The New Bryant & Stratton High-school Book-keeping: Adapted to Use in Business Colleges, and the Higher Grades of Public and Private Schools

Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & Company, 1881 - Broj stranica: 166

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Stranica 13 - Personal accounts, such as the names of persons, banks, or other institutions competent to sue or be sued, should be debited under their proper titles when they become indebted to us, or we get out of their debt, and credited when we become indebted to them, or they get out of our debt.
Stranica 165 - ... feet, which last product divide by 12. EXAMPLE. — How many feet of lumber can be made from a log which is 36 inches in diameter and 10 feet long ? Solution,— 30x18=048; 648xl0=6480; 6480-5-12=540.
Stranica 90 - Stock business," rule, in pencil, as many lines as will contain all the accounts, and five additional. If it be a partnership business, with two or more partners, rule three additional lines for each partner. Thus : for "Stock...
Stranica 90 - After denoting the proper space for each heading, which can best be done with pencil, commence to rule in red ink at the right hand and bring all the lines of the two captions, " Real Accounts " and " Stock," or one of the partners, down to the lower pencil line.
Stranica 164 - United States standard, 2150 cubic inches make a bushel. Now, as a cubic foot contains 1728 cubic inches, a bushel is to a cubic foot as 2150 to 1728; or, for practical purposes, as 4 to 5. Therefore, to convert cubic feet to bushels, it is necessary only to multiply by f . EXAMPLE.

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