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Human Kinetics, 2003 - Broj stranica: 691
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Now you can
- choose from an even greater array of units and lessons,
- provide varied and fun programming for your students,
- assess your students' progress, and
- stay current with national physical education standards.

Quality Lesson Plans for Secondary Physical Education, Second Edition, provides the most comprehensive menu of lesson plans to spice up your secondary-level physical education curriculum.

The new edition of this already-popular book is packed with more than 500 physical education activities in 200-plus ready-to-use lesson plans. Additional updates include instructional assessment tools for ongoing evaluation in each unit; a CD-ROM with PE-4-Life advocacy materials; a credit-based, individualized study unit; and handouts and worksheets that will help you expand and enrich the physical education experience beyond the classroom.

Other features of the book include

- the same simple-to-difficult lesson progression used in the first edition;
- updated references that include the current national physical education standards;
- a wider variety of lesson plans organized into shorter units to provide you greater flexibility and opportunities for individualized instruction;
- new units including line dancing, disc golf, in-line skating, and lacrosse; and
- activity suggestions and modifications to help you customize lessons to involve learners of different ability levels.

Quality Lesson Plans for Secondary Physical Education, Second Edition, is a gold mine for physical education teachers. The new units in the book not only reflect the current standards in physical education; but they also help you make physical education fun for students. Use Quality Lesson Plans for Secondary Physical Education, Second Edition, to provide the highest-quality programming for your students and turn kids on to physical education.


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Fitness Units
Weight Training and Conditioning
Major Units
Flag Football
Line Dancing
SingleDay Lessons
Crackle Ball
Hacky Sack Challenge
Jump Bands
Modified Hocker
Rhythmic Ribbons
Schottische and Canadian Barn Dance
TeamBuilding Games

Batting Options
Cage Ball Games
Climbing Rope
Continuous Cricket
Wall Ball
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O autoru (2003)

Dorothy Zakrajsek, PhD, is a retired educator who taught secondary physical education for 9 years, supervised student teachers for 7 years, and taught secondary physical education methods for 18 years. Zakrajsek has used her extensive experience to coauthor 6 textbooks and write more than 70 journal articles. She has also given more than 100 state, national, and international presentations, including more than a dozen keynote addresses.

Zakrajsek has received Honor Awards from the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD) University Administrators and from AAHPERD's Curriculum and Instruction Academy. She also has received an Appreciation Citation from New York AHPERD. She is a member of AAHPERD, the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE), the AAHPERD Curriculum and Instruction Academy, and the American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness (AAALF).

Lois A. Carnes, MEd, is a physical education teacher in Solon (Ohio) City Schools. Carnes has coauthored four other physical education curriculum textbooks and has written articles for numerous physical education journals. She has taught for more than 25 years at various grade levels (including the university level), and she served for 4 years on the editorial board of the journal Teaching Elementary Physical Education. Carnes has made numerous presentations on physical education curriculum content and methodology and is a member of AAHPERD, NASPE, and the AAHPERD Joint Projects Committee. She helped develop physical education curriculum for Solon City Schools. Among her many awards are Teacher of the Year from Ohio AHPERD, a Meritorious Award from Ohio AHPERD, and a Golden Apple Achievement Award in recognition of superior teaching.

Frank E. Pettigrew, Jr., PhD, is the dean of the college of education and a professor of sport sciences at Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio. He has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in physical and sport education. He previously directed the school of exercise, leisure and sport at Kent State University. Dr. Pettigrew is a fellow of the AAHPERD research consortium and a member of the OAHPERD state association. He also serves as a sport consultant for several school districts in Ohio.

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