the athletic and social features, and the professional schools of the University. Among them may be named A. P. Peabody, J. F. Člarke, J. R. Lowell, C. E. Norton, Ó. W. Holmes, Samuel Longfellow, R. H. Dana, Jr., J. S. Dwight, C. P. Cranch, Col. Higginson, Emory Washburn, and hosts of others. With such writers, and the Osgood heliotypes, the work should be worthy of old Harvard.

WE hear that there is a steadily increasing demand for the little " Pronouncing Handbook" issued last year by Lee & Shepard.

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MacVicar's Teacher's Handbook of Arithmetic, in 2 parts. Part First, $1.50... Taintor. Peck's First Lessons in Numbers, 25 c.—Manual of Arithmetic, 50 c.-Complete Arithmetic, go c...... ...Barnes. Quackenbos's Higher Arithmetic, $1.25.... Robinson's Junior Class Arithmetic, 80 c.........Ivison.



[blocks in formation]

Patterson's National System of Geographical Drawing, Woolworth.

Stetson's Industrial Drawing for Beginners, 90 c..Prang. Tomkins's Machine Construction and Drawing (Advanced), 2 v., $3 **. Putnam.


Including Speakers, Dialogues, Dramas, etc. Baker's Reading Club and Handy Speaker, No. 2, 50 c. -Exhibition Drama, $1.50....

.Lee & S.

Beecher's Recitations and Readings, 30 c. and 50 c.

Dick & F.

...Lee & S.

Boxer's Sacred Dramas, $1.50.....
Frobisher's Good Selections, No. 2, 30 c.; 75 c. and $1.
Garrett's One Hundred Choice Selections, No. 9, 30 c.
and 75 c.-Excelsior Dialogues, new ed., $1.25.. Garrett.
Graham's Reasonable Elocution, $1.25..... ...Barnes.
Hillard's and Sprague's Franklin Sixth Reader and Speak-
er, $1.50..
...Brewer & T.
Holmes's School Speaker **. .....Univ. Pub. Co.
Huntoon's American Speaker, No. 1, 60 c...... Morton.
McBride's All Kinds of Dialogues, 30 c. and 50 c.



[blocks in formation]
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(See also Geography, Literature, Antiquities.) Acrelius's Hist. of New-Sweden, $4.........Lippincott. Alzog's Universal Church Hist. (in 3 vols.), vol. 1, $5. R. Clarke & Co. Anderson's Junior Class Hist. of the U. S., $1.-Primary Class Hist. of the U. S.**-School Hist. of Rome. **_ Do., of Greece. **-Do., of France **. Clark. D'Aubigne's Hist. of the Reformation, new ed., $10.

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Greenleaf's Surveying and Navigation **.
Hill's Geometry and Faith, new ed., $1..
Phillips's Elements of Geometry, $2.....Schermerhorn
Venable's Elements of Geometry after Legendre, $1.25.
Univ. Pub. Co.

[blocks in formation]

Otto's First Book in German, 40 c.-German Conversation Grammar, new ed., enlarged by full vocab, by L. Pylodet, [ $1.75 Introductory Reader. **- Introductory Gram



.Holt. Schlegel's and Grauert's Advanced Grammar.** Steiger. Schlegel's First German Book, Part I., 50 c.-Part II., 50 c.-In one vol., $t.... Schmidt. Venable's Plane Geometry (corrected title), $1.25.-Elements of Geometry, $2 ** Univ. Pub. Co.


Alden's Introd. to the Study of the Eng. Language, Part I., 40 C...... Munsell.

Bigsby's Elements of Eng. Language, 50 c.........Ginn. Burtt's Primary Grammar, 50 c.-Elementary Gr., new rev. ed., 80 c. .English.

Clark's Easy Lessons in Language (corr. price), 35 c.

Barnes. Fellows's First Steps in Eng. Grammar on the Catechetical Plan, 25 C....... ... Taintor. Hart's Grammar of the Eng. Language, 90 c.-Language Lessons for Beginners, 30 c... Metzner's Eng. Grammar, 3 vols., $15..... Murch's Child's Grammar, 65 c.

.Eldredge. ... Roberts. Morton.

2.-TREATISES, HISTORY, ETC. Schwerdtfeger's Hist. and Development of the Eng. Verb, 50 c...... .....Holt.

Shepherd's Hist. of the Eng. Language, $1.50.....Hale. Morris's Elementary Lessons in Historical Eng. Grammar, $1.25..... Macmillan.

Hunt's History of Italy, $1.



Lessons in Bible Hist. for Catholic Schools, $1.25. O'Shea.
Lewis's Hist. of Germany, $2.50.
Lloyd's Hist. of Greece **.
Lossing's Outline U. S. Hist.**.
- Smaller Hist. of Engl.**



[blocks in formation]


Pinnock's Hist. of Engl. made Easy **.
Quackenbos's School Hist. of U. S., $1.50 ... Appleton.
Rawlinson's Ancient Monarchies, for Schools.*

Lee & S. Sime's Hist. of Germany, $I...... Holt. Simpson's (Mrs.) Michelet's Hist. of the 19th Century.** Macmillan.

Swinton's Outlines of the World's Hist., $2.25...Ivison. Taylor's (Bayard) School Hist. of Germany, $1.75.

Appleton. Trotter's Hist. of India, $3. Pott, Y. & Co. Tyler's Early Hist. of Mankind **. ....Holt. Zschokke's Hist. of Switzerland, new ed., $1.75. Mason.

[blocks in formation]



[blocks in formation]

Bingham's Latin Prose Composition **.
Bruns's Latin Reader **.


Houpt's Improvements in Steam-Engines, $2..Lippincott.
Millar's Principles of Mechanics, $2..


Chase and Stuart's Terence **.
Crowell's Terence's Andria and Adelphœ, $1.25.

Curtius and Smith's Latin Series :-Part III. (Prose Com-
pos.) **-Student's Grammar. **-Smaller Grammar.**
Ellis's Quantitative Pronunciation of Latin.** Macmillan.
Fischer's Complete Latin Course **. Schermerhorn.
Gildersleeve's Latin Reader. **-Latin Primer.**
Univ. Pub. Co.
Harkness's Latin Reader (corr. price), $1.25...Appleton.
Hart's Persius's Satires....

Harper's Latin Texts :-Cicero's Orationes Sel. **Harper.
March's Eccles. Hist. of Eusebius (Douglas Series), $1.75.

March's Latin Hymns, $1.75
Myers's Pindar's Odes, $1.50...


[blocks in formation]

Nystrom's Elements of Mechanics, $4.. ..Porter & C.
Salter's Economy in the Use of Steam, $1.50... Spon.
Vinton's Theory of the Strength of Materials, $3.
Van Nostrand.
Vose's Manual of Civil Engineers.**-Manual for R. R.
Engineers, new ed., $20 **
.. Lee & S.
Wellington's Computation of Railway Earthwork, $5.

Wood's (De Volson) Resistance of Materials **... Wiley.



(See also Literature; Logic; Political Science; Teachers'
Aids, etc.)

[blocks in formation]



[blocks in formation]

Hurd & H.

Griswold's Poets and Poetry of Engl. in the 19th Century (new ed.), $5.....

Horton's Architecture for General Students, $1.50.


[blocks in formation]

Jameson's (Mrs.) Works, new ed., 10 vols., $15.. Osgood.
Neaves's Greek Anthology (ed. by Rev. W. Lucas Col-
lins), $1......
Philosophy of Literature, by B. A. M., $1. ... Claxton.
Ritter's Hist. of Music, First and Second Series, ea.. $1.50.

Shakespeare's Tempest, ed. by W. N. Wright. 75 c.

Shaw's New Hist. of Eng. Lit., $1.50......... Sheldon.
- Specimens of American Lit., rev. and enl. by B. M. Mar-
tin xa

Smith's (Walter) Art Education, $5.
Sprague's Masterpieces in Eng. Lit., $2.25.



[blocks in formation]

Lyman's Collection of Tactical Studies, $1.25..Appleton.
Meade's Naval Architecture, Elementary, $2. - Same.
Advanced, $4....

Welcker's Military Lessons, 80 c..




....... Taintor. Brown & G.

Baker's School Song-Book **.
Carmina Princetonia, with Music **.
Emerson's Song-Land, 50 c...
High School Music Reader for Mixed Voices **.... Ginn.
Humphrey's Art of Reading Music (for the Use of Pub-
lic Schools, etc.), 75 C.......

Perrot's Music Charts (mounted), Nos. 1 and 2, ea., $1.50.
Nos. 3-10, ea., $2.75....


(See also History and Literature.)
Murray's Manual of Mythology, 2d ed., $2.25.. Scribner.

(See also Botany, Geology, Zoology.)
Chadbourne's Instinct in Animals and Men, $1.75.
Foster's and Balfour's Elements of Embryology, $2.25.

Magin's Earth and its Treasures, $1.50.. Nelson & Sons.
MacGinley's Principles of Biology, 75 c.... Putnam.

(See Algebra; Arithmetic; Astronomy; Drawing: Ge- Marey's Animal Mechanism, $1.75..
ometry; Mechanics; Natural Philosophy.)

[blocks in formation]

Faraday's Chemical History of a Candle, new ed., ed.
by W. Crooke, $2.-Various Forces of Nature, $2.
Half-Hour Recreations in Popular Science, First Series,
..Estes & L.
Hill's Questions and Exercises on Stewart's Lessons in
Elem. Physics, 50 c................
Hinrich's Rudiments of Phys. Science.**-Student's
Cosmos **
Hunt's Chemical and Geological Essays, $3. Osgood.
Norton's Elements of Physics, $1.12.... ....Wilson.
Spottiswood's Polarization of Light, $1....Macmillan.
Tomlinson's (Mrs.) First Steps in General Knowledge, 5
vols., $2.50...、....
..Pott, Y. & Co.
Trowbridge's Generation and Utilization of Heat.**



[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Teacher's Cabinet, 2 vols., ea., $1.25.... Nelson & Sons. Twining's Technical Training, $4.50........Macmillan. Tyndall's Advancement of Science, $1, 50 c., 25 c. Butts. Wilder's What Young People should Know, $1.50.** Estes & L.

TEACHER'S AIDS. II.-SCHOOL RECORDS, REGISTERS, ETC. Cole's Self-Reporting Class-Book, 50 c.......... Barnes. ZOOLOGY.

See also Natural History and Geography (Physical). Agassiz's and Gould's Zoology, Part II., Systematic Zoology **. Lankester's Zoology, $1.50 **.

Gould & L. Putnam

A BOOK of literary selections, with critical remarks, is forthcoming at Harpers', under the title of " Might and Mirth of Literature." A New-Jersey teacher, by the somewhat famous name of Macbeth, is the author, and the book is said to be admirably calculated for schools.

MR. HIGGINSON's admirable "History of the United States," for young people, promises to be one of the most successful books issued in a long time. The first edition was taken up within a few days after its publication. Lee & Shepard are the publishers.

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