Botanisches Zentralblatt: referierendes Organ für das Gesamtgebiet der Botanik, Svesci 92-93

G. Fischer., 1903
Includes section "Neue Literatur" (earlier, "Literatur") which forms a separate vol., 1902-19 (v. 91, 94, 97, 100, etc.)

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Stranica xv - States; being descriptions of the seed-plants, ferns and fern-allies growing naturally in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas.
Stranica 348 - TREES AND SHRUBS. Illustrations of new or little known ligneous plants. Prepared chiefly from material at the Arnold Arboretum and edited by Charles Sprague Sargent.
Stranica 411 - ... follows, under the heads of progressive increase and decrease : — I. — Increase in Number of Sporangia. (a.) By septation, with or without rounding off of the individual sporangia. (/'.) By formation of new sporangia, or of new spore-bearing organs, which may be in addition to, or interpolated between those typically present.
Stranica 194 - Bluing " and the " Red Rot " of the Western Yellow Pine, with Special Reference to the Black Hills Forest Reserve.
Stranica 485 - ... and, for reasons given later, the metaphor of splitting may be incorrect. The terms also " luM-uientisrh" and " conjugirte " as applied to characters, are already fairly well expressed by the words in perfect or in imperfect correlation, which are already well understood. It would be confusing to introduce the metaphor of conjugation to denote these ideas.
Stranica 510 - Botanical Magazine ; Comprising the Plants of the Royal Gardens of Kew, and of other Botanical Establishments in Great Britain, with suitable Descriptions. By Sir WJ HOOKER, DCL, FRS, Director of the Royal Gardens of Kew.
Stranica 411 - ... we see it is the resultant of modifications such as these, operative during its descent. The problem will, therefore, be in each case to assign its proper place in the history to any or each of these factors. It is pointed out that in homosporous types, which are certainly the more primitive, the larger the number of spores the better the chance of survival, and hence, other things being equal, increasing numbers of spores and of sporangia may be anticipated ; but in the heterosporous types reduction...
Stranica xxvii - The Silva of North America. A description of the Trees which grow naturally in North America, exclusive of Mexico.
Stranica 410 - This concluding Memoir contains a general discussion of the results acquired in the four previous parts of this series, and of their bearing on a theory of sterilisation in the sporophyte. The attempt is made to build up the comparative morphology of the sporophyte from below, by the study of its simpler types ; the higher and more specialised types are left out of account, except for occasional comparison. It is assumed for the purposes of the discussion that alternation of generations in the Archegoniatse...
Stranica 411 - By reduction or arrest of apical or intercalary growth in parts bearing sporangia. i) By fusion of parts which bear the sporangia or arrest of their branchings.

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