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The Prices in this List are for cloth lettered, unless otherwise indicated. Imported books are marked with an asterisk; Authors' and Subscription Books, or Books published at net prices, with two asterisks.

Acting Drama (The):-No. 13, Antony and Cleopatra, |
Married and Single, a Burletta, in one Act, by Charles
Selby-14, My Friend in the Straps, a Farce, in one Act,
by Charles Selby-15, The School for Scheming, a
Comedy, in five Acts, by Dion De P. Boucicault ;-16,
Our Mary Anne, a Farce, in one Act, by John Baldwin
Buckstone;-17, The Miseries of Human Life, a Farce,
in one Act, by Benjamin Webster ;-18, How to Settle
Accounts with your Laundress, an original Farce, in one
Act, by J. Sterling Coyne;-19, An Irish Engagement, a
Farce, in one Act, by W. Watts;-20, Advice Gratis, a
Farce, in one Act, by Charles Dance. 16°. Ea., pap.,
..Happy Hours Co.
Adams.-Ocean-Born; or, The Cruise of the Yachts.
(Completing "The Yacht Club Series.") By Oliver Op-
tic (William T. Adams). Illustr. 16°. $1.50.. Lee & S.
A. L. O. E. See E., A. L. O.
Alexander.-Life of J. Addison Alexander. By Rev.
H. C. Alexander. Two vols. in one. New and cheaper

15 C...

ed. 12°, pp. 921. $2.50....
Blasius. - Storms: Their Nature, Classification, and
Laws, with the Means of predicting them by their Em-
bodiments, the Clouds. By William Blasius, formerly
Prof. of the Natural Sciences in the Lyceum of Hanover.
12°. $2.50.....
...Porter & C.

Bonar, A. A. See Rutherford,
Brush and Dana.-Appendixes to Dana's Mineralogy.
First Appendix to Fifth ed. of Dana's Mineralogy, by
George J. Brush, Prof. of Mineralogy in Sheffield
Scientific School; Second Appendix to Fifth ed. of Dana's
Mineralogy, by Edward S. Dana, Curator of Min. Dept.
of Peabody Museum. Two Appendixes in one vol. 12°,
pp. 19 and 64. Pap., $1...

Bunker Hill: The Story told in Letters from the Battle-
field, by British Officers engaged. With an Introduction
and Sketch of the Battle. By Samuel Adams Drake, au-
thor of "Old Landmarks of Boston," etc. With illustr.
of the Battle from an old engraving never before publish-
ed in this Country. 8°. $I...
....Nichols & H.
Burke, James. See Lingard's Hist. of England.
*Carlyle.-The Early Kings of Norway; also, an Essay
on the Portraits of John Knox. By Thomas Carlyle.
12°, pp. 307. $3.....
.Scribner, W. & A.
*Childe.-The Life and Campaigns of General Lee. By
his Nephew, Edward Lee Childe. Transl. from the
French, with the Consent and Approval of the Author, by
George Letting, M.A., etc. With portr. on steel by
Jeens. 12, pp. xi, 336. $3.50.. Scribner, W. & A.
*Church Congress.-Authorized Report of the Church
Congress held at Brighton, October 6, 7, 8, and 9, 1874.
Cr. 8°, pp. xx, 571. $2.50...
Pott, Y. & Co.
Conscience. Ludovic and Gertrude. By Hendrik
Conscience, author of "The Curse of the Village,"
Happiness of being Rich," etc. Transl. expressly for this
edition. 16°, pp. 161. $1 and $1.25..
The Young Doctor. By Hendrik Conscience, anthor of
"The Curse of the Village," "The Happiness of being
Rich," etc. Transl. expressly for this edition. 16°, pp.
192. $1 and $1.25
Curteis.-History of the Roman Empire, from the Death
of Theodosius the Great to the Coronation of Charles the
Great, A.D. 395-800. By Arthur M. Curteis, M.A.
With maps.
(Historical Handbooks, edited by Oscar
Browning, M.A.) 16°, pp. xiv, 279. $1.50...Lippincott.
Davidson.-A Short Account of the Niobe Group. By
Thomas Davidson. One plate. 8°, pp. 32. Pap., 50 c.
Day.-African Adventure and Adventurers. Edited by
Rev. G. T. Day, D.D. New ed., enl. by Extracts from
Dr. Livingstone's last Journal. 16°. $1.50.....Lothrop.
De Liefde.-The Signet Ring and other Gems. By Rev.
J. De Liefde. 16°. $1.25...


Detlef.-Dead to the World; or, Sin and Atonement.
From the German of Carl Detlef, author of "Valentine
the Countess," etc. Transl. by M. S. $1.50.......Gill.
Drake, S. A. See Bunker Hill.

By A. L. O. E.
Nelson & Sons.

*E., A. L. O.-The Spanish Cavalier.
Illustr. 18°. 90 c.....
Ecce Unitas; or, A Plea for Christian Unity in which its
true Principles and Basis are considered. By Eureka.
16°, pp. 157. 80 c....
Hitchcock & W.

Edward. See Manning.

Eustis.-The Service of Praise; or, Hymns and Tunes and Scriptural Lessons. Arranged for Praise-Meetings and Public Worship. By Rev. William T. Eustis, Springfield, Mass. 8°, pp. 337. $1.50.... Scribner.

Fessler, Ullathorne, and Vaughan.-The True and the
False Infallibility of the Popes. A Controversial Reply
to Dr. Schulte. By Dr. Joseph Fessler, late Bishop of
St. Polten, in Austria, and Secretary-General of the Vati-
can Council. A Work honored by a Brief of Approba-
tion from his Holiness Pope Pius IX. Transl. from the
3d ed., by permission of the Editors of the late Bishop
Fessler's Works ;-Pax. The Syllabus for the People.
A Review of the Propositions condemned by his Holiness
Pope Pius IX., with Text of the condemned List. By a
Monk of St. Augustine's, Ramsgate, author of "The
Vatican Decrees and Catholic Allegiance;"--Mr. Glad-
stone's Expostulation Unraveled. By Bishop Ulla-
thorne ;-Submission to a Divine Teacher neither Dis-
loyalty nor the Surrender of Mental and Moral Freedom.
A Pastoral Letter. By Herbert, Bishop of Salford. 16°,
pp. 381. $1.50....
Cath. Pub. Sec.
Flagg.-The Birds and Seasons of New-England. By
Wilson Flagg, author of "Woods and By-Ways of New-
England," etc. With heliotype illustr. 8°, pp. vi, 457. $5.


Freedom and Fellowship in Religion. A Collection of
Essays and Addresses. Edited by a Committee of the
Free Religious Association. With an Introduction on
"The Religious Outlook," by Rev. O. B. Frothingham.
16°, pp. 424. $2...
Frothingham.-Life and Times of Joseph Warren. By
Richard Frothingham. 8°. $3.50; hlf. calf, $5.50.
Little, B. & Co.
- The Battle of Bunker Hill. With a View of Charles-
town in 1775, Page's Plan of the Action, Romane's exact
View of the Battle, and other Illustr. By Richard
Frothingham. 16°. 75 c.; pap., 60 c..Little, B. & Co.
Giles.-Bachelor Ben. A Novel. By Ella A. Giles. 12°,
pp. 308. $1.50..
Jansen, McC. & Co.
Greene. Socialistic, Communistic, Mutualistic, and Fi-
nancial Fragments. By William B. Greene. 16. $1.25.
Lee & S.
Hale.-The Good Time Coming; or, Our New Crusade.
By Edward E. Hale. New ed. 16°. Pap., 75 c.Roberts.
*Heckethorn.-The Secret Societies of all Ages and
Countries. By Charles William Heckethorn. 2 vols.
12°, pp. xviii, 392; x, 330. $10.50.... Scribner, W. & A.
Hurst.-Outline of Church History. By John F. Hurst.
[With maps.] 12°, pp. 98. 8o c...
Nelson & F.
Jacox.-Shakespeare Diversions, a Motley of Medley
Wear. By Francis Jacox. 8°, pp. vii, 506. $4.

Scribner, W. & A. Keary.-Oldbury. By Annie Keary, author of "* Janet's Home,' etc. 12°. $1.50; pap., $1;-Same, International Series of new approved Novels. $1.25. Porter & C. Kellogg.-Wolf Run; or, The Boys of the Wilderness. By Elijah Kellogg, author of "Elm Island Stories,' "Pleasant Cove Stories," etc. Illustr. 12°. $1.25.

Keys of the Creeds (The). 16°, pp. viii, 201.
Kitty Bourne. With sixty illustr. Sm. 12°, pp.

Lee & S.



Dodd & M.

334., $1.50. Language of Flowers (The). A complete Alphabet of Floral Emblems. 16°, pp. 61. Pap., 25 c.

Vol. 12.

Happy Hours Ce. Lee, Gen., Life of. See Childe. Lingard's History of England abridged. With a continuation from 1688 to 1854. By James Burke, Esq., A. B.; and an Appendix to 1873. By the Editor of the First Class-Book of History. The whole preceded by a Memoir of Dr. Lingard and marginal Notes. By M. J. Kerney, A.M. Third rev, and enl. ed. [With portr.] 8. pp. 688. $3 and $3.50. .......Murphy. Little Classics. Edited by Rossiter Johnson. Fortune. Containing :-The Gold-Bug, by E. A. Poe ;The Fairy-Finder, by Samuel Lover:-Murad the Unlucky, by Maria Edgeworth;-The Children of the Public, by E. E. Hale;-The Rival Dreamers, by John Banim-The Threefold Destiny, by N. Hawthorne. pp. 215. $1.... ..Osgood. Logan.-The Mirror of a Mind. A Poem. By Algernon Sydney Logan. Sq. 16°, pp. 116. $1.50... Putnam. Manning. The Internal Mission of the Holy Ghost. By Henry Edward, Archbishop of Westminster. 16°, pp. xvi, 494. $1..... Cath. Pub. Soc. -The Vatican Decrees in their Bearing on Civil Alle-· giance. By Henry Edward, Archbishop of Westminster. ', pp. 200, 31. $1.50.. ..Cath. Pub. Soc. Memories. A Story of German Love. New ed. 16", pp. 173. Flex., $1.. Jansen, McC. & Co.



Mary, Star of the Sea; or, A Garland of Living Flowers culled from the Divine Scriptures and Woven to the Honor of the Holy Mother of God. A Story of Catholic Devotion. 16, pp. xiv, 340. $1.50...... Cath. Pub. Soc. Moody.-Addresses and Lectures of D. L. Moody. With a Narrative of the Awakening in Liverpool and London. Supplementary issue. (The Addresses and Lectures in this Edition are reprinted from verbatim Reports.) 8°, pp. 100. Pap., 50 c.... ....Randolph. Mullens.-Twelve Months in Madagascar. By Joseph Mullens, D.D., of the London Missionary Society. Illustr. 12°, pp. 340. $1.75.... Carter.

Nurses for the Needy; or, Bible Women in the Homes of the London Poor. By L. N. R., author of the Book and its Story," etc. 16°, pp. 320. $1.25.........Carter. Oliver Optic. See Adams, Ouida. See Signa.

Outline Questions on the Connections of Sacred and Profane History. With tables and maps. 32°, pp. 32; maps, xii. Pap., 50 c...... ..Randolph. Packard.-Insects of the Field. By A. S. Packard, Jr., author of "Our Common Insects," etc. (Half-hour Recreations in Natural History. Division First. Halfhours with Insects.) Illustr. 12°, pp. 32. Pap., 25 c. Estes & L. Pascoe.-London Guide and Directory for American Travelers. By Charles E. Pascoe. Third ed. rev. $1.50...

12°. ..... Lee & S.

*Percy.-Metallurgy: The Art of Extracting Metals from their Ores. By John Percy, M.D., etc. Introduction, Refractory Materials and Fuel. Rev. and greatly enl. ed., with illustr. drawn to scale, 112 on wood and 9 on stone. 8°, pp. xii, 596. $15......... Scribner, W. & A. Phelps.-The New Birth; or, The Work of the Holy Spirit. By Prof. Austin Phelps, D.D., author of "The Still Hour.' New ed. 16°, pp. 253. $1.25.....Graves. Powers.-Through the Year. Thoughts relating to the Seasons of Nature and the Church. By Rev. Horatio N. Powers, D.D., Rector of St. John's Church, Chicago. 16°, , pp. 288. $1.50.... ...Roberts.

R., L. N. See Nurses for the Needy. Ramseyer and Kuhne.-Four Years in Ashantee. By the Missionaries Ramseyer and Kuhne. Illustr. 12°, pp. 320. $1.75... . . ....Carter.

Robertson.-History of the Christian Church from the Apostolic Age to the Reformation: A.D. 64-1517. By James C. Robertson, M.A. New and rev. ed. (In 8 vols.) Vol. 7. Cr. 8°, pp. xv, 496. $2.25..Pott, Y. & Co. *Ruskin.-Frondes Agrestes: Readings in "Modern Painters." Chosen at her pleasure by the Author's Friend, the younger Lady of the Thwaite, Coniston. 12°, pp. vii, 184. Fr. mor., $2.50... Scribner, W. & A.

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Rutherford.-Letters of Rev. Samuel Rutherford. With a Sketch of his Life. By Rev. A. A. Bonar. New ed. 8°, pp. 554. $2.50.... Carter. *Sachs.-Text-Book of Botany, Morphological and Physiological. By Julius Sachs, Prof. of Botany in the Univ. of Würzburg. Transl. and annotated by Alfred W. Bennett, M.A., B.Sc., F.L.S., Lecturer on Botany at St. Thomas's Hospital, assisted by W. T. Thiselton Dyer, M.A., B.Sc., F.L.S. Illustr. 8°, pp. xi, 858. Hlf. mor., $12.50.... ......Macmillan. Selected Poems:-Dora, by Alfred Tennyson; A Lament, by Percy B. Shelley; Alexander's Feast, by John Dryden;-Look at the Clock, by Thomas Ingoldsby; The Friar of Orders Gray, by Thomas Percy; A Charade (Campbell), by Winthrop Mackworth Praed. Sq. 16°. Ea., pap., to c... Tompkins. Signa. By Ouida," author of " Strathmore," Puck," etc. 12°. $2.. Lippincott. Skinner.-Key to the Hebrew-Egyptian Mystery in the Source of Measures originating the British Inch and the ancient Cubit, by which was built the great Pyramid of Egypt and the Temple of Solomon; and, through the Possession and Use of which, Man, assuming to realize the creative Law of the Deity, set it forth in a Mystery, among the Hebrews called Kabbala. By J. Ralston Skinner. 8°, pp. xvi, 324. $5... Clarke. Speechiana. A Collection of pathetic, serious, and comic Speeches and Recitations in Prose and Poetry. 16°, pp. 144. Pap., 30 c..... ...Happy Hours Co. Stanton.-A Practical Treatise on the Law relating to the Powers and Duties of Justices of the Peace, Clerks of Circuit and County Courts, Sheriffs, Constables, Jailers, and Coroners, in the State of Kentucky, with all needful Forms, etc. By Hon. Richard H. Stanton, Second ed., rev. and enl. 8°, pp. xxviii, 854. Shp., $7.50.... Clarke. Stewart and Phelps.-The Sun and the Earth. By Prof. Balfour Stewart, F.R.S.; and Force Electrically Exhibited. By J. W. Phelps. (Half-hour Recreations in Popular Science, Dana Estes, Editor.) Illustr. 12°, pp. 32. Pap., 25 C.... ....Estes & L. Taylor.-The Eleusinian and Bacchic Mysteries. A Dissertation. By Thomas Taylor, translator of "Plato," "Plotinus," "Porphyry," etc. Third ed. Edited with Introduction, Notes, Emendations, and Glossary, by Alexander Wilder, M.D. 8°, pp. xxii, 174. $3.. .Bouton. Wichert.-The Green Gate. A Romance. From the German of Ernst Wichert. By Mrs. A. L. Wister. 12°. $1.75. ....Lippincott. Wood.-Man and Beast Here and Hereafter. Illustr, by more than three hundred original Anecdotes. By the Rev. J. G. Wood, M.A., F.L.S., author of "Homes without Hands," etc. 8°. pp. 143. $1.50.. ..Harper.

Worth Reading:-An Ideal Reformer. From "The Nation.' 12°. Pap., 10 C....... .Tompkins.

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RESOLVED, That this Convention recognize the PUBLISHERS' WEEKLY as the established organ of the entire trade, and recommend it to publishers as the medium through which they should make their “first announcement" of books they propose to publish, and the full title of all books immediately on publication.-AMERICAN BOOK TRADE ASSOCIATION.

D. APPLETON & CO., New-York.

The Unseen Universe.

BAKER, VOORHIS & CO., New-York. Brice's Ultra Vires. An American Edition of "A Treatise on the Doctrine of Ultra Vires." Being an investigation of the Principles which limit the Capacities, Powers, and Liabilities of Corporations, and more especially of Joint-Stock Companies. By Seward Brice, LL.D., Barrister-at-Law. With full Notes and References to American Cases, by Ashbel Green, Esq., of the New-York Bar.

Redfield's Surrogates' Practice. A Treatise on the Law and Practice of Surrogates' Courts of the State of New-York. By Amasa A. Redfield, Esq., Editor of N. Y. Surrogates' Reports.

Sedgwick's Leading Cases on the Law of Damages. A Selection of the most valuable English and American Cases illustrating the Law of Damages. With Notes and References. By Henry Dwight Sedgwick, Esq.

A. S. BARNES & CO., New-York. Commentary on the New Testament. Vol. 1. 8°. pp. 400. (May 31.)

G. W. CARLETON & CO., New-York. Shiftless Folks. An undiluted Love Story, by Christabel Goldsmith (Widow Goldsmith's Daughter). A Woman in Armor. By Mary Hartwell. Johnny Ludlow.

GEBBIE & BARRIE, Philadelphia. William Sharp, Engraver. His Life, and Catalogue of his Works. By W. S. Baker. 12°. $2.

The Decameron of Boccaccio. (Fleming edition.) With Portr. and to illustr. drawn and engraved on Copper by Leopold Fleming. $3.75. Sets of Engravings, $3 Same on India paper, $11.

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