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Or, The Lost Library. A Novel of New-York and Hartford. By FREDERic B. Perk-
INS. 8vo,

Correspondence of William Ellery Channing, D.D., and Lucy Aikin.
From 1826 to 1842. Edited by ANNA LETITIA LE BRETON. Square 12mo,

Antony Brade.

A Story of a School. By ROBERT T. S. LOWELL. 16mo,

My Sister Jeannie.

A Novel. By GEORGE SAND. Translated from the French by S. R. Crocker, Editor of "The Literary World." Uniform with Roberts Brothers' edition of George Sand's Novels. 16m0,

Quiet Hours.

A Collection of Poems. Square 18mo,

The French Humorists.

$1 50


I 75

I 50

I 25

From the Twelfth to the Nineteenth Century. Life and Labors of Thomas Brassey.


2 50

1805-1870. By SIR ARTHUR HELPS, K.C.B. With a Preface to the American edition by the Author. 8vo,

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By LOUISE CHANDLER MOULTON. With illustrations by Addie Ledyard. Uniform with "Bed-Time Stories."

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I 50

Mischief's Thanksgiving, and Other Stories.

By SUSAN Coolidge. With illustrations by Addie Ledyard. Uniform with "The New
Year's Bargain" and "What Katy Did.'

I 50

By Rev. D. W. FAUNCE. Fletcher Prize Essay. 16mo, .

Edited by WILLIAM MICHAEL ROSSETTI. With a fine portrait. 16mo,

The Naturalist on the River Amazons.

A Record of Adventures, Habits of Animals, with Sketches of Brazilian and Indian
Life, and Aspects of Nature under the Equator, during eleven years of travels. By
H. W. BATES, F.L.S. With forty illustrations. Post 8vo, .

Maetzner's English Grammar.

An English Grammar: Methodical, Analytical, and Historical. With a Treatise on the Orthography, Prosody, Inflections, and Syntax of the English Tongue, and numerous Authorities cited in Order of Historical Development. By Prof. MAETZNER, of Berlin. Translated from the German, with the sanction of the Author, by Clair James Grece, LL.D., Fellow of the Phil. Society. 3 vols. London: John Murray. Boston: Roberts Brothers.

Speaking Likenesses.

By CHRISTINA ROSSETTI. With pictures thereof by Arthur Hughes. Square Svo, The Christian in the World.

William Blake's Poetical Works.

Stories for Children.


15 00

I 50

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I 50


F. Grant & Co.;

Or, Partnerships. A Story for the Boys who "Mean Business." By GEO. L. CHANEY.
With illustrations. 16mo,

I 50

Dress-Reform :

Dress, as it affects the Health of Women. Edited, with an Introduction and an Appendix, by ABBA Goold WoolsoN. With illustrations. 16mo,

I 50

Singers and Songs of the Liberal Faith.


Being Selections of Hymns and other Sacred Poems of the Liberal Church in America, with Biographical Sketches of the Writers, and with Historical and Illustrative Notes. By ALFRED P. PUTNAM.

3 00

Annus Domini.

A Prayer for each Day of the Year, foun 'ed on a text of Holy Scripture. By CHRIS-
TINA G. ROSSETTI. Square 18mo,

I 50

The Story of Boon.

A Poem. By H. H. Square 16mo, fancy covers,


By EUGENIE HAMERTON. With illustrations. 16m0,

The Mirror of Truth, and Other Marvelous Histories.

Our New Crusade.


2. 00

A Temperance Story. By E. E. HALE. Uniform with "In His Name." Square 18mo, I 25

J. B. Ford & Co.'s Publications. JOHN CHURCH & CO.,

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Publishers, Jobbers, and Retailers of



The Social Song. VOCAL MUSIC. The very latest
collection of popular Songs, Duets, Choruses, etc.
music size. Price, boards, $1.75; cloth, $2.00; gilt, $2.50.
Ready Nov. 1st.

The Song Tree. VOCAL MUSIC. New edition of
P. P. Bliss's charming work: containing, besides the choice
Songs, etc., an original Opera Bouffe by F. W. Root.
Boards, $1.75; cloth, $2.00.
The Social Circle. INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC. Com-
panion to "Social Song." Contains new Waltzes, Marches,
Nocturnes, etc., in great variety, and by the most popular
authors. Price, boards, $1.75; cloth, $2.00; full gilt, $2.50.
Ready Nov. 1st.

Silver Sounds. VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL COMBINED. This is a large work, containing more than 200 pages of beautiful music, old and new, including a department of Sacred Songs and Quartets. Price, boards, $2.00; cloth, $2.50.

Mendelssohn: Life and Letters.

By FERDINAND HILLER. This charmingly written volume will prove one of the most attractive gift-books published this season. Printed on fine, heavy paper and handsomely bound. Price, $1.25. Ready Nov. 1st.

Normal Musical Hand-Book. By DR. GEO. F. ROOT. A new edition, carefully printed on fine toned paper, making a volume nearly twice as large as the former edition. Cloth, gold stamped. Price, $3.00.

TO THE TRADE.-We call your attention to the above list of our recent publications for the Holidays. Now is the time to make up orders. No stock of music-book is complete without a representation of these, the most popular and

attractive music-books in the market.

"The Best and Cheapest Sunday-School Library."

The Semi-Centennial

Grand Cheap Library

For the School and Home.

50 Choice Illustrated Volumes, 16mo, bound in Muslin, and not in any other Select Library.

Only Twenty-six Dollars.

This Library contains over 12,000 printed pages, illustrated by 212 large full-page, fine engravings, and many of the smaller size.

All the volumes in this Library are valuable and instructive. They have been carefully read, examined and approved by the Committee for Sunday-schools and family reading.

The books are printed on good, clear paper, and strongly bound in muslin, with gilt stamps. The price of the Library s $26.00.


Books of the size of these in this Library are usually sold at from $1.00 to $1.25 each. Nothing like this Library has been offered for such a small sum.

Catalogues with full descriptions of the books urnished on application.


American Sunday-School Union,

4 50 No. 1122 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.-ALEX. KIRKPATRICK.
Nos. 7, 8, and 10 Bible House, New-York.-G. S. SCOFIELD.
No 40 Winter Street, Boston.-E. SHUTE.
No. 98 Dearborn Street, Chicago.-W. R. PORT.
No. 207 N. Sixth St., St. Louis.-S. PAXSON.

2. 00


177 Broadway, New-York, January, 1st, 1875.

The next number of BRAITHWAITE'S RETROSPECT, Part 70, for January, will be ready for delivery about the 20th inst., and your order for the quantity you require is respectfully solicited. None are sent without orders.

The terms, as heretofore, will be as follows: Fifty copies or over, 95 cents; twenty-five or over, $1; all under, $1.05, Cash.

Where the money does not accompany the orders, the amount will be subject to draft at any time after the delivery of the work.


The constantly increasing demand for the Retrospect" having exhausted many of the late and earlier numbers, a list of the parts wanted-in exchange for others-will be found below.

TERMS FROM 1840 TO 1874.

Parts 16 to 70, $1.50 each.

Parts 1 to 12, $1 each.

Complete sets, 70 parts, bound in 33 volumes, sheep, $100.

20 parts, 41 to 68, bound in 7 volumes, $40; with "Epitome," 9 volumes, $50. Uniform bound volumes, containing two parts, $4 each.

ALPHABETICAL INDEX from parts 1 to 50 (twenty-five years,) embracing from 1840 to 1865, bound in paper, $1.50; in sheep, $2.50.

N. B.-WANTED-Parts of the RETROSPECT, 10, 41, 44, 46, 48, 49, 50, 52, to be credited the retail price for future parts, or exchange for others.



Revised for 1875.

This revised edition of the "Hand-Book" contains all the new remedial agents and recent discoveries in medicine. Many valuable improvements and new features have been introduced. Bound in morocco, pocket, with tucks-to be used for 30 or 60 patients. Price, with printed matter, $1.75; printed matter omitted, $1.50. Special terms unchanged. Published by

W. A.


P. O. Box 5108.

177 Broadway, New-York.

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Encouraged by the support of the Christmas number and in accordance with the announcement in the PUBLISHERS' WEEKLY, November 14, 1874, we shall continue the publication of the MONTHLY BOOK CIRCULAR, and desire to call the attention of Booksellers, News Agents, and Dealers generally to this handy, cheap, and profitable advertising medium for the latest books in the market.

The BOOK CIRCULAR, heretofore published with four pages, will be enlarged to eight, and will be issued at the beginning of every month, embracing Editorial Notes, Literary News, a full list containing the titles and prices of the


and announcements of

Forthcoming Works for the Current Month,

so classified as to show at a glance all the new publications in the various departments of literature, and one or two pages of general advertisements, which will not conflict with the interest of the trade. It will be printed on tinted paper like previous editions, but of superior quality, and altogether more attractive in appearance. The paper being of light texture, it can be sent with any book, magazine, paper, letter circular, with a small increase of postage.

It is certain that dealers who will adopt this cheap and effective mode for advertising their establishments, will find themselves amply repaid in a short time, and we have the testimony of many dealers who have not only increased the sales from their counters, but have found the orders for books not in stock highly remunerative.

Terms for Editions with Imprint, invariably payable in advance.

100 Copies for three months, sent post-paid,




$6 50 500 Copies for three months, sent post-paid, $19 00
12.00 1000
36 00



Special terms for larger quantities. Extra front headings, (instead of the adopted style of imprint,) with special name of paper and display, for which there is space above the rules inclosing date, are charged $1 extra per edition. At the top of this page will be found the space allotted for dealer's imprint.

Any quantity from 100 to 1000 copies will be sent post-paid, but for larger quantities, at the reduced rates, postage or expressage will be charged.


Subscribers desiring an extra number of copies for particular months will be charged pro rata. Dealers who desire an edition for trial before subscribing, can be supplied at the following

[blocks in formation]

Orders must be received by the 25th of the month previous to which the subscription begins. No orders filled without payment in advance, as the numerous small amounts will neither bear the trouble nor the expense of sending bills or of repeated statements, and collecting. Remittances should be made either by Post-Office Order Draft on New-York, or Registered letter.

For sample number, address

Box 4295, New-York.



Richard Brinsley Sheridan's Complete Works.

With Life and Anecdotes. Edited by F. STAINFORTH. Crown 8vo, cloth,


This volume includes all Sheridan's Dramatic Writings, printed from original editions, his works in Prose and Poetry, Translations, Speeches, Jokes, Puns, etc., together with a collection of Sheridaniana, and is illustrated with ten beautifully executed portraits and scenes from his plays.

Moore's Life and Letters of Lord Byron.

A reprint of the original edition, newly revised, complete in one thick volume of 1060 pages. With twelve fine full-page plates. Crown 8vo, cloth,


Macaulay says of this work: "Considered merely as a composition, it deserves to be classed among

the best specimens of English prose which our age has produced.
of the skill which has been shown in the selection and arrangement."

Buckmaster's Cookery.

It is difficult to speak too highly

An abridgment of some of the Lectures delivered in the Cookery School at the London International Exhibition for 1873 and 1874; together with a collection of approved Recipes and Menus. 16mo, cloth,

$1 00

"Ladies often think it beneath their dignity to know any thing about a kitchen, and yet the health and happiness of every household depend more on Cookery than on any other domestic art. My idea of a Cookery-Book is, that it should teach, as far as a book can teach, the theory and practice of Cookery."-BUCkmaster.

The Book of Table-Talk.

$I 75

Selections from the Conversations of Poets, Philosophers, Statesmen, Divines, etc. With notes and memoir by WILLIAM CLARK RUSSELL. 12mo, cloth, "The reader is invited to this book as to a feast at which he may sit and listen to the conversations of great men. The editor pledges himself that there is not a sentence given to any speaker in this volume which is not positively recorded, on the most respectable testimonies, as having been spoken."-FROM THE PREFACE.

The Management of Infancy and Childhood,

In Health and Disease. By HOWARD BARRETT, M.R.C.S., late Surgeon to the Poplar Hospital, Fellow of the Medical Society, Fellow of the Chemical Society, etc. 628 pp., 12mo, cloth,


There is no popular handbook extant of the same scope, nor containing the same wide-reaching information on the Management of Infancy and Childhood as this.

The Chess-Player's Manual.


A Complete Guide to Chess. By G. H. D. GoSSIP. 8vo, cloth, 884 pp., This volume is destined for the use, not only of beginners, but also of those who are proficient in the game. It contains the laws of the game according to the latest codes; a comprehensive, and, as far as practicable, an exhaustive analysis of all the openings, both regular and irregular, with the most important modern discoveries that have been made of late years by the leading authorities, illustrated by numerous diagrams; and a copious selection of illustrated games between the great masters, comprising a considerable number of those played last year at the Great Vienna Tournament. Also, a selection of curious and difficult problems, comprising some of the prize problems in the London Tournaments. Mr. Gossip was the winner of the first prize in the Correspondence Tournament of the "Chess-Player's Chronicle, 1873-74, and is a member of the most celebrated English Chess Clubs.

The Life and Times of Louisa, Queen of Prussia.

With an Introductory Sketch of Prussian History. By ELIZABETH HARRIOTT
HUDSON. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth,

$6 00 "It is, indeed, astonishing that t'll now no attempt has been made to give in English a really complete popular history of Prussia, with Queen Louisa's share in it made duly prominent; and this Miss Hudson may be said to have supplied. Her introductory sketch gives all the preliminary knowledge that will be required by the mass of readers."-BRITISH QUARTERLY REVIEW.

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